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On a trip to the abandoned fairgrounds, Timothy Bellweather reminisces to his friend, Gourd, of the bygone years when the carnival was in town and he was a newlywed in his skipper hat, loitering at the snack bar with his wife. Shortly after this fond remembrance, though, the reality hits him where he lives (literally): Timothy and his wife, Helen, not only have a lifetime of vivid, happy memories in their hearts, but a house overflowing with the mementoes to prove it. And the day comes when the clutter reaches critical mass, along with Timothy's patience for his wife's collections, and an argument ignites. Should the couple simply toss all their souvenirs like an old hat with a hole, as Timothy insists, or should they keep them all close by for sentimental reasons and lose their living room, as Helen is content to do? The quarrel ends abruptly when their pet hermit creature, Ray, gets out of his cage and escapes to the umbrella forest, sending Timothy after him. Nimble Ray eludes ...

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