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Welcome to the age of genetic engineering

Author: procletnic from Germany
18 April 2010

An excellent documentary presenting the struggle between the farmers and the corporate giant "Monsanto". Shows the cruel reality of todays world where corporations can deprive the common man of everything he owns based on false claims. Inevitable questions are raised in the mind of the viewer - Who decides that GMOs are safe? Are we willing to sacrifice the good of our children for some profit in the short run? Where will the corporate lust for money and control lead us?

Watch this documentary, it's an important educational piece. It will open your eyes on the topic and will show you what the big fuss around GMOs is all about.

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Future or CURRENT state of our food?

Author: danielkeough from United States
20 September 2010

The is a wonderful documentary about how evil and absolutely narrow focused profit driven a corporation can be. This important film shows how destructive to democracy the corporate agenda of Monsatan is. Not just spreading its seed around the country(Canada) but into the US and of course around the world. This provides first hand evidence of Monsanto tyranny on the small farmer and how it isn't just get-big-or-get-out, in the Industrial Farming system, it's do it our way or we'll investigate you, threaten and follow through with law-suits to bankrupt the small farmer and use the the legal system in Canada and the United States to promote the corporation's rights, at the expense of the consumer, the small local farmers, and the world--with such a stance on GMO as ANY level of contamination = your crop is no longer Organic, no longer non-GMO, and no longer even YOURS, it is spreading the disaster of GMO around the world. Thank you to all the Percys out there who stand up to such corporations that are showing through their continued profit-driven actions how harmful they are to society.

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