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Parents Guide for
"The Walking Dead" (2010) More at IMDbPro »

The content of this page was created directly by users and has not been screened or verified by IMDb staff.
Since the beliefs that parents want to instill in their children can vary greatly, we ask that, instead of adding your personal opinions about what is right or wrong in a film, you use this feature to help parents make informed viewing decisions by describing the facts of relevant scenes in the title for each one of the different categories: Sex and Nudity, Violence and Gore, Profanity, Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking, and Frightening/Intense Scenes.
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Sex & Nudity



Season One:

Episode 1 Days Gone Bye: Around the midpoint of the episode two characters share a kiss. This scene is not sexually explicit, but serves as a way to show the audience these two characters are romantically involved.

Episode 2 Guts: In the beginning of the episode, a man and woman have sex in the woods. They kiss passionately, then they proceed to remove clothes. No nudity is shown. He moves behind her and it is implied they have sex when the camera cuts out. A man refers to a woman as "sugar tits" and "rug muncher".

Episode 3 Tell It to the Frogs: A man and woman are seen lying in bed and kissing. Beginning of sex is seen. Four of the women are talking about what they miss. Andrea says "I miss my vibrator." Then Carol says "Me, too."

Episode 6 TS-19: A man and woman kiss in shower. Only upper body is shown, no nudity. A man confronts a woman while drunk, (it starts out with him looking at her inappropriately at a distance while she is in what appears to be just panties and a somewhat long shirt) against her will, he kisses her and forces his hand between her legs, but then she scratches him and pushes him away. Nothing further happens.

Season Two:

Episode 2 Bloodletting: Some talk about Clap.

Episode 3 Save the Last One: Some talk about clap and venereal disease.

Episode 4 Cherokee Rose: A man is seen looking at condoms in a pharmacy. The woman asks why he's looking at them and if he's trying something. He replies by saying no. She then says, "I'll have sex with you." She takes off her shirt and bra, the side of her breast is seen but the nipple is not exposed. They kiss and the scene cuts out.

Episode 6 Secrets: A man and woman are driving after an argument, she rests her hand on his groin; He turns to her, stops the car and says "Go ahead." She climbs over on his lap. They start to have sex (scene in the car cuts off when she is about to kiss him). It then shows an outside shot of the car in woods, with the horn honking once.

Episode 10 Better Angels: A man says to another man saying: "Screw my wife!". Implying that his best friend had sex with his wife.

Season Three:

Episode 3 Walk With Me: At the end of the episode, a man walks past his bedroom door and the camera stays focused on a sleeping woman sprawled on a bed, mostly covered with a sheet. Her lower legs, back and side of her breast are visible.

Episode 4 Killer Within: A man calls for help from another man, who is in a watch tower, and comes outside shirtless. It is implied that he and another woman were interrupted while having sex (completely off-screen/no audio. Nothing is shown). The joke, "Hey, Glenn! You coming?" is made by the man upon seeing the man and woman.

Episode 6 Hounded: A woman and a man have sex toward the end of the episode. We see them afterward in bed. The female's left leg and butt cheek are visible. The rest of her body is covered by a sheet. The man leaves the room, but when he returns he drops his robe (we see only his bare back). The woman is wrapped in a sheet, her upper back visible until she turns around. He then removes the sheet and she is mostly covered by placement of her arms when they begin kissing and then the scene cuts.

Episode 7 When The Dead Come Knocking: Near the beginning, a man opens the door and we briefly see a woman in a thong, pulling up her pants. She walks around in just her pants and bra as she continues getting dressed during a scene of dialogue. In the last 15 minutes of the episode, a man interrogates a woman and forces her to take off her shirt, and then her bra. During this scene (and a scene at the very end of the episode) the woman is shown crying, keeping her arms crossed to cover her breasts. The man threatens her by bending her over a table, however he does not rape her.

Episode 11 I Ain't a Judas: A woman has sex with a man off-screen, but we see her getting out of bed at night. She is obviously naked, but the room is darkly lit, so only her nude silhouette is all that is visible.

Episode 13 Arrow on the Doorpost: A male and female have sex in a garage at the prison. We see them making out and removing each other's clothes. Very briefly we see them naked from a distance as the woman straddles him. The scene ends there before much else really happens.

Season Four:

Episode 6 Live Bait: It is heavily implied that two characters have sex in a vehicle. We see them kiss lying down, but the scene fades out before anything else is depicted.

Episode 16 A: It is heavily implied that a character intends to rape a child and a woman. Although he is killed before he can act on these intentions.

Season Five:

Episode 4 Slabtown: It is heavily implied that a man had previously raped a woman. That same man makes unsettling advances toward another woman. In a later scene, he begins to undress the woman and force himself on her, but she makes her escape by hitting him over the head, and allowing a dead body in the room to turn into a walker and kill him.

Episode 5 Self-Help: There is a scene where a couple is having sex while another character is watching them, to the couple's knowledge. The scene, although heavily shadowed, features thrusting and rear male nudity.

Violence & Gore



Although every single episode features violence, it can sometimes be graphic and even excessive. Some notable moments from each season...

Season One:

Episode 1 Days Gone By: Various dead bodies and violently deformed walkers are seen throughout the episode. At the end of the episode, a horse is ripped apart and eaten alive by walkers. Very graphic and disturbing, especially for animal lovers. The horse's organs are later seen being ripped out and eaten by a horde of walkers.

Episode 2 Guts: The main characters chop a walker up and smear it's blood, tissue and organs over themselves in order to smell dead to get through a horde of walkers. Very graphic and bloody.

Episode 3 Tell It To The Frogs: A deer's neck is seen torn open and being eaten by a walker. Mostly blood, but still gory. The walkers head is then smashed in. Later in the episode, a man strikes his wife. Shane then proceeds to beat the abuser's face until he is unrecognizable.

Episode 4 Vatos: The camp is attacked by walkers; a character is seen being partially eaten. Violent walker and character deaths (throats being ripped out, flesh being torn). In the aftermath, we seen a very mutilated body of a character, who's wife then stabs his head repeatedly with a pickax to make sure he doesn't come back as a walker (very gory, could be disturbing).

Episode 5 Wildfire: In the aftermath of the previous episode's attack, characters "put down" the corpses by stabbing them in the head. Carol takes a pickaxe to her late abusive husband's head over and over until the dead man's head is a smashed pile of brains and gore.

Season Two:

Episode 1 What Lies Ahead: A horde of walkers makes the group hide under cars, one gets trapped in the RV and must repeatedly stab a gruesome and frightening walker in the head with a screwdriver repeatedly. Two main characters kill and cut open a walker to check the contents of it's stomach. Graphic and bloody.

Episode 2 Bloodletting: A child has bullet fragments removed from him. He screams in pain and passes out. The scene could be upsetting for some people.

Episode 3 Save The Last One: A man shots another man in the leg to leave him as a distraction for the walkers so the other can get away. We see the man's ear being ripped off and chunks of his flesh being torn away as walkers eat him alive.

Episode 4 Cherokee Rose: A walker is stuck in a well and might contaminate the water, so they life it out with a rope around it's middle, which causing it's body tear in half. Extremely graphic, gory and bloody; this scene made the show infamous for it's violent content. Also, a walker attacks a woman in a pharmacy and a man hits it with a wooden plank, causing it's head to almost separate from it's neck but not completely. The man smashes it's head in repeatedly.

Episode 9 Triggerfinger: A walkers smashes it's face through a car windshield to try and get to an injured person; the skin on it's face gets peeled back by the broken glass, very bloody. A man's leg gets impaled by a gate spike.

Season Three:

Episode 1 Seed: A man's leg is chopped off with an axe.

Episode 2 Sick: A man kills another man with a fireplace poker. The murderer is later killed with a single machete chop to the forehead.

Episode 3 "Walk With Me"[i] A man sits down and stares at a bunch of fish tanks, which contain severed heads. VERY DISTURBING AND VIOLENT!

Episode 4 [i]Killer Within
: A pregnant woman goes into labor during a zombie attack. She has another woman cut her baby out of her. We see the blade slicing the pregnant belly.

Episode 8 Made to Suffer A man breaks the bone out of a zombie and uses it to stab another man in the neck. Later, a woman stabs a man's zombified daughter in the head (very gory), and this leads to a brutal fist fight between them in which she gouges his eye out with a shard of glass.

Episode 10 Home: A woman tackles a zombie, chops it's arms off with an axe, and (in close-up) curb stomps it's head against a rock. We see it's teeth pop out and it's jaw dislodge in the close-up.

Episode 13 Arrow on the Doorpost: A zombie's head is crushed against a wall graphically with a baseball bat.

Episode 16 Welcome to the Tombs: A man mows down a group of innocent people with a machine gun and then proceeds to shoot them one-by-one in the head with a pistol until he runs out of ammo. The scene is more disturbing than it is graphic.

Season Four:

Episodes 1-5 of the season revolve around a virus that causes people to bleed out and turn into walkers. Many shots of people choking on blood, bleeding out their eyes/ears/nose/mouth, and in some cases turning and biting survivors.

Episodes 6-7 of the season revolve around a man in the six months between seasons three and four. We see him interact with a group of survivors. He kills a man turning into a walker with an oxygen tank. He also protects a little girl by killing a walker by tearing it's jaw off with an object.

Episode 8 Too Far Gone: A man kills an elderly man with a sword by chopping his head off in a series of slashes. We see the victim try to crawl away, but he is held down and decapitated. In reaction to this, another man fights the murderer in a very realistic fist-fight. the man's injuries from the fight can be upsetting to some viewers.

Episodes 9-13 revolve around different groups of survivors wandering for a new sanctuary. They encounter countless zombies. Each episode features some form of zombie violence.

Episode 14 The Grove: This episode features subject matter involving a mentally deranged child committing acts of violence. A little girl murders another child, and attempts to kill a baby, and in response to this an adult female shoots her dead.

Episode 16 A: This episode features a sequence in which a group of marauders attack's a man's band of survivors. A man threatens to rape a kid and woman. The other man frees himself by biting the man restraining him in the nick and tearing out the jugular (we see the man spit it out too). Once freed, the man repeatedly stabs the rapist to death. Also, this episode (in it's final moments) introduces the theme of cannibalism into the series.

Season Five:

Episode 1 No Sanctuary: The opening sequence of the season shows the cannibals bleeding out humans over a trough by clubbing them with a bat and slicing their throats. Also, a human meat locker is shown briefly.

Episode 3 Four Walls and a Roof: A man sees cannibals eating his leg in front of him. The cannibals later go to attack the man's group, and the man and his band of survivors viciously slaughter them with bladed and blunt objects inside a church.

Episode 4 Slabtown: A woman, although she protests against it, is held down and has her arm amputated with a razor wire. Very disturbing and gory.

Episode 7 Crossed: The leader and other survivors enter a part of Atlanta that was previously napalmed. Bodies of the victims can be seen melted against the pavement. Some of them are now walkers. The man tears the head off one of them and uses it to beat an attacker. (The entire sequence isn't so much as gory/violent as it is just plain gross.)

Episode 8 Coda: A man drives a car into an escaping man (with his hands tied). The man breaks his neck, but survives being hit with the vehicle. The man then approaches the pleading man and shoots him in the head (off-screen). Later in the episode, a woman is shot in the head. The scene is very sudden and may be shocking to some viewers (but, overall, not "graphic" by this show's standards).

Episode 9 What Happened and What's Going On: a man is bit and has his arm amputated. There are several scenes in which people who have died in the past are seen in hallucinations, still with their fatal injuries. Lots of injury detail shown, including pooling and dripping blood. Strong sequences of graphic violence and horror throughout.

Episodes 10-13, characters are on the road the whole time and various walkers are killed with blood spraying on screen.

Episode 14 Spend: Two main player characters are left to be eaten alive by walkers. Their deaths are prolonged and graphically portrayed on screen.

A variety of weapons are used to kill zombies, from guns to axes, and have bloody results.

Throughout the show many zombies are seen in various states of decay, sometimes with bone or internal organs are exposed.

The series has a focus on what humanity is left in a world after humanity is extinct. As the series progresses violent conflicts between people begin to arise.




Profanity is used sparingly, with the word "shit" being the strongest said a few times every episode. Other than that the only regular profanity is quite mild (such as "ass", "hell", "piss", and "damn").

"Bitch", "asshole", "dick", "pussy", and "jerk-off" are infrequently used.

Also, religious profanity in the show is quite limited to simply "Oh my God," "Jesus!" or "Christ!"

Most of the potentially offensive language comes from a bigoted character who's portrayed negatively. As such, other slurs used in his presence include "nigger", "rug-muncher", and "taco-bender".

The middle finger is seen on a few occasions, once in Season One and a couple times in Season Four.

In Season One, Episode 2, a character says, "Motherf--!" but doesn't finish the word because he is punched in the face by the person he is cursing at.

In Season Four, Episode 6, graffiti on a building contained literally "F You!" written in paint.

In Season Four, Episode 16, infamously, the last line of dialogue in the fourth season is a man stating to his group of survivors that their captors will feel stupid when they find out that, "They're fucking with the wrong people." This line is only uncensored on Blu-ray (DVD, TV,, and Netflix versions all have an alternate line in which the F word is replaced with the word "screwing").

In Season Five, Episode 4, "Fuck You" can be seen carved into the floor next to a dead body, but the letter F is partially obscured with blood spatter from the body.

In Season Five, Episode 5, during a private conversation a man says to another man, "You gotta kill that motherfucker," in reference to walkers and metaphorically to internal weakness. The word is censored by having the later half of the word muted out (heard as "mother____") on the AMC broadcast, but presumably it will be uncensored on the Blu-Ray set in the future.

In Season Five, Episode 6, during a conversation between a man and woman, the two begin discussing their past and present selves. In this conversation the man says, "Reason I said we have to start over is 'cause we gotta. Fuck the way it was." On AMC it is muted out and heard as "____ the way it was," but it is safe to assume that in the future Blu-ray and DVD release will be uncensored.

In Season Five, Episode 9, during an emotionally tense scene a male yells "Fuck!" but it is muted on the AMC broadcast and only heard as "F___!". It is safe to predict that in the future Blu-ray and DVD release will have the word uncensored.



Alcohol is consomed in some episodes.

Some characters smoke cigarettes.

It is referenced that one character did hard drugs before the apocalypse. We briefly see his drug stash, but nothing is focused on.

In an episode of Season One, a character has a baggie of cocaine removed from his pocket by another man and it is tossed off a rooftop and lost.

In an episode of Season Two, a character is said to appear "methed out." Later in the season a character is revealed to be a former alcoholic.

In an episode of Season Three, a character tears open mattresses and wanders the prison. When asked what he is doing he responds, "Looking for some dope."

In an episode of Season Four, a main character is revealed to be a recovering alcoholic. Also, later in the season, two characters drink moonshine together.


The walkers are all deformed and bloody, sometimes with pieces of their bodies missing. Occasionally, a walker is shown with half of it's body missing and entrails spilling out.

The tone of these series can often be frightening and disturbing. As the series progresses, violence between humans becomes common.

The series can be emotionally distressing, and sometimes even depressing.

Most episodes contain strong to graphic violence.

Rating Per Season:

Season One: Rated TV-14 for strong bloody violence, horror, gory images, some sexual content, and language.

Season Two: Rated TV-14 for strong bloody violence and gory horror, some sexual content, and language.

Season Three: Rated TV-MA for strong bloody violence, gory horror, some sexual content, and language.

Season Four: Rated TV-MA for strong bloody violence, horror, gore, and language.

Season Five: Rated TV-MA for strong bloody violence and gore, horror, language, and some sexual content

Overall: 42/50.

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