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Throughout the series the towns Derry and Castle Rock are mentioned on several occasions. Both towns are fictional and are often used by Stephen King in his novels and short stories. "It", "Bag of Bones" and "Dreamcatcher" take place, a least in part, in Derry. "Needful Things", "The Dark Half", "Cujo" and "The Dead Zone" are among the stories that take place in Castle Rock. Along with Jerusalem's Lot (Salem's Lot), Derry and Castle Rock form a trinity of fictional towns King often uses as a setting for his stories, they are all placed in Maine. The trinity is an homage to 'H. P. Lovecraft''s trinity of Arkham, Innsmouth and Dunwich.
The Stephen King novel "The Tommyknockers" also took place in Haven. Stephen King wrote "The Colorado Kid" which "Haven" is inspired by.
The opening credits mention "The most Revered Flagg". Randall Flagg is a prominent character in many of Stephen King's stories. He can be thought of as King's "ultimate villain/bad guy".
The episode 'Fear and Loathing' pays homage to "It" and the episode 'Love Machine' marries "Maximum Overdrive" and "Christine".
The Gun & Rose Diner is a reference to The Dark Tower series. Roland is a gunslinger from another world protecting a rose in an abandoned lot on Earth from destruction.
In episode 10 of Season 4 'The Trouble with the Troubles' a take-out flyer is seen with the name 'Captain Trip's Cafe'. Captain Trip's was the name given to the plague in Stephen King's book The Stand.
The Wuornoses share their name with Florida serial killer Aileen Wuornos.
In season 1, episode 12, "Resurfacing," there is a car that is moved by the father across a desk in his office. This car is a model of a 1958 Plymouth Fury, the same car used in King's Christine.
In the opening scene of S1 E13, the name stenciled on the canvas bag: "Shawshank State Prison" is another infamous and recurring setting in multiple Stephen King stories/movies.
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The actress Laura Mennell, who portrays the recurring character Dr. Charlotte Cross in "Haven", appeared in one episode of "The 4400" (episode 3 of season 4) titled "Audrey Parker's Come and Gone". Ms. Mennell played the role of the episode's title character, Audrey Parker, as a young girl. Audrey Parker is also the name of a central character in "Haven".
Actors Laura Vandervoort, Steve Lund, and Kiara Glasco, all of whom guest-starred in season 3 of Haven (as Arla Cogan, James Cogan, and Ginger Danvers, respectively), went on to star in another Syfy-syndicated Canadian series called Bitten. And by pure coincidence, the Bitten protagonists' estate is called Stonehaven.
Nicholas Campbell, the actor who portrays Chief of Police Wuornos (Nathan's father) also portrayed Frank Dodd, the serial killer in the 1983 film "The Dead Zone"...meaning Campbell had roles in two productions affiliated with the author Stephen King. "Haven" is loosely based on the King's novel "The Colorado Kid" published in 2005, and "The Dead Zone" was based on King's novel of the same name published in 1979.
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The Haven police department and many other exterior locations in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia were also used to film a number of TV commercials for Cisco featuring Ellen Page.
The actor Christopher (Chris) Masterson had minor roles in two televised adaptations of Stephen King novels, twelve years apart. In 2002 Masterson portrayed Todd Paley in episode 3 of "The Dead Zone's first season, and in 2014 he portrayed Morgan Gardener in episodes 7 and 8 of "Haven's" fifth season.
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The show "Haven" is loosely based on Stephen King's "Colorado Kid", which in turn is loosely based off a real-life murder mystery that took place in Australia in the late 1940s, the case of the Somerton Man. The mystery involves generic anomalies, several copies of a rare book (including one that could not have been printed), death by digitalis, and spies.
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Emily Rose's character Audrey Parker plays opposite to a character named Nathan. She also does the voice for Elena Fisher in the video game series Uncharted in which she plays opposite Nathan Drake.
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