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Season 5

11 Sep. 2014
See No Evil
Picking up immediately after the events of last season, Nathan and Duke discover that Audrey's body has been hijacked by Mara. They must thwart her efforts to open another door to the Void while keeping the citizenry of Haven oblivious to the new threat stalking its streets. Their search is complicated when a gory trouble spreads across town and requires their immediate attention.
18 Sep. 2014
Speak No Evil
Nathan and Duke are are coping with the loss of Audrey and Jennifer while Dwight tries to keep Haven together as the chief of police and Mara creates new troubles.
25 Sep. 2014
With Mara as his prisoner and The Guard hunting their whereabouts, Nathan flees to a secret hideout where he tries to uncover Audrey's personality buried within Mara. Duke and Dwight must battle a fiery new trouble that threatens to ignite the town. Duke struggles to control his emotions while he grieves for Jennifer, but it seems he is a pressure cooker of troubles...
2 Oct. 2014
Much Ado About Mara
Nathan and Dwight argue over what to do with Mara; Nathan is convinced Audrey is still alive and he wants to save her but Dwight wants Mara to cure the troubles.
10 Oct. 2014
The Old Switcheroo: Part 1
Vince and Dave go to North Carolina to find out more from Dave's secret past but searching may cause a new trouble back in Haven; people are switching bodies.
17 Oct. 2014
The Old Switcheroo: Part 2
Nathan and Duke are desperate to get Audrey back so they make a dangerous decision before she's gone for good.
24 Oct. 2014
Nowhere Man
The celebration of Audrey's return is cut short when a supernatural trouble causes Nathan to disappear into a ghostly world. Forced to work alone on solving the trouble, Audrey must also contend with the hostile Guard, who believe she is still Mara. Meanwhile, Duke struggles to accept the dangerous realities of his new condition.
31 Oct. 2014
Unable to make headway in her investigation, Audrey recruits an old friend to help her communicate with Nathan, who is still trapped on a ghostly plane. Down in North Carolina, Vince and Dave try to escape the hospital before lab tests on Dave's wound reveal its supernatural origins. Meanwhile, Duke realizes he may have found a kindred spirit in a former foe.
7 Nov. 2014
When Audrey and dozens of Haven citizens are affected by a mysterious illness, the symptoms threaten to expose Haven's secrets to a dangerous newcomer.
14 Nov. 2014
As Audrey's health deteriorates, Nathan races to find a cure for the mysterious illness before it is too late. Dwight struggles to contain the contagion but faces interference from Dr. Cross, who has a few secrets up her sleeve as well. Meanwhile, Duke realizes that some old loyalties may be shifting and decides he needs to take matters into his own hands to protect Haven.
21 Nov. 2014
As Duke's volatility threatens to unleash unprecedented chaos on Haven, the pressure is on for the CDC doctor to develop a cure for the troubles. Meanwhile, Audrey's symptoms worsen and she must put on a brave face as she and Nathan tackle a psychological trouble, but Nathan grows increasingly worried about her health.
28 Nov. 2014
Charlotte makes progress towards developing a cure for the troubles, but it might be too late as Duke's condition takes a turn for the worse. Meanwhile, realizing their objectives may no longer line up, Haven's heroes must reassess where their true loyalties lie.
5 Dec. 2014
Mara's true intentions are revealed.
8 Oct. 2015
New World Order
New Troubles have infected over half the town and that's the good news.
8 Oct. 2015
Nathan returns to the school without Kira and gives her fiancee Tony the sad news that Kira is dead. Haven catch a break - the lights are back on, so they've eliminated the Darkness Trouble but now they've got to quell an angry mob accusing Nathan of murder.
15 Oct. 2015
The Trial of Nathan Wuornos
The citizens of Haven put Nathan on trial for his life, and it's up to Dwight and Charlotte to clear his name. Hoping to buy them time, the brothers Teagues moderate the trial as Audrey continues her quest to solve the darkness trouble.
22 Oct. 2015
Enter Sandman
Dwight and Charlotte work on a way to free Audrey from the Sandman's stasis before he can trap her in his mind forever. Duke tries to help Darkside Seeker Seth Byrne recover his memories of Haven.
29 Oct. 2015
Wild Card
Charlotte and Audrey start on a plan to stop the troubles.
5 Nov. 2015
Nathan tries to track down a terrifying killer; and Duke has a vision of Haven's future.
12 Nov. 2015
Just Passing Through
Nathan and Vince travel back to 1983 to learn the secret of how Croatoan has found a way into Haven. Meanwhile, Duke finds his life on the line when he is apprehended by a mysterious foe.
19 Nov. 2015
Close to Home
After entering the Void Nathan encounters an old enemy; Audrey and Duke must stop a new troubled person who is looking for revenge.
26 Nov. 2015
A Matter of Time
Nathan is still stuck in the void with William, Audrey and Duke must convince Haley to open the thinny before its too late for Nathan. Dave confronts Croatoan in his mind.
3 Dec. 2015
Blind Spot
Audrey and Nathan try to regain control of the police station while a mysterious killer leaves a wake of bodies.
10 Dec. 2015
The Widening Gyre
Nathan and Dwight race to rescue Audrey from Croatoan, but the consequences of Duke's dark destiny wreak havoc on their plans. Meanwhile, Vince contemplates an unusual sacrifice.
17 Dec. 2015
Haven's heroes struggle to rebuild the Barn in the face of mounting obstacles. Dwight is tempted by a surprise gift and Nathan must consider a devastating sacrifice.
17 Dec. 2015
Nathan struggles to return to Haven; Dwight reconsiders his future; Audrey realizes the way she can save the town from Croatoan.

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