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Way to take me out of the series
mijotter11 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This episode had a lot of potential going in to it and just squanders it all. Morgana selfishly lets, or at least is willing to let(we never find out) hundreds of people die because "this is where I belong"? Merlin literally leads Arthur and his men right to the Druid camp he mine as well of built signs with painted red arrows. He blows a gate open then lights a fire in the middle of the day when he's trying to reach Morgana asap? I mean it got to the point where I thought he was doing it on purpose to somehow repair what he had done but nope.

The Druid that took Morgana in, who did an awesome job acting btw, gets shot and dies and no one or the writers could careless. I thought maybe this is finally when Morgana leaves Camelot and becomes, well, Morgana. But nope, after all that horrible writing and plot she ends up back in Camelot. And what did she get out of it? TOLD That magic CAN be used for good. Something that Merlin could've done or Gaius for that matter. And that's all we as the viewers get out of it as well. Absolutely no furthering of the good character development up until this point. At the end I thought well the only way to salvage anything from this atrocity is to have Morgana upset that she's back, that her Druid friend was killed, something to help build on the enclosed hatred she's developing. Alas, no, we get some lame pointless reminder AGAIN that, yes Merlin can keep a secret and that Arthur thinks he's falling for her.

I was really in to this show. I know the Arthurian Legend pretty well and yes it's taking it's own path on a lot of things but isn't that how the legend got to this point in the first place? However, this one episode may have killed this entire series for me.

If you are just getting in to this show and somehow manage to read this before actually watching this episode. Skip it, please.
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What kind of Merlin Ep is this?!!
None Of Your Beeswax9 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Ughh! This episode was a huge disappointment. I really like the Merlin BBC Series overall -- Season 1 was AWESOME, but this episode was just plain bad. What kind of writer wrote this!? It was sloppily written, had no plot, and no had funny parts.

There was no point to the episode -- it was some wild-goose chase with Morgana running around in a forest looking for druids and a bunch of good people getting killed because her selfishness and Merlin's stupidity.

I mean why couldn't Merlin just tell her he was magical instead of sending her to a scorpion-ridden forest in search of druids which were obviously outlawed by Luther? Morgana used to be one of my favorite characters in the first season, but this totally made her a spoiled, incredibly useless bimbo. She let hundreds of innocent people in Camelot just die to save her own skin? -- It seems really uncharacteristic if judging by her actions in Season 1. She stood up for the guy who was being executed by Luther in the episode of the first season, and protected Gwen when she was accused of sorcery.

It changed the whole story line from the first season. It really bugs me how the characters have different personalities now. Arthur likes Gwen and Merlin likes Morgana? o__O (What is that?? It's complete opposite from season 1 and makes no sense.) This episode was the worst! :(
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