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Unexpectedly great
MoovyDawg20 March 2013
I was invited to "The Host" premiere last night and was very impressed by the film. I'm not a Twilight fan and have not read the book; If anything I was very suspect of this film and for whatever reason even felt negatively towards it (in an eye-rolling manner).

That said, I found myself walking out of the theater quite surprised. And yes, I still have my manhood and haven't transformed into "A Hoster" or a "Hostling" or whatever they may call the new breed. Honestly, I thought it had a wonderfully intriguing plot, good acting, and I was completely engaged. Yes, there was a bit of "romantic cheesiness" but it seemed to handle itself well and even poked fun of itself at times for this fact. I think if it wasn't for the excellent work of Niccol and Saoirse it might have easily slipped into laughable cheese, but amicably doesn't. Plenty of sophisticated action as well as thought-provoking concepts of love, loyalty, perseverance. A well rounded film overall. I especially enjoyed William Hurt but all the acting was on par.

Perhaps the Twilights were focused on teenagers but as a 30something guy I really liked it. I would definitely recommend giving this movie a chance to all. I'm just in the market now for a shiny silver Lotus.
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Sci-Fi And Kissing
Mek Torres3 April 2013
The Host has an intriguing conceit. It is about a post-apocalypse where aliens take control on every human body then the remaining unpossessed humans fear them despite that these aliens only want peace. The story might have an idea that the humans could be the real enemy here or it's just both of them. The Sci-Fi bits are pretty interesting but it doesn't end there. It's based on a young adult novel so definitely there will be teenage hormones scattered around the context. It has romance that is suppose to save their world and change their lives, but once again just like any other young adult film, the romance is nothing more than a bunch of good looking people falling in love and doing romantic cliché stuff. Love may not be a problem to these stories but this romance is terribly empty. They're just making out and saying ridiculously cheesy lines. It would have been a fascinating idea but it just can't get away from its typical teen angst.

It is kind of similar to the recent young adult novel based film, Warm Bodies, except the antagonists in The Host are virtuous beings instead of ravenous monsters. It seems that both stories have the same morality. Humans are not the most peaceful beings either and maybe the order and mentality of both sides are the reason why they couldn't get along. When it goes to the romance, it says that Melanie and Wanda's love between the boys might revolt their world's condition. But it strays from its plot giving us a lousily told story and romance. Mostly the romance. It is noticeable that most of their "love" only rely on their lips. Which means they kiss a lot. We do not get to know much about why they care for each other, other than being one of the last normal human beings of their age. It is also filled with plot holes because of course it wants to appeal teens for the endless love that didn't even work. It is directed by Andrew Niccol who is somewhat a Sci-Fi expert but it looks like he's afraid that too much Sci-Fi than romance might disappoint these children. He could have been more indulgent.

The film has a solid cast but not all of them standout. Saoirse Ronan plays two roles here and she fills enough heart on both characters. Diane Kruger looks like she is enjoying playing the film's villain. The roles of Max Irons and Jake Abel seems to be only designed for kissing, slapping, and sometimes strangling, leaving William Hurt being the only likable gentleman of the picture.

The script explains some points of the concept which is fine in that way in spite of the plot holes but it gets terrible on the romance. There are dialogues that may get way out of hand, ends up being laughable. Even more laughable is one scene when the protagonist tries to wake up her subconscious by kissing her boyfriend. I don't know if I should blame anyone about it. I mean what choice does she have? Still, it's ridiculous. The film is at least stunning. It gets to explore something magnificent around. The exteriors serves a lot of intrigue to its world. It features shiny cars and choppers. Most of the action are well shot even though the action itself isn't really that interesting but everything in the film looks good.

The Host is not interesting enough. It thematically talks about peace and stuff. Well, you can make peace out of love but the film only shows kissing and I think there is more in love than just making out. Hormonally, this could be a perfect escapism for teens. An apocalyptic world about relationships of these good looking couples with fast awesome cars crashing on the road. But the story seems to offer more. Again, they are unable to show it because the only fan service for adaptations of teen books is to follow every single sequence from the book because they love comparing. Too bad, they could have also shown what's behind the words as well. The Host is another victim of a generic young adult film adaptation that doesn't understand much of the meaning of the story, and throw away the most bland of all romances.
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Hit or Miss
cnazcona31 March 2013
This movie you will either enjoy or hate to be honest. If you want something that is action-packed and filled with cool sci-fi moments do not see this movie. Yes the movie is sci-fi but it's more about romance. It also is a tad slower.

However, the cast was fantastic and the script was beautiful. There were cheesy moments but it was still really sweet and well done. Basically what I am saying, is if you like romance with a twist go and see it! If you are expecting something like Gattaca, you will be disappointed.

I really loved the movie and felt it held up to the book. I usually hate movie versions of books but this was really good! If you like the book chances are you are going to like the movie. There are tweaks of course, but I thought they were mainly well done and helped get the same message across.
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Better than most "blockbuster" movies out there.
KJ Alberto28 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I read The Host book when it came out and it became one of my favourites. Say what you will about Meyer's writing for Twilight, but The Host is different. For one, Wanderer is a very likable heroine.

I only heard about the movie version a week before it opened here. Didn't have high hopes for it, as I thought it would face the same fate as the Twilight series.. But I needed to see it to make the call...

And I was pleasantly surprised! It stayed true to the book - of course they had to cut out some scenes, otherwise it would've been very long - but I never felt like the cuts ruined the story.

One thing I will really praise is the acting. Unlike most movies today I thought The Host had a great cast and never did the acting seem unnatural. Even the cheesy lines were delivered well. Props to the kid who played Jamie, he made me cry! And Saoirse was brilliant in playing two personalities.

Anyway, I wrote this review (my first ever IMDb review ever) because I felt it was unfair that the movie was getting too much flak just for its relation to Meyer or Twilight. There are worse movies out there, just relying on special effects and pomp to cover up the lack of plot and characterisation. See the movie or read the book first before you judge this one.
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A great opening is drowned by the next two hours of slow, boring torture.
The_Film_Cricket29 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"The Host" (from Chockstone Pictures) opens and closes with two scenes that contain elements of great science fiction. The problem is that what comes in the middle is one of the longest, chunks of torpor you'll ever experience. This movie is so slow that after a while you fear that the movie will go in reverse. Some movies dare you to look at the screen. This one dares you to stay in your seat.

To be sure, the movie has a fantastic premise. Imagine what might happen to Earth after "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" ended. Aliens from another world, called "souls," have come to Earth, taken over our bodies, flushed out both our personalities and our emotions and replaced them with their own. Imagine what happens if one operation doesn't go quite right. What might happen if the human personality was still inside a mind that had been replaced? That is the problem facing an alien host named Wanderer (Saoirse Ronan). She hears a voice in her head, the human voice of the person who previously occupied the body she has been given. The girl inside her mind is named Melanie, who still has memories of her human occupation. Soon those memories are being shared with Wanderer. She keeps this information from her betters and goes on the run. You can already guess their response.

This means we get to sit through a long series of laughable scenes in which actress Saoirse Ronan is forced to spend a lot of time talking to herself. We hear the alien speaking, and then we hear the human voice in her head. This works when she thinks she is about to die, but when Wanderer kisses a guy that Melanie can't stand, it becomes ridiculous. Ronan is a fine actress who has been better elsewhere. Watch her sometime in "Hanna" and her Oscar nominated performance in "Atonement." Here she's a real trooper, pulling off dialogue that is – to put it nicely – utterly ridiculous.

What develops from this plot isn't as ingenious as one might hope. Instead of exploring the possibly of this bizarre situation, "The Host" becomes one of those old familiar last-hope-for-humanity stories in which characters stand around talking about the situation in long, boring scenes of dialogue that should have remained on the cutting room floor. It opens with an effectively creepy leisure pace but then never picks up any steam. More on the plot will not be revealed here, suffice to say that after that great opening, the rest of the movie just kind of coasts.

"The Host" was written and directed by Andrew Niccol who has a talent for creating smart, inventive stories about people trapped by their circumstances. He wrote the great "Gattaca" (1997) about a natural-born man trapped in a world of synthetic humans. He wrote "The Truman Show" (1998), about a man trapped in his own reality show. He made "Lord of War" (2005), about a man who confronts the moral implications of the international arms deals that he puts into motion.

Niccol has some of those inspirations here but he is at the mercy of a script based on a book by Stephanie Meyers the popular writer of the "Twilight" series. This film, as with that series, is tilted toward something meaningful he can't seem to get the movie out of first gear. All of the characters look alike, talk alike, sound alike. They stand around and have long boring conversations about the same thing over and over and over and over. It's like the movie had a great launch and then spent the rest of its time driving around in a circle.
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Saoirse Ronan Shines Through a Mediocre Movie
freemantle_uk31 March 2013
Outside of The Twilight Saga, The Host is Stephanie Meyer's biggest novel and since the success of her supernatural series, her sci-fi novel has been adapted. There is a stronger cast and director for The Host, than the Twilight Saga, but how does it fare on its own terms? In the near future, Earth has been conquered by a parasitic alien race known as The Souls, who implant themselves into human bodies. Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan) is a member of the human resistance who gets captured when she tries to protect her younger brother, Jamie (Chandler Canterbury). Melanie gets implanted with a Soul, called Wanderer, with the aliens planning to use Melanie's memories in order to find the human resistance. As Wanderer explores Melanie's memories, she finds out about Melanie's lover, Jared (Max Irons) and the pair plan an escape to the desert to find the resistance camp. Within the camp, Wanderer falls for another human, Ian (Jake Abel), causing problems for all of them.

Let's get the comparisons with Twilight out the way; yes there is a is love triangle (or should that be a love square?), The Host has a much better lead actress with Ronan then Kirsten Stewart and has a stronger supporting cast, with the likes of William Hurt and Diane Kruger. Andrew Niccol also gives the film more creditability behind the camera, acting as both the writer and director. The Host has interesting ideas that had many potential avenues to explore: but unfortunately it focuses more on the love story instead of all of the other aspects that could have lead to a much more meaningful film.

Ronan does rise above the material and gives very strong performance, as you would expect from her. This is even more remarkable that she has to argue and talk with herself, like Homer Simpson arguing with his own brain. Whilst there was the potential for themes of locked in syndrome as Melanie is trapped inside her own head, fighting to control her own body or going through a more literal, internal conflict. But it turns really silly when she argues with herself over two men, as opposed of having a much more difficult time of having a stronger conflict within her character. Ronan gets battered and beaten throughout the film as she gets hit, verbally abused and discriminated against and yet, still persevere through everything she's up against.

Whilst Ronan does a good job, the two men she is meant to be conflicted about are blank stales. Neither actor has much of a personality or character and they are very indistinguishable from each other. Ronan has no choice but to carry the film, considering that there was nothing going for the main love interests. At least Hurt and Kruger looked like they were having fun with their roles and were highly professional with their performances.

The idea of some sort of insider for an oppressive regime having an awakening, usually because a love interest and ends up turning against their own side has been used before. We have seen it in novels like Nineteen-Eighty Four, Fahrenheit 451 and We and films such as Metropolis and THX-1138. The Host does twist this age old idea in sci-fi, even if the execution was lacking.

The Host had a really strong premise with opportunities to explore multiple themes. They could have been themes about identity, the battle within the mind, split personalities, trust and how humans would survive after this invasion. But like Twilight, the film only touches on these concepts and puts all of its focus in the wrong places.

Much like Twilight, The Host has been criticised for its dialogue and being unintentionally funny. It is true that the film has some bad dialogue, but with some of the moments that were comical that had be intentional, with some of its moments of cultural clash and the bickering between Wanderer and Melanie. There are also some dark moments and there were really refreshing when they do come around.

Niccol is known for being an excellent writer director, making Gattaca and Lord of War and was nominated for an Academy Awards for his screenplay for The Truman Show. The Host is his first adaptation and it felt very rigidly close to the source material. What it results to is a bland experience that has episodic nature, having mini-plots with some developments, instead of a larger overarching story. Looks wise, the film is pretty flat and dull, using nothing but silver chrome for the alien technology, concrete and glass for the buildings and the humans are based in an empty desert environment. The cinematography and the special effects were solid but, Niccol was coasting and he is much more capable then this.

Currently on Rotten Tomatoes, The Host has an 12% rating and seemingly on course to be considered one of the worst films of 2013. Whilst it is hard to argue that The Host is a good movie, it is certainly not terrible: its crime is merely being mediocre, dull and forgettable.

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A good movie, an okay book adaptation
Clarity K20 April 2013
I have read the book before the movie came out, but ill give a movie review separate from my book ideals of what it should have been.

As a movie on its own, its good. Not great. They have a little bit of action, and when i say little, i do mean little (under 5 minutes). There are some chrome vehicles, modern looking bland clothing etc. This movie is really about what makes us human. With a love triangle. Not nearly as dominant as it was in twilight. A very interesting premise for a movie. The acting was great, I really loved Jake Abel as Ian O'Shea. Dian kruger added some depth to her seeker attitude. Max Irons I found to be the weakest actor of the bunch, some of his lines were delivered poorly ("so help me"), but what really ties the cast in is William Hurt.He ties them all together, and ads some charm to his cliché lines that makes him very likable. Other noticeable actors were Scot Lawrence (Doc) and Francis Fisher (Maggie), but neither were given the screen time needed to develop any sort of charter, although it would have been ve3ry interesting to see. Nice scenery, and nice shots. The music (and some scene lacking) was great and added a indie touch to it.

Now, based off the book this movie kinda blew it. it was extremely different, cutting out characters and adding things that never were. I personally felt that by making all the Aliens dress the same, drive the same vehicles took away from the depth of the battle between the resistance and aliens. They were supposed to be creative, and find individualism in human hosts, which was very lacking. Instead the movie went in the direction of aliens turning humans into one mass of boring un unique sheep. I also wish they had kept a few of Wanda's experiences from other worlds in the movie, even as flash backs etc. This movie lacked as a sci-fi, as all we see are humans with contacts. It lacked as a romance as her love interest was gone for most of it.

If anything its a good movie about : "what is considered human? a and how shall we react that makes us human".

Not bad, i enjoyed it anyways, and my husband actually stuck around to watch it too lol./
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Boring boring boring!!
rickang29 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
4 of us went along to this movie yesterday after thinking it looked action packed from the trailer. The only action scenes were the ones you saw in the trailer!!!

All the back and forth talking between Mel and Wanderer drove us nuts!! It felt like we were listening to a couple of young teenagers arguing whether to kiss or not to kiss the boy! Shiny silver cars, bikes and helicopters did nothing to excite us as there was no exciting car chases!! It was just a big dull teenage aimed romance!!

Im so glad we had free passes to see this movie or we would have all asked for our money back!
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Worse Than Vampire Academy
Madame Monster20 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Why did they make another Stephanie Meyer movie?

1. The romance in this movie is terrible. I know nothing about these shallow teenagers and certainly don't care about what happens to them. What's even worse is when the human girl who's body has been taken over by the alien she starts talking to her and complains which gets very annoying. All we hear is her saying 'Yuck! Gross! Stop kissing him! That's my boyfriend!' That made me want to mute my TV. The other characters are lame and unoriginal.

2. For a movie about an alien invasion it's terribly lame. the aliens are some of the most nonthreatening aliens I've ever seen in any movie. They don't carry any weapons and all they want is a clean environment. I know in the movie we would have to give up our free will but this movie does a terrible job at showing the downfall to all of this. Which is frustrating because this has been done before. (Watch Equilibrium with Christian Bale)

3. Why does the alien Wanda agree to rebel? Is it because she wants to kiss cute guys? That's it? Also don't get me started on the ending.

If you want a good romance movie check through some the movies on IMDb. Same if you wanted an alien invasion movie. Skip this movie because it has nothing to offer you.
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Great deception.
thierry_motion17 April 2013
I came to see this film because of Andrew Niccol (Gattaca is my favorite movie),a bit afraid of Stephanie Meyer's work but still open minded to a quite good SF plot with some romance. But I found myself in front of a terrible teen-movie. And not the good kind like we used to see in the 90's. Artistic work is completely absent. The world shown in this film is interesting but not described sufficiently.

I found that the narrative form was quite ineffective and the dialogs were so dull that not a single piece of "philosophy" can be extracted.

On the top of all that, the love story is foretold and occupies the 3/4 of the scenes. And the acting (even Saoirse Ronan that already did very good job in other movies) was so lame, you can't relate to the characters.

In my opinion, this film lacks of an audacious directing to be good. There was material but it has been spoiled.

If you're over 15, I don't recommend this film. If you're under, well I don't recommend it neither, but I'll understand if you find some pleasure to see it.
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Don't Waste Your Money
Ashley Elliott27 March 2013
If I had payed to see this I would've asked for my money back afterwards... that's how bad it was.

One of the worst book adaptations I've ever seen. I read the book a couple of years back and absolutely LOVED it. It's a great book - intelligent, innovative, entertaining, and addicting. To put it in perspective, the book in about 600 pages, and the move was about maybe 200 pages of it? It made me sad because they turned it from Hunger Games status to Twilight status - and Stephanie Myers is to blame there. Known for Twilight and vampire love stories, the writers and director of the Host tailored to the sales rather than the story. They cut out all the action and background information and just gave the love triangle - which is exactly what the Twilight movies did. Honestly, it was just so bad. My friends never read the book and were so confused the entire way. I had to explain everything to them afterwards because in the movie they took out all the background information! They skipped over WAY too much. The result of the movie: a futuristic story about aliens taking over the mind's and body's of the human race which leads to rebellion and a cheesy love triangle. ALSO: The ending sets up for a sequel to this movie - a sequel that doesn't exist because Myers never wrote a second book of the Host... so I don't know what they're trying to pull but seriously I don't get it. PLEASE I BEG YOU DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. I'M TIRED OF THE FILM INDUSTRY GETTING AWAY WITH THE MURDER OF GREAT NOVELS. DON'T SEE IT!!!!!!!!
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A decent sci-fi film for chicks
Laakbaar31 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The current score on IMDb is too low. This is a fairly good film. It's worth about a 7.5. To see the true IMDb score, click the link for the number of users and look at the bell graph. Eliminate the 1s and 10s, and you'll see that what you're left with is a solid 7.

Saoirse Ronan was perfectly cast for this role as the sensitive, conflicted alien slowly gaining the trust of the human survivor group. Diane Kruger and William Hurt were also good. (Once again, I'm struck how so many Hollywood movies lately have non-American actors playing Americans. What's that all about?)

"The Host" is part of a new genre I would call "sci fi for chicks". If it bothers you to see a "soft" science-fiction film with love-sick young people, noble suicides, impossibly handsome young men, aliens with emotions, etc., don't go see this one. It's the old male v. female dilemma: Should we kill the hated aliens or coax them out and make friends with them?

There was not enough exposition at the start about the horrors of the alien invasion. The writers and producers seem to have assumed that moviegoers would understand why the characters want to "remain human" and why they would refer to a human-hosted alien as "it". Perhaps it was better explained in the book.

The device of Melinda's consciousness remaining fully alert, and Wanda and Melinda actually talking to each other for our benefit, might put some moviegoers off. (I'm not sure. I haven't read the other reviews.) However, once I suspended my disbelief, I was able to go with the flow.

They threw the male viewers a bone: Kruger and Ronan, to start. there were a few car and motorcycle chases (involving futuristic-looking chrome vehicles), and shoot outs. Hey, this is a Hollywood movie, after all.

The theme of humans hosting aliens is not original, but they took the concept in a different direction. The movie is slick and well made, but there were a few clichés and many, many aspects of the story that were glossed over, left unexplained or just not realistic. The survivors here were mostly young Hollywood pretty boys, not a ragged group of tough survivors (like on "Walking Dead", for example.)

Still, I appreciated some of the details of the "good alien" theme, like a society of honest and trustworthy aliens that doesn't need cash to function, or where they will simply give you their car if you need it, or where everyone drives at the speed limit. (God forbid we should have a society like that! Kill them!)

And I liked the part where the other seekers looked at the evil seeker (played by Kruger) and pointed out that she was getting a little too obsessed. After all the aliens saw themselves as the good guys. There are many species that coexist in symbiosis. It's interesting to think that maybe it would do our species good. This is actually a very old theme. There's not much difference between "her body has been taken over by an alien" and "she is filled with the Holy Spirit", or even "she is possessed by a demon".
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Great Movie to escape from reality.
selbycd21 April 2013
I have not read the book, so I only had a vague synopsis of the story from a movie trailer. After watching the movie, I want to read the book to discover more details that a 2 hour movie cannot possibly accomplish for such a lenghty novel.

I found the movie intriguing and well written. It captures the distinct personalities of both Melanie and Wanda, which could have been a disaster. It was sci-fi movie that explored many emotions and was a great escape for 2 hours. The cinematography was awesome from the desert scenes to the futuristic.

It is different from the "Twilight Series" and I wish people would not compare the two. Hopefully, there will be a sequel!
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Wow! This movie was UNIMAGINABLY AWFUL! (Save your money!)
Steve Gibson30 March 2013
First of all... I'm not some high-brow snooty movie critic type: I enjoyed "Olympus has Fallen" which was pure escapist action/violence/nonsense. I can also 'do' camp: I enjoyed "I am Number Four" and I'm pretty sure there won't be an "I am Number Five" (even though I WOULD go to see it). And I love (and essentially live for) science fiction. So it was because of the Sci-Fi angle that I had SOME hope of at least an enjoyable time.

I'm posting this review TRULY and ONLY to warn you.

This was one of those movies where the director also did the screen writing, which is rarely a good idea. It turned out that the "dialog" in this atrocity was nearly beyond tolerance: NOTHING left to the imagination, nothing left unsaid, nothing implied. The actors might as well have been faceless walking sticks. Who needs to act when you're saying everything you want the audience to feel and understand and think? The special effects were okay, and acting was okay.

If I had anything else that I might have done (I already finished my taxes and don't need any dental work) I would have left part way through the "event". And because I really didn't want to ruin any one else's experience, I was a bit uncomfortable that my and my girlfriend's audible groans throughout the movie might have been doing that. (Other's may have been thinking... why don't those two just leave?) And we should have. But you know how sometimes a train wreck is morbidly fascinating? You get the idea. Really. DON'T LET ANYONE TALK YOU INTO SEEING THIS! You've been warned.

/Steve. (@SGgrc)
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Definitely underrated
Farbod19 April 2013
This is a smart movie and I really loved every second of it, I should admit that first 15 minutes of the movie is slow and you should will see how it gets you!! Trust me and watch this movie with all your sole, you have to listen and understand what is happening. This movie has beautiful scenes and amazing music, OMG the music just melts in you and you lives in there. Finally Saoirse Ronan just killed it, specially the way she tells the story, you are connected to the movie soon and enjoy watching it, I remember her play in "the lovely bones" she is more mature now and always she's been consistent and so talented actress. This is one of my favorite movies ever. 8/10
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one of the best movies i seen as far as story
siiixbox13 May 2013
its so weird that movies that get great review i usually dislike or just find meh, this is an other example, i watched yesterday "the host", in my opinion one of the best movies in the last year, yet it got terrible reviews, its been over a day and the movie is still in my head.. sure its not as flashy then oblivion, but those movies i watch and an hour later completely forget about it, $100000000 special effects are great, but no money can make up for a great story.. now sure maybe the book is better, but a book is ALWAYS better, get over it ;) its not a book, its a movie. the host became one of my favorite movies of all times
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Unbelievably original movie is going to make a lot of people very happy!
Penny Galloway4 March 2013
Got to attend a special preview screening in DC a few weeks ago. I wasn't quite sure what to expect... I enjoyed watching the Twilight movies, but I wouldn't exactly call myself a Twihard. The Host though is ... AWESOME.

You get all the stuff you'd expect from Stephenie Meyer - like some very hot dudes and a very unique romance... this time it's a love "box" rather than a love triangle. It's hard to explain but it's genius. I can guarantee you won't have seen anything like it!! Alien invasion + hot people trapped in caves = the most inventive kissing scenes ever.

As well as all the Twilighty stuff, you also get amazing performances - Saoirse Ronan is the ultimate kick-ass chick. She's got her pick of the men (Max Irons and Jake Abel, who are absolutely going to be stars after this) but there's so much more to her than that. She's an independent, powerful warrior woman. Jennifer Lawrence, watch out!! And why is no one talking about the kid who plays Saoirse's little brother yet?! He is adorable and so good. There is a scene where I teared up watching him. William Hurt was surprisingly hilarious as Uncle Jeb and Diane Kruger is deliciously evil as the Seeker.

The movie also has a pretty thrilling sci fi plot, breathtaking scenery, crazy vintage cool costume design, and some seriously good-looking chrome cars. This is a quality movie. I guess that has something to do with Andrew Niccol being the director - from The Truman Show to Gattaca to In Time, he seem to make very stylish, smart movies.

I haven't read the book (though I just bought a copy with the movie poster on the front!!) but I hear the movie sticks very closely to the novel. I think Twilight fans are going to be very happy. I think The Host novel fans are going to be very happy. I think a lot of people who didn't expect this movie to make them happy are going to be very happy!!

Movie is out March 29th, and I am seriously counting down the days until I can see it again.

PS Stephenie - if you're reading this - hurry up and write the next book so we can have our sequel! I have to know what happens to these characters. Hoster for life! (are we calling ourselves "Hosters" or what ;-)?
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mitchmitchell29 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Detachment is needed whilst writing a review for The Host, and this film makes it hard to do that.

The opening act of film deals with our main character Melanie sacrificing her life to hide knowledge of the whereabouts of her family from alien lifeforms who inhabit human bodies.

Unfortunately Melanie is unsuccessful in her attempts at suicide and her body is implanted with an alien life-form who calls herself 'Wanderer' (which gets shortened to Wanda later in the film) by the lead Aliens who now control all life on Earth.

Side-stepping the 'how/what/when/where' issues of an alien race taking over all 6 billion humans and the hoover-dam size plot-holes this conjures up after we see what the aliens look like, the actual feel of the movie is very good in these opening stages; with lots of great camera angles and wonderful blocking of the scenes with effortless pace. All of the sci-fi 'stuff' is really great to see and has a clinical-whiteness to it which is appealing to the eye. Only downside to this is some of the vehicles, which are a little too plain as they are recognisably current cars and motor bikes, just with a metallic paint-job. It is forgivable, as the vehicles are not relevant to the plot and are really just placeholders to explain/denote distance covered, but as they are so shiny it warrants a mention, if only to convey the attempt at continuation of style regarding the Aliens.

After the establishing act, the story moves speedily into the hub of the conflict; the Alien inside Melanie finds the soul of Melanie and her memories are still just below the surface and have partial control over the actions and inactions of the body. Melanie can also communicate with Wanderer and although initially tries to control her, finds the diplomatic approach easier and together they find common ground to help each other in their goals.

So...good sci-fi elements, good sci-fi premise (but not original) and good direction - where is the problem? It's the love story.

Never before have two characters (Wanda/Ian) been thrown together and fallen in love in such a short period of time. It was baffling to watch and completely disconnected me, because everything else in the film has a certain logical construct to it (contextually) which is paced out and built to a satisfactory conclusion, regardless of whether it is enjoyable to watch or not.

The star of the film is really Melanie/Wanda actress, Saoirse Ronan. She is one of those rare actresses who can really hold the attention of an audience, and is adept at being able to convey emotional states with the slightest change in her facial expressions. She also I believe is perfectly cast for this role as it required someone who could play a character which has another person's emotions deep inside her and can manage to display this subtly to the audience, but in just the right quantities.

I think Andrew did a great job with the film and the material, but it is flawed and it's hard to point fingers at anything but the script and the way it handled the whole Wanda/Ian moments, because when they confess their love for each other, it truly is hard to watch. If they had more scenes and more film-time to have their love grow organically, it would have worked much better.

Nice score by Antonio Pinto that really raises some of the scenes higher than most films would do given the same material.

I can recommend it as a sci-fi movie, in the classical sense of the genre - but find it hard to recommend it as a love story for the reasons given.

Watch it, but be prepared to have some form of detachment in some places, but not all and not for long.
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missgothstarkittykat1 April 2013
As a big fan of the book, I found the movie interpretation of The Host fantastic, a must see for sci-fi fans. However, I do recommend reading the book first, as otherwise the complicated plot line could confuse. The Host is a totally different genre from twilight, and should appeal to a totally different audience, with the main theme being an alien invasion from the point of view of the alien, with a little bit of romance on the side. The movie sticks mostly to the plot outline of the book; a few minor details are not mentioned but no major plot changes occur, overall I think The Host is a wonderful example of how brilliant movies always come from brilliant books, and I hope to see a few more sci-fi novels, and perhaps movies from Stephanie Meyer in the future. I really can't wait for the DVD release!
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Worst Film Ever
Abdel Gulabkhan31 March 2013
Wow this film is so bad in every department OK so we got a budget of £1000 so lets just make aliens have blue circle contact lenses and give a girl 2 minds The effects in this film are so cheap The story is rubbish Aliens driving around in Chrome plated Lotus Elise why would aliens choose Lotus Elise??? Aliens who want peace wiping out mankind?? This film is flawed in every department People were walking out of the cinema in Disgust waste of my money and time Why did a director try to make this load of rubbish another romance story that fails in all areas copying twilight the romance is rubbish there is no passion just boring I really hate this film Rotten tomato all the way At least have a good script and good story. This film was just boring all the way Hardly any action at all Better to just watch the trailer it is more entertaining than the film
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Mark-12930 March 2013
After years of low budget monster movies produced for cable, The Host is pretty refreshing. While the casual viewer might find the pacing slow and uneventful, character driven drama is the goal here.The story involves the aftermath of an alien invasion where parasitic beings take over the bodies and minds of their human 'hosts' The invasion is nearly complete when Melanie, one of the few remaking free humans is captured arnd given to an alien called Wanderer as a host. Melanie remains conscience and begins to fight her domination. This is an interesting, thoughtful film. Performances are top notch with the only problem being the physical similarity of three of the male leads. As noted elsewhere, this ads confusion on who is who in certain scenes. While there are no vast battles and the setup of the resolution is slightly confusing, I still greatly enjoyed this thoughtful film.
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Awesome movie!
xXxMovieLoverxXx2 April 2013
So before I went to see The Host I read the book and I loved it! I instantly fell in love with it and was excited to see the movie. However, before I went to see the movie I came onto IMDb and read a number of user reviews. I started to get nervous when I saw the amount of bad reviews. I was finally able to see the movie today and before entering the theater I cleared my mind of all the bad reviews I had read and the expectations I had for it. When the movie was over I decided to write this review as soon as I got home.

I loved the movie. I thought it was absolutely amazing. I think the adaptation from book to movie was very well done. It is definitely top 4 on my list of best book to movie adaptations(it is at the top of my list with movies such as Atonement and Lord of the Flies).

The acting was great and I loved the casting. I have always been a fan of Saoirse Ronan and Diane Kruger and I think they were both fantastic. Also I have admired Max Irons since I saw him in Red Riding Hood and thought he was great in this movie.

I would definitely recommend this movie. I walked out of the theater very happy and very impressed.
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Falls Short
akirkman1029 March 2013
I went into this movie expecting something decent. Perhaps my hopes were a bit too high. First off, I have not read the book and now being aware of the whole plot, I definitely don't plan too. The plot never really went anywhere. It starts out with plenty of action and anticipation, but ultimately falls short and ends up being really boring and lacking any real conflict. At one point I thought Diane Kruger was going to save the film, but the character development was poor. Overall, the acting was weak, the plot never took off, it became a make out session with no emotional attachment to characters. I strongly recommend you not waste your time or money on this sorry excuse for a film.
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Don't Listen to the Vitriotic Haters
VTNJGirl1 April 2013
...if you do you'll be selling yourself short. But it might help if you read the book first. So you can appreciate both more.

First of all, get the whole Twilight comparison out of your head. This story is much better and so was the writing. I didn't even remember about Twilight as I was watching this movie.

Yes, it was slow at times. What a relief to get away from the non-stop over-the-top violence of today's films. The Host gives us very different storyline, an interesting concept, and because of its very calmness, I literally jumped in my seat when sudden things happened.

The acting was, for the most part, very good, especially the concept of having two people in one body, and even though the story was rushed time wise, and more character development would have been nice, you really do begin to understand what is going on inside everyone's heads.

Yes, there were things that could have been done better. If you haven't seen the movie yet, don't read the rest of this paragraph!!!!! I was certainly confused by the (spoiler alert!!!!!!) sudden change in Ian towards Wanderer. And there was one critical scene that I was looking forward to that never happened (and I haven't been able to check in the book to see if it was there because I believe that my daughter stole my copy and brought it to college with her) and that is (Another Spoiler Alert!!!!!): would have love to have seen the moment when Melanie woke up, not just skipping to Wanderer's reawakening.

No, the Host isn't high art. It is just a low-key interesting movie shot in a breath-taking setting that also looks at things from a very different point of view. A very entertaining, thought-provoking and worth-while outing.

And Max Irons is hot. I'm probably too old to say that. I should probably be looking at William Hurt instead, but no. Max Irons is really hot.
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