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  • Emily and Nate Weaver leave the city for the rural comfort of Nate's family home in New Hampshire. There, isolated and haunted by strange noises and horrifying visions, Emily learns she's pregnant while Nate is possessed by the homicidal spirit of his forefathers. In a house haunted by past victims, Emily learns that she's the latest target in a murderous tradition.

    - Written by Anonymous
  • When Emily has a miscarriage, she decides to move to the countryside with her husband Nate Weaver to live in an isolated ancient house that had belonged to Nate's family. Sooner Emily is haunted and has dreadful visions of fiends and discovers that she is pregnant again. She learns that pregnant women have been murdered in that house and fears that Nate may be possessed by the evil spirit of his ancestor.

    - Written by Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • This film is about a couple (Emily and Nate) who go from living in the city to moving in to a house in the country after Emily has a miscarriage. The house they move in to used to be in Nate's family in the mid 1800's. After they move in Emily starts seeing visions of people who used to live there, but she doesn't know what it all means. Then she becomes pregnant again, but the strange thing is that she was told she could never become pregnant again. How is it possible? And why are these ghostly visions happening?

    - Written by Michael Hallows Eve
  • Emily and Nate Weaver leave the city for the rural comfort of Nate's ancestral home in the country. Once there, Emily is plagued by horrifying visions and haunted by the ghosts inhabiting their isolated new home.

    - Written by Deeww


Emily (Leisha Hailey) and Nate Weaver (Gale Harold) are a happily married couple living in New York City...

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