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A wasted chance
gollumsdildo8 October 2010
Noel Clarke showed a lot of promise as a independent British film maker with the excellent Adulthood, the second part of Kidulthood of which he also wrote. Both films had an honest and frightening portrayal of youth culture today. What made these films stand out was the depth of the characters he created not seen in others films trying to portray the same subject of youth gone wrong, the audience actually cared about where these people's lives would lead to. Clarke is a film maker with something bold to say and has his own style with plenty of potential to be one of uk's top film makers. Unfortunately his latest film doesn't confirm this. is a film that promises a lot with poster tagline says 4 girls, 3 days, 2 cities, 1 chance, its an exciting set up. 4 friends stories and lives told separately all of which become linked through a diamond heist with some rough characters in pursuit. This type of story telling has worked very well for Tarantino's classic Pulp Fiction and Doug Limans "Go!". In fact this film has more in common with "Go!" in terms of plot. You only have to see both these films to know that when done right this type of story telling can be exciting, fresh and damn good fun but Clarke just doesn't seem to have a grip of the story and where its going, it could have done with a better edit, each of the girls stories are overlong and drawn out where they could have been fast, sharp and snappy with only Shannon's story (the first to be shown) showing excitement and gripping an audience, such a shame as this was a promising start. The New York sequence felt poorly executed and unexplained, a poor attempt at a cross over potential with cameo's from Kevin Smith (which was more irritating then funny) and Eve (quite pointless).

The performances from the four leads do save the film from being a total failure, particularly from Ophelia Lovibond and Emma Roberts. Clarke clearly shows his gift for writing strong and rich characters. Some people have cried stereotype's for the four leads, with this i disagree in fact i feel all four of them were girls you could route for and were the strongest aspect of the film The sad part is i really wanted to love this film, i had high expectations and hoped it could be a winning cross over for Clarke. This film overall failed to give me the same excitement i had for his previous films. The plot and pacing felt uneven, the whole film was half an hour too long and more importantly not fun at all making feel like a wasted opportunity to wider Clarke's audiences. I believe the best is yet to come from the award winning film maker but this is not the best example of his talent only showing a small amount of his potential. Maybe go back to basics next time!
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A Well Worked Brit-Flick
ciallkennett8 June 2010, is a British-teen aimed film with standard Brit ingredients of guns, sex etc. I went with my mum as she (like me) enjoys gritty street Brit flicks such as Kidulthood, Adulthood, Bullet Boy etc.

Admittedly, my mum was the oldest in the premiere screening, and it was a feisty atmosphere, but I was used to this from when I went to the opening screening of Adulthood.

It started off slow. It was just quite a lot of things happening, with little sense or links between them, but as the characters divided off into 4, the story really kicked in. It was similar in style to Pulp Fiction in the fact it follows the individual stories of the characters, all of which have links that connect them together throughout. This was very, very well done throughout and included flashbacks between the switching of characters so the audience could remember what had happened.

It was very well directed, had a good flow to it, and had lots of comedic parts, all of which were subtlety put in to it so to not make it into a predominately comedic film.

The film was well rounded off, with me actually leaving quite surprised. The ending left scope for a sequel (which I know looks to be in the pipeline) and I actually enjoyed it far more than I expected.

Most films I see at the cinema, I leave thinking I don't want to see it again, not because it was rubbish, but because I felt I'd enjoyed it enough not to need to re-watch it. This, however, was simply brilliantly made, had a strong plot and left me wanting more. My mum even enjoyed it more than me, and she's 40 :P Although not my highest rated film this year so far, this does go down as probably the most enjoyed and well worked film I've seen this year.
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very, Very average
Gubby-Allen7 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Not a bad film by any stretch, nor great. Never quite delivers on the promise it shows.

A very good cast, some excellent cameos, Ben Miller for one, not sure what Ben Shepherd had done to see his career sink to being a hack on News 24 but him too, Kevin Smith & the guy from Criminal Minds. The acting in the main pretty solid. The plot was a good one with the diamond theft, but never fully utilised. Likewise, the New York / girl being videoed storyline never really developed and went nowhere, nor did the Michelle Ryan character.

It was hindered by too much style over substance with the editing, a few too many vag jokes, drawn out sex scenes & the general girl power feel (although at the right times it was well executed).

The diamond theft, did seem to generate an extraordinary level of news & media coverage for days upon end & some of the girls transformations from 20 year old student to criminal mastermind needed some disbelief suspended, but for under 30's enough to warrant a watch & it comes together pretty well in the end, if a little uninspiring.
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SpookyPie8812 January 2011
I had high hopes for this film. British films tend to have depth to them and I like Noel Clarke. However, this was almost embarrassing to watch. The writing is on par with those terrible Olsen movies and the plot isn't much better. The film seemingly was just written to string together various scenes of the girls in their underwear, sex scenes and lesbian kissing. The girls are beautiful and the cinematography is cool but the actual film is crap. Noel Clarke is fun to watch as an actor, but his writing leaves a lot to be desired. It really is like something the Disney channel would write just littered with swear words. Its a shame. I really did want to like this film but I was left so disappointed.
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It was OK
maryhall20107 August 2010
Noel Clarke's is well… okay.

The story is simple: 4 friends find some stolen gems and the thieves want them back.

The movie is split into four separate time lines one for each girl which Clarke uses to explore their lives, relationships and personalities over 3 days while they work out how to deal with being thrust into this situation.

The four leads, Emma Roberts, Tamsin Egerton, Shanika Warren-Marland, and Ophelia Lovibond give up great performances and Michelle Ryan, clearly relishes her role as chief baddie gives us a really awful performance. Clarke fans will be disappointed to learn that he only appears for few scenes. Cameos from Mandy Patinkin, Nick Briggs, Ben Stiller, Kevin Smith and Camille Coduri.

The direction is okay and the action has the usual music track to make it all look like things are moving, the script contains a couple of crap lines but in general it's an okay movie. And that is that. 5 out of 10.
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Job well done
Robert Curry9 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Nothing left unexplained. I had an absolute ball watching. Okay so it flashes back more than a digital camera however something about that amused me and kept me eager to find out how that fits in the sequence. I love the filming technique. I will be the first to admit that I was confused. Thankfully as soon as I thought it didn't make sense I was like "oh, that makes sense, now I get it". Brilliant! I must be a critic, because i critically claim I am glad I watched it. Very complex and covers a lot of hot discussion topics. I really only watched it for Emma but I found that all the cast is pretty good at doing there thing. So if I got mad when Joanne couldn't do her bathroom thing that's understandable right? I don't know what else to say it was a smart film that kept me hyped up and interested in finishing. As soon as it was over I thought, again!? Round of applause keep the Pringles coming!
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Noel Clarke...you should be ashamed of yourself...Really mean that
phillip_burton0016 June 2010
Firstly I was a fan of Noel Clarke. I thought the acclaimed Kidulthood was very well written. Adulthood was again very well written and really made a statement about the youth of today.

And then comes 4,3,2,1............Jesus Christ......What the hell was he thinking

This film is wrong on so many levels. This film was nothing more than a pathetic attempt at trying to emulate American directors like Tarantino in a tongue in cheek ridiculous story. The story itself was absolutely atrocious, unclear and unrealistic. The dialogue was terrible and the acting was so stereotypical that by half way through I really couldn't have given a toss how it ended...I just wanted it to end and the pain to stop.

I honestly took Mr. Clarke for an upcoming writer/director who has a voice and something to say about the world. I would have compared him to people like Mike Leigh and Danny Boyle early in their careers and thought after his first two successes he would be looking to make real life films that make a real statement, films like Nil by mouth or 21 grams.

I think what has happened is that he won his BAFTA and it went straight to his head. His agent has been on at him to make something...anything, and he thought that because of his success he could bang out a decent budget action comedy with plenty of female flesh and sex talk, stick a bit of Tarantino and guy Ritchie in their and hey presto...and to top it all off I'll give myself the most egotistical and arrogant part in the Movie...because I obviously have that opinion of himself.

I myself are a young upcoming film maker and I must say that it upset me a great deal watching this...just thinking what I could have made with a tenth of his budget. I just hope to God that the film does not make it's money back and Noel is brought crashing back down to earth and realises that in order to make a good film...you actually have to do some work.

Thank you
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Stylish, slightly tongue in cheek crime caper
perkypops3 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Noel Clarke risks his growing reputation as writer/director with a quirky but clever crime caper. Yes it is very removed from Adulthood and Kidulthood but it is still a well crafted piece of writing and directing, with subtle use of a story seen from four different angles. The 4-3-2-1 of the title is neatly explained during the plot in more ways than one.

The leads are all worthy of their billing with performances as diverse as you could wish for. Shanika Warren-Markland is a brilliantly mouthy Kerrys, Emma Roberts a wimpish but loving Joanne, Ophelia Lovibond as the misunderstood and misunderstanding Shannon, and Tamsin Egerton as the sophisticated rich kid musician Cassandra. On their own they are all reduced to big time losers in the course of the Friday to Sunday the film spans, but, together they triumph. And on the subject of smooth performers there is the deliciously dangerous Michelle Ryan, as Kelly, Noel Clarke as Tee and a great cast of support.

The script makes much more sense as the film progresses towards its climax, and the story is cleverly unpeeled before our eyes. The humour expressed within this film both in dialogue and sight gags suggests it is to be taken tongue in cheek and that may upset some of Mr Clarke's followers but not me. I enjoyed every minute of its slightly less than 120 minutes.

For entertainment value alone the film is easily worthy of 8 out of 10.
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What other synonyms are there for the word 'awful'?
blue_eng8 June 2010
There's a reason why UK films often don't make the honours list at the Oscars...awful acting.

This movie has all the charisma of Robert De Niro wearing a ballet tutu and auditioning for the lead role in Swan Lake.

Whilst the British should pride themselves on good period dramas such as "Pride and Prejudice", "" unfortunately is an awful film. Period (pardon the pun).

The acting was painful. There was no chemistry between the actors. The lesbian sex scene(s) was no more than gratuitous eye candy so as to entice the film fan to stay awake a bit longer and the UK Garage soundtrack which we should be celebrating as being uniquely British merely proves that as a genre it has never taken off, internationally.

Kevin Smith, Mandy Patinkin and Michelle Ryan's cameo appearance were the only saving grace during the movie.

Look past the skimpy underwear, occasional high kicks and one liners and this film falls short of the mark. Desperately.

Recall the Beatles song, "A Day In The Life" and then imagine 4 lead characters having their part in the film portrayed individually for 15 - 20 minutes. By the time the 2nd character's 'day in the life' is portrayed, I really wanted to go home.

A film plot is only as good as the actors who make it real and keep you glued to your seat. I just wanted to get up and go make a cup of tea...
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Good, but...
LivingZombie6 December 2010
Warning: Spoilers
If you watch the trailer, you may expect a non-stop, roller coaster, girl-power, action thrill ride. Don't be fooled. While the movie itself is fun to watch and is a good distraction, it is not by any means a white-knuckle ride. There are exciting parts, but really it is the story of 4 troubled teens from different walks of life and their dealing with a tumultuous three days. The heist that is supposedly the center of the movie, is rather a sideline to the screwed up few days the girls go through. Weird appearances by Kevin Smith, Eve, and Mandy Patinkin.

Overall, it is fun to watch, but you can't take it too seriously. Will it change your life? No. Is it worth an afternoon distraction? Yes.
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So bad I signed up to review!
da_edwards15 November 2010
One of the worst films I've seen in ages, actually ever. Astonished that people have even made comparisons to films such as Pulp Fiction - what an insult!

The storyline was weak and confused (not confusing) and seemed to be based around often chavvy 20-somethings getting down to their underwear for no apparent reason. The script and acting was embarrassing and the 'twist' at the end wasn't even a twist.

Will never get that time back, or the rental money. Avoid, and if " is one of the best movie of it's genres (sic)" as one reviewer suggested, avoid this genre too!
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Go for the conflict diamonds
Prismark106 February 2014
Actor, writer and director decides he wants to write female characters and makes the film with fours interlinked perspective

It is a Tarantino attempt to make a fast paced film with a twist of Modern French cinema but it misfires.

The film starts promising enough with Shannon's story but loses focus with Cassandra's story where we suddenly end up in New York and Kevin Smith on the plane journey there.

The film concludes with Joanne's story where the interlinked events come together but it does rely on some strange coincidences. The four female leads inject a lot of vibrancy and spirit but there are just too many unsympathetic side characters which leaves you uninvolved with only Alexander Siddig playing the Brazilian dad being the most warm hearted in his brief appearance.

As always with Clarke's films there are a lot of Doctor Who links: We have Sean Pertwee (son of Jon Pertwee.) Emma Roberts father (Eric Roberts) played the Master so has Kate Magowan's husband (John Simm). Camille Coduri and Nicholas Briggs make guest appearances who were regulars during Clarke's stint in Doctor Who.
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messidor683 June 2010
this movie is extremely low in term of acting skills and maybe with emma roberts who i believe shes as good as her aunt ..anyway poor lesbian act ,,nothing sexy about this film ,,and you are wondering where is going to lead ...there is few funny moments ,and i do like the music and some good image ,but atherwise its one of the worst film i have seen this year so far ...and am so surprise that someone like noel clarke didn't do many screening test ,and had the support of the studios or anybody else ...because in my opinion this movie could have been done with a better cast and also better script and location ...am disappointed there is no chemistry with the 4 girls and some of the love scene are really bad ..... with so many talented actors and actresses in this country its pity to see that this film has lost so much of potential by having poor actors ,,and you are also wondering about the plot what the movie is about ....anyway not good enough for DVD or going to cinema ...just a really bad film ......
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Something rare and wonderful
levitak1 October 2010 is one of the best movie of it's genres. Far superior the likes of

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and other such movies.

It's action is concentrated on 4 girl. They are as different as day and night both as personalities and as lives however they truly good friends. The movie is separated in 4 segments. Each dealing with the life and struggle on a of a different girl as well the diamond heist that they all completely unwittingly and unknowingly got themselves involved into.

And here comes the magic of the movie. There is less then half an hour dedicated to each girl and yet there is a perfect character development and your really grow to love each of these girl in this tiny amount of time. Each story is as different as the girls themselves. Some are heartbreaking and truly touching, others are quite fun but all truly enjoyable.

Another great thing was the great but small roles of Kevin Smith and Mandy Patinkin(Rube from Dead Like Me) who were awesome

Overall I highly recommend this movie to everybody :)
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Life is short, so don't waste any of it on this...
Lemon Sorbet22 November 2010 Go anywhere but near this! The film makes no sense what-so-ever; it's a bit like an appendix! There is no real need for it, but it's there all the same! The story is boring, and doesn't match up. The characters are not people you would want to know let alone be interested in. I've had more fun sitting on the loo trying to squeeze one out. For British films to be taken seriously, we need good scripts with interesting stories that are brought to life by actors who can act with personality. There is NO humour in this whatsoever. It's mind numbingly awful! The only people who would like this film are those who were involved in it... that's it! Don't get me started on the music... embarrassing! Star!
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I enjoyed it very much and that's what movies are made for, isn't it?
Johan Jongepier16 August 2011
Been a long while since I saw a movie that was fun to watch and also original. I've had it with all the Hollywoodfilm clichés. I gave it nine stars, not because it's a classic. No, it isn't that brilliant. But because I finally got the entertainment that I like but without the Hollywood clichés. Maybe I've seen too much American movies and should I see more European productions.

I got a message that I should submit more than 10 lines for a review? Why? If the word"s "fun" and "Original" tell the world what the movie is about, than that's enough isn't it? Well it that case something about the actors. They performed really well. The characters are well done, really convincing and realistic. Likeyour girl next door. My compliments.

Have I've reached my ten lines yet? I'm no good in counting. Well let's post it man. It says congretulations, so finally I've done something good in live! But I've to submit it it again. All these safety things.. so American :-(
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do not watch this movie it is rubbish
noelclarke-914-3305264 December 2010
This has to be one of the worst ever movies I have tried to watch the story line. No story line? And the acting terrible. It so boring I could not watch this movie. When I read other reviews on this movie you know that the cast and director have tried to write reviews for this rubbish. This movie gives UK movie's a bad name. This is terrible. Seriously don't ever make another movie again like this Mr Noel Clarke and as for the cast. There are B-Movies this is a Z-Movie.

--- do not watch this movie it is rubbish --- --- do not watch this movie it is rubbish --- --- do not watch this movie it is rubbish --- --- do not watch this movie it is rubbish ---
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Terrible, very disappointed.
provenelk5 June 2010
Before seeing this film, i heard in an interview that Clarke wrote this film as a reaction to accusations of sexism in his films. Upon seeing the film it became painfully obvious what he was trying to do. To be honest, it felt like a Spice Girls movie smothered in fancy editing and a few vag jokes. All the male characters are pigs, slobs, violent, pervs, stalkers, sexist, or chauvinists. (with the exception of the fat ISP delivery man). contrast this against how nearly every female character is girl power personified "girls get to kick butt to!"...

For some reason despite this in your face feminist content, the film is still filled with stereotypes. Shopping obsessed, meeting for lunch with the "girlies" - it felt like a British sex and the city at points. Even worse, the horrifically clichéd hard-nosed man hating lesbian, who spends half her screen time walking around with just underwear and making out with another girl. Yay feminism! Some of the editing was impressive, and i could tell Clarke was trying to mould an image as a British auteur (perhaps in the image of Tarantino), but frankly it just seemed sloppy and slowed the pace down. it felt like having to watch 4 movies in a row start to finish.

However, there are two things which i did like about this movie. Firstly, Noel Clarke plays the role of "Tee" very well, and definitely shows promise as an actor. Secondly, Kevin Smiths cameo as the fat delivery guy was probably the best part of the film, and funniest, for me anyway. Apart from this the acting was pretty poor, and the horrendous soundtrack forced me into listening to music i hate, though I'm sure the "bruv" youth of neon lighted cars would enjoy this. (not saying thats a good thing).

Overall it was a pretty poor effort. i can tell what Clarke wanted to do but it rarely worked and seemed like another re-hash of fancy narrative structure in the wake of Tarantino and other British crime films. And the clichéd (but contradicted) feminism really just confused the movie especially with all the vag jokes (seriously, there are loads!) thank god Kevin Smith was in there to balance it out with a few dick jokes.
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awiz066 June 2010
Not being a lover of Noel Clarke's previous films or any film based around stereotypical 'chavvy' characters. I found this film exciting, engaging and humorous...a perfect mix for a film.

This film deviates from the typical 'British realism' category and creates a new one which combines the best aspects of both British and Hollywood cinema. The story is unbelievable in hindsight but what Hollwood film isn't? You don't even worry about this point while watching as you get so immersed in the action.

The acting is fab. Some upcoming talent notably the actress playing 'Cassandra' who I believe made her debut in St. Trinians. The script, although forcedly 'street' sometimes, had some fantastic comedic moments (security guard being one) which was successfully constructed by Clarke.

The characters were varied and Michelle Ryan's character again brought a touch of Hollywood to this film. Well round characterisation all round pulled off by a talented cast. The story was extremely clever with the non linear arrangement. Not at all hard to understand and showed a creativeness in Clarke that was needed.

Problems I have with this film however is the extremely unnecessary and drawn out sex scenes. Why? I would also like to see Noel Clarke write something a little different as he is a talented writer/director and should from now on steer clear from the same type of characters (male ones particularly) who are very much like those in KIDULTHOOD.

Overall, BEST FILM I've seen this year....hooray for the return of the Brits!!
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Banal: The bad English remake of "GO".
chrisrolfny4 May 2011
An embarrassment to the long history of great British crime films. With a nod and many unfortunate winks this film is something along the lines of "Snatch" got drunk and shagged "Charlie's Angels" in a parking and this is the off shot.

Emma Roberts manages to have some charm. But on the whole this film tries way too hard to be way to cool and even the (Viagra) humor isn't funny. Racial, sexual and ethnic stereotypes abound, while pretending it's just so 'aware' that it's above such contrivances, this film pulls them out a by the baker's dozen in lieu of having any real characters. An idiotic plot (and an oh so stupid ending) devoid of (except maybe the exception of Emma Roberts performance) charm, wit, soul, depth or dialog.

Not worth the two hours. Watch "GO" again. Or better yet watch 11:14 they are both structurally similar but so much better.
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A class Act
roland-14130 May 2010
OK the plot is a little improbable and the trailer gives you the idea its a heist movie which it definitely isn't. Actually what you get is a classy looking movie with some slick camera work, clever story telling, excellent post production technique, some good action, witty dialogue and several very good cameo performances (I particularly liked the security guard in the supermarket and Kevin Smith as a package courier)

You are never short of something to look at. Of the four girls Ophelia Lovibond puts in a very credible performance but the money for the eye candy has been spent on Emma Roberts and I'm certainly not complaining about that and Tamsin Egeron has legs that can only be described as proverbial and can act too.

I'd have preferred Noel Clarke not to have tried his hand at writing any feminist lines as this is clearly not his forte.

All bar one or two of the male roles show men as stupid violent sexist and racist or as maudlin and depressed. Fathers in particular get a bad press. But in the context of this movie I don't have a problem with that.

We hear the sequel is in the offing so Universal must like what Noel has done. And I think this film will pull in the audiences.

In short if you're out for a good romp and you are under 30 or older and in a state of extended adolescence you are probably in for a good time. Buy your pop corn sit back and enjoy.
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Tough to get into to start with, but stick with it
davideo-21 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
STAR RATING: ***** Saturday Night **** Friday Night *** Friday Morning ** Sunday Night * Monday Morning

Four feisty female friends part ways from a cafe one morning, all are set on a collision course with each other that none of them expected. Joanne (Emma Roberts) is an American girl with a dead end job and a crippled father at home who takes a lot of his frustration out on her. Shannon (Ophelia Lovibond) is spurned by everyone around her following her decision to have an abortion and is on a one way trip to oblivion. Cassandra (Tamsin Egerton) is flying off to New York to meet her internet boyfriend but is in for an unpleasant surprise and Kerrys (Shanika Warren Markland) is the sassiest out the lot of them, a fiery lesbian out to prove everything to everyone. One way or the other, each of them will have an impact on a major diamond heist that some ruthless criminals will stop at nothing to sort out.

Noel Clarke has tried something quite audacious with this high concept effort, that lacks a truly coherent plot and is hard to follow and get in to to start with. But a bit of patience is required, and what you actually have is a fairly complex, intelligent film, with a funky, modern street style and vibe about it that will make it appeal more to the modern audience it is aimed at. With a group of pretty much unknowns in the lead roles, Clarke is trying to get some new talent noticed here and indeed the film appears to be littered with various familiar faces from his previous Kidult/Adulthood films as well as other recent 'urban' flavoured films.

What we ultimately have here is a flawed, slightly messy effort that's obviously set it's ambitions very high, but is still worthy, intriguing and well made enough to give your time to. ***
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4 Girls, 3 Days, 2 Cities, 1 Chance...... A very interesting British crime thriller with unique take on the lives of British youth.
Saad Khan7 November 2010 – CATCH IT ( B+ ) 4 Girls, 3 Days, 2 Cities, 1 Chance...... A very interesting British crime thriller with unique take on the lives of British youth. The movie has been shot in very Risqué and Erotic way but this can't be denied that it portrays the young troubled youth, who have gone way to wild than people assume they ever will. I like how director have interlinked four stories into each other and eventually it seems like that you have seen four movies in one, which is great because each and every story is fast paced and the girls are Simply Hot & talented. The movie starts with very interesting scene and then suddenly we rushed back to the events which lead to this scene. All four girls meet in café and then rush to their houses and that's how story of one girl to another starts in a very interesting and entertaining way. 4. Ophelia Lovibond is gorgeous and among all girls she was indeed the best and most powerful. Her performance and story is really interesting and it's quite interesting to see other's girls segment concluding her story. Ryan Michelle as the mobster looks Cute & Hot. 3. Tamsin Egerton is a stunner; she looks like a perfect model with some good acting chops as well. Her story has some really erotic and funny moments, as she goes to New York to meet her dream net lover so she can finally lose her virginity. It's amazing how she takes out the revenge and deal with those guys. Eve made a small special appearance in it. Freddie Stroma is Hot & very cunning this time. 2. Shanika Warren-Markland is Hot! I thought she is just another long leggy girl but seriously she is extremely Hot! She plays a lesbian in the movie it's interesting to see her dynamics with her family and Half-brother. Gregg Chillin did a good job as her half brother. Susannah Fielding as Shanika's lesbian lover was hot and they share some really steamy scenes. 1. Emma Roberts is cute and whenever I see her in adult roles it's hard for me to digest. She is cursing the whole time and using words like Di*k, Sh*t and Fu*k a lot so its Emma Roberts (I never accept her like that), Nonetheless she did a commendable job and proved that if we forget her good girl image she has that Raw adult potential. Linzey Cooker, Noel Clarke, Adam Deacon and Jacob Anderson did their part right. Over all a very good risqué British Crime Thriller, watch it, it's very entertaining.
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Noel Clarke... a fantastic British auteur
jacob-l-williams6 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
4 3 2 1 is the latest film to come from the mind of Noel Clarke and right from the start it is obviously a film by him.

The same snappy editing seen in Adulthood is once again present and the use of quick cuts to disorientate and confuse the audience is once again put to effective use in this intriguing and very well told story.

The film is the type of film that I do not expect the mass public to like and pay to see, it is anti-main stream and proud. The narrative shows three days in the life of each of the four main girls as they each go about their business, it follows one girl at a time before rewinding and following a different girl, each time more being revealed about the characters and the situation.

The film has little real plot as it is more of a character study of women (and crime) in Britain and has no real ending with a sort of cliff hanger that fails. A majority of the acting is also quite poor as the leads fail to give their characters the depth needed, the stand out performers are Ophelia Lovibond as the shy and troubled Shannon, and Noel Clarke in his role as the main villain.

However despite all this it is still a film that I thoroughly enjoyed as Clark has once again written a script that captures drama and mixes it with comedy and has also used many techniques to give this film a very sleek finish and make it enjoyable to watch. I also enjoyed watching all the little cameos of famous people such as Ben Miller, Eve and Plan B.

So in general if you take this film as a film then it is a failure in terms of narrative and performance, but very well made. However if like Clarke's previous films you view it as a social study on Britain it is very effective as within the four story lines Clarke tackles many subjects which young people in London encounter every day such as abortion, divorce, crime, drugs and even homosexuality (in a rather raunchy lesbian sex scene). The score helps Clarke put across his views on society as much like in Adulthood all of the songs are by contemporary R'n'B artists that perspective audience members will know and be able to connect to.

After watching this I have to say that Clarke is become more defined in his film-making and script-writing abilities with each film he makes and the auteuristic qualities he brings to a film particularly in the editing; I just wish that one time he could hire some decent actors.

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kosmasp16 January 2011
It is actually 4 movies ... almost. And it is supposed to be fun. So don't take it too seriously. And because it is 4 different segments, you also get a bit of different feeling in every one of them. It is also a testament to the director/actor Noel Clarke that he made a story about four women.

And he did not make it too cliché. The women all feel comfortable in their roles. The story is nice enough and moves along at a nice pace. There is enough mystery to keep you guessing and the suspense level is fair. Still this is not going to challenge your mind or anything, it is just a nice little "Snack", to be enjoyed as it is. There are flaws of course, but they are easily forgiven, when the movie is that much fun to watch!
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