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Excellent deep woods monster flick

Author: Wuchak from Ohio/PA border
18 July 2010

Filmed in the deep woods of British Columbia, 2010's "Goblin" tells the story of a cursed forest hamlet wherein an extremely tall and malicious goblin appears every Halloween to kill newborns in the town and anyone else who may get in the way.

Unlike joke-horror films like "Cabin Fever", "Goblin" takes the material totally serious with zero camp or goofiness. This is the way monster movies should be done. After all, once an element of goofiness is introduced it's no longer possible to take the film serious and therefore impossible to be horrified by the events, which is one of the main purposes of horror movies.

I was impressed with the quality of the acting & writing, particularly for a low-budget TV movie. The characters are not one-dimensional; they're written as believable human beings and the actors, professionals that they are, are able to follow suit.

This one has all the mandatory staples of a deep woods horror flick -- gorgeous babes, gorgeous babes fleeing in terror, gorgeous babes fleeing in terror with titillating clothing (I'm just having fun so don't take me too seriously, lol), youthful romantic liaisons, creepy malicious monster, good characters to root for, particularly the father (Gil Bellows) and his family/friends.

The "gorgeous babes" include the main protagonist Tracy Spiridakos, blond cutie Erin Boyes and Julia Maxwell, the latter clad in a hot-goth-girl costume with sexy stockings & high heels (no wonder the Goblin goes after her!). Bellow's wife in the story, Camille Sullivan, also deserves an honorable mention.

Speaking of the monster, aren't goblins supposed to be small-ish creatures? Not so here. The goblin in this movie is close to 7' tall and has the ability to teleport. When he's fully revealed in the final ten minutes he looks too-obviously CGI and Grade-B Pumpkinhead, but throughout most of the film he appears in a cool black hooded robe, which makes him somehow more mysterious, Gothic and eerie. The fact that he emits a horrible stench is an excellent touch.

One critic on the internet criticized the film on the grounds of "the reasoning behind the random killings is terrible. If the thing hunts babies why's it laying waste to random people with no babies? Totally retarded." My response: The goblin's prime directive is to kill babies in light of the curse and because infants represent undefiled new life and potential. As for laying waste to random people, the old man clearly points out near the end that, because the goblin hunts babies, it sniffs out the scent of infants on any person who's been near one; hence, his attraction to the girls who were babysitting the baby Nathan. The goblin is obviously a demon, a minion of the devil, do you think a demon is going to spare the life of anyone who gets in its way? What's the purpose of demons anyway? To "kill, steal and destroy". Hence, the goblin was excited at the prospect of extra people to terrify and kill.

On the downside: Although the story takes place during Halloween, it's obviously summertime (look at the kid's clothes and the foliage, etc.). Also, the climax with the car and spear is rather roll-your-eyes. But these negatives are minor in view of the entire film.

FINAL WORD: Make no mistake, despite being a TV film, "Goblin" is a standout deep woods monster flick. The goblin is actually frightening and the protagonists are so believable and three-dimensional that you care about them, and are literally shocked when the monster tears them to pieces.


ENDNOTE: On another site a reviewer accused me of somehow being involved in the production of "Goblin" since I gave it a "glowing review." The truth is I had nothing to do with this production or any other film production. I'm not in the business. I write amateur reviews simply because I like to write and share my views. Secondly, I had no qualms about pointing out the film's (minor) flaws. Regardless, I stand by my review. I evaluate films according to what they are and aspire to be. No genre is beyond redemption or above contempt. In this case "Goblin" is low-budget TV monster flick and I rated it accordingly.

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Hard to Say What Is the Worst in this Movie

Author: Claudio Carvalho from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
30 March 2013

On 31 October 1831, in the Hollow Glen village, the locals sacrifice what they consider "unclean" in a bonfire to protect their village. When they throw a deformed baby in the bonfire, his mother, who is a witch, curses the babies of the dwellers and creates an evil creature from the bones of her son to take their souls in the Halloween. The story of the Goblin becomes a legend.

In the present days, Neil Perkins (Gil Bellows) travels with his second wife Kate (Camille Sullivan); his rebel teenage daughter Nikki (Tracy Spiridakos); his baby son Nathan (Jordan Moore) and Nikki's best friend Cammy (Erin Boyes) to an isolated cabin in Hollow Glen expecting to start a business with his partner Owen (Colin Cunningham). The family is warned to leave the village before the Halloween by the drunkard Charlie (Donnelly Rhodes), but they do not give credit to his words.

On 31 October, Neil, Kate and Owen have a meeting with Sheriff Milgreen (Kyle Andrew Wheeler) and they leave Nathan with Nikki and Cammy. The two girls are visited by three friends and Nikki leaves Nathan alone for less than one minute. When she returns, the baby is missing and the Goblin is killing her friends.

"Goblin" is a lame horror movie where it is hard to say what is the worst: the story, the direction, the acting or the edition. The plot is stupid and full of clichés and annoying characters. The performances are terrible, highlighting Colin Cunningham in a silly role. The edition is awful, with inadequate cuts. The direction is very poor. The result is a forgettable movie. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Goblin – O Sacrifício" ("Goblin – The Sacrifice")

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While not great, Goblin was much better than expected

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
21 August 2011

To be honest, I was expecting Goblin to be complete rubbish, which is the standard I have to put with with a vast majority of SyFy's resume. But I was surprised that while not brilliant by any stretch of the imagination it was not bad either.

True, there are a lot of pacing issues with the movie moving a little too slowly for my liking. Goblin also starts off rather dull and the ending is a let-down and takes a while to set up. The dialogue is better than I thought it would be, but some of it was still rather idiotic.

However, the story is intriguing. While the pacing disallowed the story to do more than it had potential of doing, the idea was great and there are some scenes that have a genuine atmosphere to them. The production values are surprisingly not cheap with decent make-up and effects and atmospheric lighting and camera work. The music is also very creepy. The acting is also much better than anticipated, Gil Bellows especially manages to do something quite special with his role.

Overall, a better film than I thought it would be, but part of me thought it could've been better too. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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Not bad for a TV movie..and take the bad reviews with a grain of salt

Author: Jon Doe from yourhdd'
12 January 2011

First of all I am not claiming this movie to be a masterpiece by far, but for a scyfy flick it stands above a lot of the 'syfy' originals I have seen in the past and if you take it for what it is, its really not that bad of a movie. I got a chance to watch it late last night on a snowy New England evening and it was able to keep my attention all the way through. It had decent acting, decent gore, and a decent scenery for a TV movie. I think scyfy has come along way from the some of the older flicks they put out. Of course this movie doesn't really add anything new to the genre, but cmon we can't expect too much from the scyfy network. ScyFy is good for giving small little movies to quench the thirst of die-hards while we wait for the next gem sci fi or Horror movie to come along. If you expect a hidden gem to come in the form of a ScyFy original movie you better pack your lunch. My point is its a TV movie so try to view it as such.

Anyway, moving right along like I said its not likely that we will see Gil Bellows or any of the other actors at the grammy awards any time soon for this, but if you happen to come upon it on the Sci fi channel and don't mind their movies too much you might want to give it a watch.

Keep in mind, I give this a 6 and am rating it as a T.V. movie. If I paid to go see it a theater or bought it new for $14 I would rate it differently.

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This goblin crushes skulls and snatches babies...

Author: Neil Doyle from U.S.A.
12 September 2010

Typical of the entries in the Sci-Fi scheme of things is this tale of an ancient curse being perpetuated on a small town where danger lurks in the woods whenever Halloween approaches.

GIL BELLOWS is the father who takes his family to a rustic cabin for a vacation, accompanied by a teen-aged daughter (TRACY SPIRIDAKOS) and her giggling friend (CAMILLE SULLIVAN), along with wife and baby. He meets a few of the townspeople and we're aware that something is out of kilter--there's a secret being held behind closed doors and we know the family is in immediate danger.

That's the set-up, accompanied by lots of exposition about witches and an ancient curse involving human sacrifice, with the story set just before and during another Halloween. Actually, the script is fairly good at developing the characters (for a change), the photography is very striking, and the acting on a generally higher level than you'd expect in this sort of horror film. There's some bloody gore to satisfy fans who crave the sight of injuries inflicted on innocent victims.

The goblin creature itself is kept shrouded in a dark cloak most of the time and when revealed is a pretty frightening sight, with all due respect to CGI effects. The music is creepy and the atmosphere of dread takes on a stronger feel for the last part of the story, which takes a little too long to set up the whole thing.

After a dull beginning, not too bad but could have been more tightly paced.

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Great fun and surprisingly gory!

Author: Matthew Hopkiins from United Kingdom
25 June 2015

Caught this on The Horror Channel here in the UK, and was expecting another film that I'd switch off after the first 20 minutes,but no, within the first 5 minutes, I was hooked.

It's not particularly original, but it's done with such gusto it feels fresh,and the actors seem to be having a blast which helps.

Considering this was(apparently) a made for TV movie,it was pretty gory in places,with the effects being well done.

I liked it that much, I ordered a Blu Ray of it from Germany for the ridiculous price of one euro! If you see it coming on TV, give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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Far better than expected

Author: GL84 from Los Angeles, Ca
12 February 2017

Arriving in a small mountain town, a family staying at a local cabin-in-the-woods finds that the local curse about a ravenous goblin-like creature terrorizing children is indeed true and must race to save their infant son from its blood-filled rampage.

This here was a rather good creature feature effort, but it does have a few flaws. One of the better features here is the rather strong storyline that comes about involving the central storyline of the creatures' curse over the town, making use of some really creepy moments and a great motive for the creature to get some good moments in. There's some good work done here about the creatures' conjuring in the opening scene that involves the ceremony performed and what's transpired out of it that looms over the town afterward is all quite well-done as the gradual revealing of this in the second half leads to some great times. That also manages to make the action in here fair enough and features plenty of great encounters here. The creatures first appearance in the woods, taking out the necking couple while interspersed with the tense chasing around the woods as the confrontations here make for some really enjoyable action, the attack on the house features some solid stalking with the creature running around the house and their different barricade attempts to hold it back before it breaks in leading to some more chasing to escape which makes for some really great times and the finale features them holding off the creature appearing at the conception pit before leading back to the final battle at the house, which along with the fact that the kills are great at delivering a solid, rousing finish to this one. Given the bloody kills throughout here as a whole, these provide the film with a lot to really like to hold off some of the flaws. One of the biggest issues here is the fact that there are the usual Sci-Fi Channel affairs showing up, so you know what the lame special effects for this one is going to be like. It's got all the usual hallmarks, from the obvious and badly-rendered design for the creature to way too much time of it performing inhuman feats like jumping around while stalking and even manages to come away with another issue here in having it hide away under a cloak for a vast part of the first half, which all makes for a slightly disappointing main villain. Likewise, there's also the fact that this one falls under the notion of featuring the cliché about people who are in the know about what's going on keeping it from those who would benefit from their knowledge, as not only does the one relative who knows how to finally get rid of the creature is truly unoriginal and really just drags the story out when it could've saved them a lot of trouble earlier. As well as a useless and completely overt homage to a classic horror film in a throwaway sequence that's stuck in here for no reason other than to showcase this homage, there's not a whole lot else to hold it back.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence, Language and children-in- jeopardy.

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Author: Harriet Deltubbo from United States
29 August 2014

My advice would be to watch this movie in full before you judge it. Every Halloween, a small hamlet in the deep woods is visited by a fierce goblin, intent on capturing infants and brutally murdering anyone in its path. I refuse to totally dismiss this, because I find it quite engaging, in a guilty pleasure sense. The cinematography is stark and bare, with only the soundtrack adding some effect. Other than that, it was an okay film, and I would recommend that people watch it. My girlfriends and I were so excited to see this movie, thinking it was going to be a fun movie. It gets a final good rating of 7 out of 10 from me.

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here and there some gore to catch

Author: trashgang from Midian
6 November 2013

This is just a mediocre horror that has a CGI monster in it. Some parts did deliver the goods for horror buffs but the action was left out and there's no suspense to see anywhere.

I won't go into any details about the story because that you have see a thousand times before. I was rather surprised about the use of low gore here and there. But it didn't work because there were some faults to see. When one's head is smashed by the monster or goblin you see indeed in a gory way that his face is crushed but the next shot when falling down his face is in tact.

It's one of those movies that you will love or hate. you don't watch it for the acting you just watch it for the horror. I have see flicks about creatures that couldn't stand up against this one but still it's mediocre and just offers here and there a nice 'gory' shot. It's just sad that the goblin was full CGI all the time which shows a few times even as the CGI wasn't that bad after all. It will make teenagers frightened but buffs will have a big laughter with this one, you know what I mean.

Gore 0,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2,5/5 Comedy 0/5

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What a big, mean, scary CGI goblin...

Author: Paul Magne Haakonsen from Denmark
30 March 2011

Another SyFy movie... And you never know what you are going to get with these; it is either really bad or actually quite good. SyFy have been known to surprise us viewers from time to time.

Unfortunately, "Goblin" wasn't a nice surprise. That being said, it is not one of the worst SyFy movies though. The storyline was a bit interesting, about a town being cursed for some wrong-doings of the past. But the part with the goblin? Well, that didn't really work well with me.

The goblin itself resembled more a ring wraith from "Lords of the Ring" than a goblin. Now, I know what goblins usually look like in role-playing games, so that is what I am using for comparison. But the whole thing with the creature being draped in a large hooded robe and even walking like a ring wraith, nah! I just didn't buy that. I was waiting for Mr. Frodo to come out and wrestle the goblin. But it just didn't happen, unfortunately. The goblin looked really badly animated and it there was never a doubt of this being cheap CGI in my mind. The goblin looked like something from a 80's movie, it was an eyesore.

As for the acting in "Goblin", well then the actors and actresses were actually doing a well enough job with their roles and what they had to work with. Of course, there is no award-winning performances to be found here, but on the plus side, it is better than what have been seen in other SyFy movies previously.

The movie is labeled as a fantasy, horror and sci-fi. Well I can understand the fantasy part well enough, but the horror and sci-fi? Not so much. The movie wasn't scary, not in the least.

The good part of "Goblin" was that there was a good constant flow to the story, and you never really were left to be bored. Plus there were some nice moments in the story along the way as well. But these were hardly enough to lift the movie up from being under average. Having seen the movie now, I can say that it is not a movie that I will be making a second trip back to watch.

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