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Can easily be called as the worst movie of the year.
bobbysing24 October 2011
What do you expect from a project produced by UTV and Sanjay Leela Bhansali together, who are known for their own brand of cinema in the Hindi Film Industry? – At least a decent interesting film which can give us something worth watching on the big screen.

But MY FRIEND PINTO shatters all such kind of misconceptions in your mind and gives you a real hard time in the theater that one feels likes shouting and running out in protest. Though many of the friends reading this, might like to think differently but as I felt it can easily be termed as the worst movie of the year with not even one marginally entertaining scene in the film right till its climax.

Based on a story revolving around the one night experiences of an innocent boy in Mumbai, the film straight away reminded me of Ketan Mehta's "Oh Darling Yeh Hai India", which also gave me the same kind of tough time in the theater, many years ago. In fact, the first scene of the film only (introducing Pratiek as a confused boy), gives you a strong indication of a badly made deliberate comedy, since Pratiek completely fails to generate the Chaplin kind of impact in his weak portrayal of the Tramp.

And as the film progresses, it goes on from extreme to another teasing the viewer continuously with its highly absurd kind of content and sadly it all stops only when it ends. Directed by Raaghav Dar in a questionable manner, the film follows a bizarre sort of script which has not got 'entertainment' written anywhere in its pages. Moreover the actors too, tend to go over the top repeatedly as if they are really putting up a very good show for the audience. Particularly Pratiek should try to forget this movie as soon as possible to keep his confidence intact and same can also be said for the rest of the cast.

Frankly while watching the film, I had only one thought in mind that how come not even one person from the team involved in its pre or post production process, couldn't guess that they all were actually working on such a waste. Or else its again the case where the project has been made only to show some Big Losses in the account books of the producers in the year end.

In short, just don't get fooled by the two big names, UTV and Sanjay Leela Bhansali written on its posters at all, as this is simply not worth watching, even if you have got some spare hours after your train or fight has got delayed.
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tushar-shrikhande18 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Meek shall inherit the earth !!! While I might not agree with that, I certainly think innocence is a thing of beauty. This is one movie which confirmed that Bollywood has not completely gone to the dogs just yet. the Characters were whole and wonderful; each actor had his/ her small part to play (not including the narrator, who was more along the lines of a very sad side kick)and it all came together splendidly. The first scene when Koechlin came on screen was wonderfully depicted and the sheer adoration in the eyes of Pinto was priceless. Yes, ill admit that dancing right after you have been rendered homeless was a bit much, but that dance was awesome; and I'm not the kind who likes dance sequences in movies. Its nice to view the world from the eyes of a child (even though its a big & hulking, 6 foot something child). So go ahead, watch this movie and put a smile on your face.
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A dumb movie where the main character "pinto" is poor man's forrest gump
Kalpa Jyoti Bhuyan13 June 2015
Viewers Beware. If you are thinking about watching this movie. Don't think twice. Just don't watch it. The movie has a dumb plot supported by juvenile humor which can lead to serious headache. Director Raghav Dharr can be easily termed as a wannabe director who takes audiences patience for granted. A waste of many talented actors like Prateik, Kalki, and Divya, My friend pinto is a chaotic nonsense which runs for almost 2hrs and feels like 5hrs when watched. Content wise its a C grade movie with just B grade names associated with it. Don't know why a director like Sanjay Leela Bhansali invested in a crap like this. Colossal waste of talent,time and money, My friend pinto is one of the worst comedies to be made in Bollywood.
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