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Season 12

9 Jan. 2009
Siren: Part 1
Gunmen in a car force an ambulance off the road, killing a paramedic. The ambulance overturns and the gangsters shoot and kill patient Sebastian Cole. It becomes clear that Cole and his friend Ross were working as drug smugglers but D.C.I. McGill is annoyed when Mike and Roisin crash in to interview Ross as McGill had had him under surveillance. Cole's girlfriend, Imogen, is an 'It' girl frequently seen in the pages of tabloids. She is distraught at the death and her mother tells the police that she was innocent of all knowledge of the drug running. The team are not ...
16 Jan. 2009
Siren: Part 2
After a shaky start to their cooperative venture Roisin and Jack McGill get on very well, rather beyond the call of duty in fact. Imogen has disappeared, having been taken by the drug smuggling gang and her mother Tanya makes an appeal for her return. However, when Imogen next turns up it is apparent that she knew far more than she claimed about the attack on the ambulance and may even have played a part in its happening.
23 Jan. 2009
Ghost Train: Part 1
A young girl falls out of the Big Wheel at a funfair and is killed. Initially it is thought her death was accidental but Tess, the fair's fortune teller, who turns out to be a relative of Satchell, comes to see him with her suspicions that a development company, who want the land occupied by the fair, may be responsible. The fair's owner Tommy Gilbert, gets her to back -track on her statement but then he too is murdered.
30 Jan. 2009
Ghost Train: Part 2
Despite the presence of Tess, the police find the funfair workers unwilling to cooperate. An arrest is eventually made, a Romanian worker called Pavel, who had actually gone out with the girl who fell from the Big Wheel, but he is not the murderer. The big question still remains as to the part the development company may have played in the deaths at the fair.
6 Feb. 2009
Shooter: Part 1
The vicious Bilkin family commit an armed robbery on a jeweller's shop, killing the shop manager. Miller, a rival to the Bilkins, informs on but they walk and later Miller is murdered. D.S. Satchell witnesses the killing and realizes that he and his pregnant wife and their daughter are now targets. His fears are realized when his family go missing.
13 Feb. 2009
Shooter: Part 2
An anguished Satchell is all for confronting the Bilkins and has to be dissuaded from doing so by Roisin. However his wife are child are eventually released unharmed. Mike walker cannot help but wonder how the Bilkins knew that Satch saw Miller being killed and suspects that one of his team may be on the gangsters' payroll.

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