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A Demonstration of the Power of Self Belief
MRavenwood9 October 2009
Eddie Izzard stumbled around stages aimlessly for years before he sorted out his skill set and how to play an audience. His self belief and dogged determination set him apart from doubtless scores of others you've never heard of because they gave up too soon. This film charts his glacial rise from obscurity to toast of the town and offers a bizarre media story that heretofore escaped notice on this continent. Some dirt box at a Brit TV show no one in the U.S. cares about called out Eddie as a "fraud" for saying he was using new material on his latest tour, when what he does (which had been pains-takingly spelled out for major media outlets) is start with big pieces of his old tour and introduce new material as the tour progresses. But it turned into a whole big kerfluffle and the ratings grab put Eddie on ice for a while as he tried to absorb this unjust accusation. (Many comics do the SAME EXACT material for YEARS or for the LIFE of their career. Eddie is a champion of fresh material.) "Believe" is full of clips from Izzard's shows, his childhood, and some archival footage of some of his first attempts at taking the stage. Intercut with all of these is present-day narrative of what Izzard thinks the key to his success thus far has been. The task of editing this material seems simple compared to how hard it must have been to source it all and figure out what to use where. One scene in particular casts the Pin-Drop Effect on the whole auditorium. My mascara ran. It's a great combination of self-revelation and self-promotion. Very inspiring. 10/08/09
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Charts the best stand up of the 21st century.
valleyjohn16 July 2011
If you was to ask me who my favorite stand up comedian was i would find it hard to give you an answer. Among my favorites are Bill Hicks , Richard Prior , Billy Connolly and Lee Evans but if i had to pick a favorite i would have to say Eddie Izzard.

This is a BBC documentary that charts the life of one of the hardest working men in show business and a fascinating watch it is.

Eddie tells his own story which includes the death of his mother and his upbringing in boarding school to his relentless and manic obsession with becoming a stand up comedian and actor.

What i like about this , is that this is that the story is told in his own words. It is intermingled with very old footage of his early work ( and it wasn't very good) to some of his iconic sketches , including my personal favorite , the Fashion full circle gag. Dick head , normal , trendy , Dick head!

He comes across as being a very intelligent man yet somehow venerable and i don't think there is anyone around at the moment who can hold a light to him.

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Great insights into the making of the legend
Lisa Rhyne23 December 2013
I've always enjoyed Eddie Izzard's work and admired his courage, genius, authenticity, audacity and generosity. This was a refreshing insight into a very private man's real life and journey thus far. I highly recommend I recommend all of his work. Bravo to Sarah Townsend's tenacity and insights into making this project a reality worthy of Mr. Izzard's legacy. I hope he will do more projects that let us see the real man behind the legend. It is a very realistic look at the actual path a true Artist must navigate - with all the obstacles, rejection, successes, sacrifices, etc. - to give everyone an in-your-face reality check about what it is like for performers. He deserves all the success he's achieved and so much more. I for one am grateful he Believed in himself until everyone else caught up. I truly Believe that Dreams do come true (if you Believe like Eddie does).
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