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kng-kng-wl10 December 2012
Occasionally, I see reviews for these movies that no one has heard about and I can't help but wonder if it wasn't people involved in the making of the movie that write them.

So, to counterbalance what I read that led me to watch the movie in the first place, I'll just say that this movie didn't do anything for me. The dialogue was forced and the story unfolded in the most boring manner.

There is no reason to identify with any of these characters. The ending was anticlimactic and the effort was average on everyone's part.

Low budget. Low entertainment value.
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Breaking the girls, good thriller movie
SicilianLegend9 February 2015
"Breaking the girls" is a film released in 2012 directed by Jamie Babbit. This is a thriller style of the famous Sex Intentions without the match. Three actresses share the prize: Agnes Bruckner, Madeline Zima and Shawn Ashmore Sara is a strong young woman, ambitious and very beautiful. Alex, her equally pretty classmate took her under his wing. Alex and Sara constantly gossiping about people they do not like. The two women closer and more ... One day Alex suggests that each should kill the biggest rival of the other. Sara takes this as a joke until she learns the death of someone she knows well. Nevertheless, the film is very long to launch, more than a half hour to wait ... but then it will bounce bouncing like a good thriller. The ending is unexpected and that's good for viewers....
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A smart and interesting thriller that keeps the viewer interested even though it, at times, is quite predictable!
Isvind8910 November 2012
This psychological thriller follows two college girls who makes a pact to kill each others enemies.

The summary of the Breaking The Girl doesn't imply all the twists and turns. It's a sexy, smart and interesting movie that keeps the audience captivated. Alex (Madeline Zima) is a rich collage chick with some, obvious, dubious character flaws. Sara (Agnes Bruckner) is the scholarship student from the other side of the track. There is some steaming hot scenes between the two and some plotting of murder. Does it sound familiar? It's, on paper, a rip-off of the Wild Things movie(s).

Although the similarities between them I must say that I enjoyed Breaking The Girls more. It's not only because I'm a huge fan of Zima or the director Jamie Babbitt. It's because the story is actually rather good. Where Wild Things is full of archetypes Breaking The Girls play around and, eventually, trick the viewer into believing they have the story figured out.

For those who are familiar with the thriller genre in general this movie might be a bit predictable at places. However, it's a nice and captivating film with great acting, directing, soundtrack and vision.
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Breaking this reviewer
movieman_kev5 January 2014
In the mood for a film like "Wild Things" but lacking everything that made that aforementioned movie such a watchable (albeit guilty) pleasure? Well I have got a movie just up your ally. This film while marginally capably acted, never seems to be able to escape the mediocrity that it's mired in thanks to a clunky script, easily foreseen plot-twists and a general by-the-books mind-set that'll more llkely leave the viewer with a case of deja-vu as opposed to actually being entertained. The movie did have potential, but sadly I don't grade on potential but rather the finished product, which in this case simply doesn't pass muster.
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Not sure which is worse: the acting or the storyline.
G H25 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Really minor spoilers to follow...

It's amazing how truly God awful this movie is. Where to start??? The plot...has been done a hundred times over. And it's been done far better. Feel free to enjoy "Throw Momma from the Train" or "Strangers on a Train."

The acting...Christ almighty, it's bad. It's pretty freaking bad. The scene where Sara comes clean to Eric about her past has to be one of the most poorly acted scenes in the history of cinema. Closely followed by the scene immediately following that one where Madeline is trying to call Sara. And then there's the one following that one where somehow Eric and Sara end up in bed together and Eric is playing on his computer. Really it's just one scene after the other of poor acting.

The it just me or does Agnes Bruckner look like she's 40 instead of in her early 20's? What's that about?
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Dark, mysterious, mega plot twists... Watch it!
fig-ment17 September 2014
Maybe I'm biased because I'm a lesbian and the girls are really pretty, but!!!... that aside, this film deserves a much higher rating than it has been given. This is one of those movies where at times you think you know exactly where it's going and then all of a sudden everything changes and you have to keep guessing. You don't "love" the characters in this one, it's not the point. Part of the thrill is seeing how unexpectedly messed up people end up being. Sure, there were parts where things didn't quite add up or when it was really unclear what the characters' motives were, but that's the whole mystery (and the point of the movie). Overall, I was quite entertained for the duration of the film. I realize that this one is likely to be a "love it" or "hate it" film, but given my taste, I loved it.
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You know why you are going to watch this, and it has nothing to do with the story.
Jesse Boland20 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is one solid mess of bad over acting, and a terribly written story that seems to have been directed over Skype. Fill the screen with beautiful women and hope that that will be distracting enough to not notice that you did not prepare anything before the actors arrived on set. Madeline Zima just looks evil, and that makes things that much more transparent. The camera work is all way to close up, and claustrophobic, and the post is nonexistent, this whole thing looks like it was shot on a low quality HD camera. I did not Enjoy this movie at all, and will not in any form recommend it. IF you want to see Madeline Zima just watch old episodes of Californication.
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Lesbian relationship with a psychotic liar has bad consequences.
suite9226 November 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Parties, booze, back biting bad behaviour set at a school with a law program.

Sara (from the lower class) is on scholarship and works more than one job. She and Eric like one another. Brooke wants Eric to herself. Alex (from old money) is a lesbian Cassanova who wants Sara because she's straight and because she thinks Sara is vulnerable. Brooke (another privileged young woman) gets Sara fired from her job, which gets her scholarship revoked, and gets her kicked out of housing. Alex's step mom (real mom died in swimming pool) is five years older than Alex, and quite nasty to Alex (like don't visit home without calling first). The heat comes from Alex's father, though.

So, Brooke and Nina are the obvious targets. Sarah despises Brooke, and Alex despises Nina. So, Sara and Alex discuss this, but not really at any length.

Alex kills Brooke and frames Sara, then kills her father and frames Sara. Nice.

Were there important missing pieces that Sara needs to know about? Will Sara be able to extricate herself from the murder charges? Will everything we think we know be thrown out in the last three minutes?


Cinematography: 8/10 Mostly fine; camera a bit wobbly now and then.

Sound: 8/10 OK.

Acting: 2/10 The only good acting I saw in this film came from Sam Anderson and John Stockwell; both performances were short. The other performances were between sub-par and bad. The relationship between Alex and Sara was not believable. Shawn Ashmore does better with a stronger director.

Screenplay: 4/10 Derivative and boring. For a bright person trained in the law, Sara navigates her situation very poorly. The exposition of motivation was not all that good, and the poor acting did not help. The turnaround in the plot at the end was a fairly nice touch in terms of plot, but was also yet another full-scale affirmation of corruption. There were so many in this film.
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Give ME a break!!
Rich Wright21 November 2014
There is nothing more satisfying in a movie where there's an unforeseen twist in the tale. It changes your outlook on what occurred before, and befuddles your brain as you try to make sense of the new state of affairs. It may even make you want to watch the film again, to see if this reinterpretation of the material adds to the viewing experience.

Breaking The Girls, a really REALLY dumb film attempts three such tasks... and fails miserably with each one. Rather than have you gasping with admiration for how the director manages the process, here you'll be shaking your head with disbelief as how desperate he is to put some pseudo intellectualism onto this mess. Sorry, dude. No matter how much whipped cream you add... a turd is still a turd.

This is, after all, a film that believes a girl who's been straight all her life can become a lesbian overnight because of a bad break-up and losing her job. I don't think it quite works like that. As for the whole 'swap murders' plot as first introduced in that Hitchcock classic Strangers On A Train, here you'd THINK it would perform the function of being the main plot... but NOPE.

Instead we are 'treated' to an alphabet soup of boring conversations, scenes that go nowhere and people doing something smart one minute, and incredibly dumb the next. ALL the focus seems to be on these stupid twists... Which don't work, and lead to more questions than answers. And besides, seeing as how we have zero emotional investment in these bland, no-dimensional characters, what difference would they make, anyway? 4/10
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Competent thriller full of twists and kisses
TdSmth526 June 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Sara studies law at some fancy school but is there on a scholarship. She works as a bartender at night. A guy in class is into her and she's into him but his girlfriend, Brooke, is the rich powerful and influential girl in class.

One night a girl named Alex shows up at the bar. She's into girls and makes it immediately clear to Sara. She's also rich, wild, spoiled, bored-with-everything. When Sara's shift is over, she agrees to drive the drunk Alex home. They make out a bit and later go to a party. It's some opening of a photographer's exhibition. Brooke is also there. And it turns out the photographer is Jaime who is Alex's step-mom. When her mom died, her step-dad hooked up with one of Alex's friends- Jaime.

Alex and Sara become closer. We learn about their past. Both of their mothers died. Alex's step-dad got all her mom's money. And while Alex doesn't have anything to worry about she hates him and Jamie. She confesses she would like Jaime out of the picture. And she offers to remove Sara's problem. Sara's problem is Brooke. Brooke noticed that Sara's into her guy so she had her fired, kicked out of her apartment and her scholarship taken away. Sara doesn't take Alex's offer seriously.

Next night, Alex actually kills Brooke and plants evidence that implicates Sara. Sara now is closer to the guy, Eric. Sara sees no way out and agrees to kill Jaime. When she gets there she finds Alex's step-dad stabbed and the cops arrive to find her in the middle of a scene setup to make her look guilty. The cops were already interested in Sara after Brooke died.

What follows is a series of surprises and twists which I won't reveal, as well as plans to make things right. Obviously at stake is all the money that Alex stands to get from her dead mother. When you think about things carefully, I suspect that the story doesn't work entirely. So much had to be planned and work perfectly, it's highly unlikely. Breaking the Girls is basically a somewhat more lesbian and less explicit version of Wild Things. The story is intriguing despite the plot holes; the movie is well directed and looks good. I would probably have hired someone other than Madeline Zima, but still, seeing the various girls make out is fun.
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