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Mickey Mouse Butchered Wonderland!
jayzeefilms17 September 2013
This movie (TV special/episode) was just awful, I mean the "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" TV show was very disappointing. Why would anyone make this kiddie program? It's ruining Mickey Mouse and the other legendary cartoon characters! Walt Disney and Lewis Carroll are probably rolling in their graves right now. Even though, it's not the show itself I'm angry about, the show butchered on one of Disney's wonderful cartoons, Carroll's beloved book, and one of my favorite franchises in general! I know this is meant to be a baby show, but still...it's not right to just dumb down such a good story. That's like ruining "A Christmas Carol" or "Moby Dick" which may have been already ruined by kiddie shows. I say certain kiddie shows should leave "Alice in Wonderland" alone. I can't believe Disney would butcher its own work. Rather ironic, I must say. Don't watch it!
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