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Griff is Great!
doug-69712 September 2010
I just saw Griff the Invisible about two hours ago at the Toronto International Film Festival. There have been a number of average-guys-becoming-superhero movies this year and this is Australia's contribution. However, I'd have to say this is easily the best. The best part of the film is the quirky originality of the two main characters, Griff and Melody. They are weird, funny and believable. They don't fit any stock type of character I've seen before, but appear as two genuinely original creations. At the end of the movie, I felt like I wanted to see more of these characters.

Griff the Invisible is also different from all the other offerings because the others hit you over the head with the predictable moral that superheros are just a fantasy (like we don't know that) and that reality is better than fantasy. Without giving anything away, this film turns that moral on it's head. For once a movie doesn't make you feel guilty about your adolescent fantasies!

The movie was very well received by the Festival crowd with healthy applause and even some yells of appreciation at the end. I think the movie was mostly appreciated for the likability of the characters, the humour, the fresh writing style and just the general entertainment value.
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Difference is a good thing, executed beautifully
shazwoza4121 March 2011
The film centres around the title character Griff, a socially anxious young man who spends his days working a mundane office job. Unfortunately his shy nature makes him an easy target for a co-worker to bully Griff on a daily basis. At night, Griff assumes the identity of "Griff the Protector", sworn protector of the neighbourhood. His well-intentioned and concerned older brother sees this behaviour as abnormal (no really, he does) and is at a loss of how to help him. His brother's girlfriend finds Griff's behaviour attractive.

This is a movie that appeals to the strange nature in all of us that we all keep bottled up inside, hidden from the outside world. The two central characters are almost caricatures of what it is to be strange and different given their loose grip on reality, yet they still manage to be believable, which is a testament to the sharp and consistent writing and the amazing performances by Ryan Kwanten (Griff) and Maeve Dermody (Melody) to portray them.

At its core, Griff the Invisible is a love story. Nothing is more endearing than watching these two innocent and strange beings find each other and connect in all their strangeness. Together they create their own vivid reality, which I think the kid in all of us wishes we could be a part of.
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A super-hero flavored thought experiment about fantasy worlds
GwydionTheQuick22 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Griff the Invisible is more about the clash between a persons fantasy world and the real world around him than being a real-life super-hero film similar to Defendor. It starts out like a vigilante film but as the film progresses it becomes clear that most of the super hero things happening around Griff only exists in his fantasy world. So you think that maybe he is somewhat mentally challenged like Arthur Poppington in Defendor. But near the end, it turns out that Griff actually wants to live in this fantasy world out of his own choosing. Even though this is an unusual approach to the real-life super hero concept it is only very briefly touched in the film by the dialogues and actions of Melody.

While the film has a very strong female lead with a colorful and lovable performance from Maeve Dermody, the male lead, the titular character Griff, falls short on these issues and after the half of the film he becomes a dull and boring character. Melody represent the fantasy world VS real world issues better then Griff who seems to be stuck in the fantasy world and with the exception of a scene near the end of the film, he is like a mentally challenged poor guy who fails on nearly every aspect.

I think the main problem of the film is it tries to explain its main point through Melody not through Griff. Thus, in my opinion, had it been focused on Melody, and Griff being the male supporting character, the film would be much more interesting to watch and its main idea would be far more effective.
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DIY superhero meets girl - what to do?
bksutherland12 September 2010
Griff is a meek customer service client by day, lion-hearted, troubled superhero by night. What are the right words to reassure victims but put fear in the hearts of criminals. What is the right look for a super suit? What are the right weapons for fighting crime. What is the line between stalking and neighbourhood watch. Are super powers something that you can invent by believing in yourself or by others believing in you. Griff's DIY approach to the modern superhero is challenged by meeting a woman of equal imagination, vision and determination. A funny and smart film with great chemistry, top secret package delivery, and real imaginary special effects. Because the problems of invisibility require special solutions.
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A thoroughly charming film.
LJ Gray10 September 2010
First film we saw of the TIFF 2010 season and a great start it was. Very engaging movie with great acting that makes the viewer wonder at times if the unbelievable really might be plausible. There were lots of laughs (and, according to the director - an affable chap, mostly in the right places) as well as many poignant moments, which all flowed together into a satisfying conclusion. Absolutely worth seeing and superior to the spate of would-be superhero movies making movie theater rounds the last few years. Ryan Kwanten, as Griff, quickly draws the audience to his side through his earnest belief in his cause and has them rooting for him and his mission. Maeve Dermody gives a sense of otherworldliness to the character of Melody; she is strange and adorable. An office bully and a well meaning brother thrown into the mix make the duties of this superhero harder than necessary.
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"Griff the Invisible"
dee.reid29 December 2011
Leon Ford's "Griff the Invisible," Australia's answer to the superheroes-in-the-real-world approach popular in the United States, is an interesting little low-budget romantic comedy masquerading as a superhero flick. Some people may be turned off by the apparent lack of superhero action in this film, but as the ending of "Griff the Invisible" proves, it's the "reality" of what goes on that counts.

Griff (Ryan Kwanten) is a socially awkward office employee by day, and a not-so-anonymous superhero called "Griff" by night. He prowls the streets of his local neighborhood fighting crime. At the office, he's the target of the office bully, and Griff takes to sneaking in the office at night to set up booby traps to pull off the next day.

Griff's older brother Tim (Patrick Brammall) has recently begun dating the equally socially awkward Melody (Maeve Dermody). Melody is a budding young scientist obsessed with trying to unlock the secrets to inter-dimensional travel. In Griff, she finds a kindred spirit, which proves problematic for her current relationship with his brother.

"Griff the Invisible" is a competently acted little superhero film. One thing that may kill the experience, however, is a third-act twist that lends further credence to a commonly-held belief about the supposed mental instability of people who try to be real-life superheroes. This is unfortunate, because it's firmly established that Griff is far from "normal," but we seem to sympathize him, his relationship with Melody and his mission to save the world, but we also understand that there is nothing wrong with being "weird." Griff and Melody are perfect for each other because they're so "weird" and don't have to worry about being "normal" (like everybody else).

"Griff the Invisible" takes the whole superheroes-in-the-real-world to a level not previously seen in other films dealing with the subject (like "Kick-Ass" or "Super"). It's a flawed movie, but don't let its flaws kill your enjoyment of it.

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Doesn't matter how great a concept is if it's executed terribly.
Travis Greene21 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
AFter readying a lot of things about this film, I was excited to give it a try. The first twenty minutes had pricked my curiosity, as I really enjoyed Griff's character at the time and the chemistry in the office. However, the plot takes awkward and jerky turns to try to get to the ultimate point: that Griff is mentally handicapped. It's easy enough to follow, but the second half of the film seems to be confused as to whether it wants to be a comedy or a drama, and makes the pot worse by sprinkling in random "philosophy" on life, copping out at the end, using terrible transitions, and ending with the worst song in the soundtrack. This film had potential, but hardly any of it was tapped.
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You only need one person to see you as a superhero
siderite17 July 2014
Released in the same year as Kick Ass, Griff the Invisible is also about a wannabe superhero. Working in an office at day, bullied and seen as weird by his coworkers, Ryan Kwanten's character assumes the identity of Griff the Protector at night. Doomed to be forever weird, his salvation comes in the form of another weird person, played by the ridiculously beautiful Maeve Dermody, who falls for him as the only person who is like her that she has met.

Now, I can't really say if I liked the movie or not. I loved the idea of the invisibility cloak made by soaking a suit in invisible ink and other quirky ideas like that, but in the end we are talking about weird romance and not superheroes, a switch that comes into play around the middle of the film. If you feel out of place in the "real world" you might feel the vibe that connects you to the characters, but the underlying drama of it all made me feel more uncomfortable than I would have wanted. Is Griff insane or not? And if yes, is that OK if he found the girl willing to love and enable him in his insanity? Watch the film and answer for yourself.
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This is thankfully not Australia's answer to Kick-Ass. It's a much more curious and interesting film
Likes_Ninjas9027 March 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Griff (Ryan Kwanten) is a timid officer worker, regularly bullied in the workplace by his colleague Tony (Toby Schmitz). At night, Griff sees himself as a superhero, fighting crime as a means of justice. He has a computer system set up in his tiny apartment to help him monitor street activity. Griff's brother Tim (Patrick Brammall) has moved back from Adelaide to make sure that he isn't returning to his superhero phase and warns him about staying out of trouble. When Griff is introduced to Tim's new girlfriend Melody (Maeve Dermody) there's an instant attraction between the two of them. She's an oddball herself, who works in her father's hardware store but is more interested in science and physics. She appreciates Griff for being as peculiar as she is.

At once charming and frustrating, Griff the Invisible shares the same identity crisis as its protagonist. Leon Ford is the film's novice writer and director and I don't think he has a complete hold on what sort of film he's made. It's deliberately quirky, working with a tone that moves from black, exaggerated comedy to romance and eventually into more disturbing territory. There are essentially three narratives running throughout the film too. The subplot involving the office and Griff's sabotage of his bully is the least successful. It's relatively implausible and too much time is spent on it for it to be left unresolved. The other two concerning Griff's heroics and his involvement with Melody are tiptoed around slowly and lack an overall goal. Nonetheless, I was surprised and grateful of the film's ability to subvert the tired conventions of the superhero genre. The trailer to Griff does a disservice to the material. Out of context, the dialogue seems forced and laughably corny. I cringed when first hearing the line: "I live in a bubble that no one gets into. But you Griff...You get into my bubble". But within the film itself the bizarre dialogue is fitting with its social outcasts and the concepts of imitation and imagination. I just wish the film had made us more aware of its artifice though. The early crime fighting scenes are too literal. It will be a test to see if audiences realise the film's very slight self-referencing. There are a few quiet laughs gained from its awareness but the script could have been even funnier if the audience could view Griff's antics objectively. More satisfying are the performances. Kwanten and Dermody make a likable pair of kooks and reinforce the film's sweet message that attraction is defined by transparency, rather than normality or conformity. This is thankfully not Australia's answer to Kick-Ass. It's a much more curious and interesting film.
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The title is just to fool you into watch a lame romantic film
hunter-markell17 February 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I only give this a 3 strictly because there were some truly laugh out loud moments in the film, but the ending is just horrible. If you were like me thinking you were about to see a kick-ass action flick the beginning of the movie does the trick. Sitting in your sit like thinking "yeah this is getting good" midway through the film it gets away from all of that and just when you think that there's gonna be like some awesome boss battle at the end of the movie or something the only thing he has to battle is himself and the fight for love. ugh so corny. Great kid's film play it for a little girl or something though because a boy would not like this film nor do I think you would want a little boy to watch this. The female lead is a very beautiful woman. The acting is OK. I'm just angry because it was in the action-adventure section in netflix and i just got suckered into watch a lame ass romantic-comedy-ish film. If your looking for a cheesy action adventure movie do not watch this film repeat DO NOT WATCH THIS FILM IS YOUR LOOKING FOR A SUPERHERO MOVIE. The ending oh my god.. don't get me started. I created this profile just to review this movie and possible save you an hour and a half of wasted time.
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