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Stranger Things 2: complete Easter Egg and reference guide

Michael Ahr Oct 30, 2017

Stranger Things season 2 is filled with pop culture references and other goodies you may have missed. Here's what our Us chums found...

Warning: contains episode-by-episode spoilers.

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With a series like Stranger Things, which places a lot of weight behind its nostalgia for 80s pop culture, any hidden references, allusions, and homages become key for audience enjoyment, especially for those who were the same age back then as the kids are in the show. Whether it be a song choice with particularly appropriate lyrics, a recognisable image meant to invoke an 80s movie or TV show, or a detail harkening back to season 1, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the easter eggs and references here.

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Can Nelson Survive Without His Challenge Alliance?

The Three Musketeers of The Challenge have been reduced to a lone representative, and now, Nelson will have a long fight ahead if he intends to survive the game. Can he swing it? On this week’s episode, Nelson’s and Hunter’s backs were pressed even more aggressively to the wall. Having just lost Cory to the... Challenge Alliance?">Read more »
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Wamg Giveaway – Win Two Tickets to Shotspeare! at Playhouse @ Westport

Shotspeare combines the greatest playwright in history with endless amounts of drunken amusement, creating a must-see comedic twist on classic literature. After years of successful performances in New York City and festivals around the world, Emery Entertainment, Inc. brings this laugh-out-loud show to the Playhouse @ Westport Plaza for a triumphant return engagement October 5-7 for five side-splitting performances. Tickets may be purchased through MetroTix at or by calling 314/534-1111. Additionally, tickets will be available at the Playhouse @ Westport Plaza box office one hour prior to show time. All seats are $55.

We Are Movie Geeks has a pair of passes to give away for the opening night performance of Shotspeare! That’s Thursday, October 5th at 8pm. Leave a message below letting us know what your favorite film based on a Shakespeare play is (mine is Forbidden Planet). It’s so easy!

Official Rules:

1. You Must Be In The St.
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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 3 Ways to Build a Better Black Superhero

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: 3 Ways to Build a Better Black Superhero
The Three Musketeers, Ivanhoe and Treasure Island, which gave me hope that — unlike the mind-numbingly boring daily routine of childhood — adulthood could be an exciting adventure in which the battle to defeat evil and corruption paid off in massive public adoration and endless attractive women. Comic books were a modern shorthand version of those thick old books, made more exciting by the addition...
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Beano Studios announces voice cast and character details for Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed

Beano Studios has announced the main voice cast for the upcoming CG animated show Dennis & Gnasher: Unleashed, a 52-part series based upon the iconic comic book character, which is set to hit Cbbc later this year.

Joining previously announced Freddie Fox (The Mystery of Edwin Drood; The Three Musketeers; Worried About The Boy) – who voices Dennis – are Kathryn Drysdale, Rasmus Hardiker, Ryan Sampson, Joanna Ruiz and Kelly-Marie Stewart.

Rasmus (Lead Balloon, Scream Street, Danger Mouse) joins the cast as Dennis’ archrival, the pompous Walter, who is always out to ruin the fun for Dennis and his pals. Following his famed role as Count Duckula in Danger Mouse, Rasmus is the ideal fit for the sneaky and self-centered Walter, who will do anything it takes to be the teacher’s pet. Always cunning and quick to boss around the other kids, he never misses an opportunity to exploit his status as
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Money Is the Devil: Church Satirized in Enjoyable Early Lubitsch Comedy with Premise Similar to Keaton Classic

Money Is the Devil: Church Satirized in Enjoyable Early Lubitsch Comedy with Premise Similar to Keaton Classic
'The Doll' with Ossi Oswalda and Hermann Thimig: Early Ernst Lubitsch satirical fantasy starring 'the German Mary Pickford' has similar premise to that of the 1925 Buster Keaton comedy 'Seven Chances.' 'The Doll': San Francisco Silent Film Festival presented fast-paced Ernst Lubitsch comedy starring the German Mary PickfordOssi Oswalda Directed by Ernst Lubitsch (So This Is Paris, The Wedding March), the 2017 San Francisco Silent Film Festival presentation The Doll / Die Puppe (1919) has one of the most amusing mise-en-scènes ever recorded. The set is created by cut-out figures that gradually come to life; then even more cleverly, they commence the fast-paced action. It all begins when a shy, confirmed bachelor, Lancelot (Hermann Thimig), is ordered by his rich uncle (Max Kronert), the Baron von Chanterelle, to marry for a large sum of money. As to be expected, mayhem ensues. Lancelot is forced to flee from the hordes of eligible maidens, eventually
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Remembering Forgotten Early Female Documentarian and That Talkies Began Long Before 'The Jazz Singer'

'Amazing Tales from the Archives': Pioneering female documentarian Aloha Wanderwell Baker remembered at the San Francisco Silent Film Festival – along with the largely forgotten sound-on-cylinder technology and the Jean Desmet Collection. 'Amazing Tales from the Archives': San Francisco Silent Film Festival & the 'sound-on-cylinder' system Fans of the earliest sound films would have enjoyed the first presentation at the 2017 San Francisco Silent Film Festival, held June 1–4: “Amazing Tales from the Archives,” during which Library of Congress' Nitrate Film Vault Manager George Willeman used a wealth of enjoyable film clips to examine the Thomas Edison Kinetophone process. In the years 1913–1914, long before The Jazz Singer and Warner Bros.' sound-on-disc technology, the sound-on-cylinder system invaded the nascent film industry with a collection of “talkies.” The sound was scratchy and muffled, but “recognizable.” Notably, this system focused on dialogue, rather than music or sound effects. As with the making of other recordings at the time, the
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Netflix Is Getting Rid of These 45 Movies and TV Shows in June

Now that we know what's coming to Netflix in June, it's time to bid adieu to what's leaving. There are some serious heartbreakers (I don't care how cheesy The Prince & Me is, I'll love it forever), so make sure you read through the full list in case any of your favorites are on there. Related16 Netflix Shows You Can Binge in 1 Weekend (We Promise) June 1 D2: The Mighty Ducks Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Heterosexual Jill House of Wax Kidnapped Knuckleball! L'Auberge Espagnole Serendipity The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 The Blair Witch Project The Good Guys season one The Hustler The Little Rascals The Prince & Me The Teacher Who Defied Hitler The Three Musketeers The Way of the Dragon This Is Spinal Tap Two Step We Are the Giant June 6 Private Practice seasons one to six June 8 Xenia June 9 4:44: Last Day on Earth Farewell Herr Schwarz Free the Nipple
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Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in June

Here are the movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in June.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; Serendipity; Little Rascals; and The Three Musketeers are some of the films subscribers to the streaming service should check out in the next few weeks if they want to watch them before they expire. All of the seasons of Private Practice and CSI:ny will also no longer be available starting next month.

Netflix's June additions were just announced.

Check out the full list below to see what is leaving Netflix in June.

Leaving June 1, 2017

D2: The Mighty Ducks

Honey, I Shrunk the...
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Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in June

Netflix: Movies and TV Shows Leaving in June
Here are the movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in June.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids; Serendipity; Little Rascals; and The Three Musketeers are some of the films subscribers to the streaming service should check out in the next few weeks if they want to watch them before they expire. All of the seasons of Private Practice and CSI:ny will also no longer be available starting next month.

Netflix's June additions were just announced.

Check out the full list below to see what is leaving Netflix in June.

Leaving June 1, 2017

D2: The Mighty Ducks

Honey, I Shrunk the...
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Alumni Films producing Russian hacking thriller from 'Predators' writer

  • ScreenDaily
Exclusive: The project was unveiled at Cannes.

Alumni Films, the new film finance, production and development company based in Los Angeles, has come on board to fully finance and produce its first project, an untitled high-concept revenge thriller that Alex Litvak (Predators (pictured), The Three Musketeers) will write.

Alumni Films president Alexander Izotov and development executive Natasha Dubrovskaya unveiled the title in Cannes.

“It is a revenge thriller that will be about an American entrepreneur who goes to Russia in the 90s and gets caught up in the middle of the Russian Klondike,” Dubrovskaya said.

The entrepreneur ends up in prison. By the time he is released 12 years later, the country has changed. The $30m thriller will be set in Russia, Hong Kong and New York.

Alumni plans a $5m development fund and a complementary financing and production fund. Dubrovskaya will head the development fund, which includes an untitled documentary about three Russian hackers. The idea is
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Unlocked movie review: the spy who broke the female mold

MaryAnn’s quick take… There’s stuff in this spy thriller that’s fresh, and lots that’s familiar, but Noomi Rapace using her brains and brawn to fight bad guys is a genuine thrill. I’m “biast” (pro): I’m desperate for stories women; love a good spy movie

I’m “biast” (con): nothing

(what is this about? see my critic’s minifesto)

Is “unlock” genuine spook-speak, like the way it’s used in Unlocked: to get useful information out of a suspect during an interrogation? It makes sense, but who knows. Does the CIA actually have agents working as “community embeds,” as Noomi Rapace’s Alice Racine is as Unlocked opens? Cuz that would be authentically insidious: she seems to be a kindly public advocate in a poor London neighborhood, the sort of person you might go to if you were having trouble with your landlord or something,
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Now Casting: L.A.-Shooting Horror Film + More Great Gigs

Today’s roundup of casting notices is as versatile as you are! A still-untitled horror flick shooting in L.A. is casting actors for several roles, a union production of “The Three Musketeers” seeks talent, plus more jobs you could be right for! Untitled Horror Filma still-untitled horror film, billed as “Scream” meets “Unfriended,” is casting talent for lead, supporting, and day player roles. The project will follow Mia as she’s house sitting for her sister and is terrorized by a neighbor. Shooting is set for this month in Los Angeles, with leads paid $125/day. “Realize”“Realize,” a music video for a London-based French band, is casting three female actors, ages 25–60, and two male actors, ages 20–55. All talent must be physically fit as they will be required to do some running outside. Shooting is set for this month in Brooklyn, New York. Hired talent will be paid $100/day. “Parachute”A male and female actor,
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Journal (6.6.16 - 1.10.17)

  • MUBI
The latest installment in the filmmaker's series of journal-films combining iPhone footage and sounds and images from movies. A diary penned with cinema.Journal (6.6.16 - 1.10.17)feat. additional footage from Masha Tupitsyn and Isiah MedinaMy journal-film series (of which this is the third installment) came to be as a means of resolving the points of convergence and departure amongst the environments I occupy and those which I encounter in cinema. I like to view these films as a method of managing the images that take up my thoughts and memories into a new continuity, one in which the distinction between images seen on-screen and those personally experienced is no longer absolute. In dissolving this partition, these films provide a vector for the animation conceptual concerns through cinema - montage fulfilling that which language can only formally describe and vice versa. The following essay outlines some of the concerns this film attempts
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Game Theory: Paul W.S. Anderson and the Filmic Board Game

  • MUBI
Raúl Ruiz’s 1980 short film, Snakes And Ladders, follows H as he begins playing a board game where the world around him gradually becomes the board. H comes upon two men playing ludo on a table and as he joins in, the field of play continuously grows, moving from the tabletop to Paris, Europe, the world, and finally all of existence. H’s movement in the game becomes the work of chance governed by the roll of the dice and as he progresses he gradually comes to realize that he is the die, and that he is the game piece being moved about on the map. The cosmic forces controlling H ultimately reach into the frame, emphatically presenting an author surrogate in the form of a hand. Director Paul W.S. Anderson creates filmic board games similar to Snake And Ladders without explicitly revealing his authorial hand. He leaves the author’s presence unstated,
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Movie Review: 1812 The War of Napoleon - a Russian three musketeers movie from 2012

In the history of Europe hasn't been pleasant, most of their past is about war, the Roman wars, the Alexander the Great wars, world war 1 and world war 2, Turkish wars, Vikings and Medieval and not to mention Napoleons war. But this movie is not about the war, even though it takes place during his war with Russia, this movie is more of an adventure romantic movie with the same style as "The Three Musketeers" "1812 Napoleons War" or "1812 Ulanskaya Ballada" is a pleasant family movie for kids. Story: A young Aleksey (Anton Sokolov) volunteer to fight against the French to prevent them to conquer Russia. He fights side by side with three Russian lancers Gorzhevsky (Sergey Bezrukov), Ptukha (Stanislav Duzhnikov) and Kiknadze...

[Read the whole post on]
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The Weekend Warrior 1/27/17: Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, A Dog’s Purpose, Gold

Welcome back to the Weekend Warrior, your weekly look at the new movies hitting theaters this weekend, as well as other cool events and things to check out.

This Past Weekend:

As per my Thursday update, M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller Split ended up winning the weekend but with way more than anyone, including myself, predicted, with more than $40 million for its opening weekend. That’s pretty impressive, and his first movie to open at that level since 2010’s The Last Airbender. Meanwhile, Vin Diesel’s sequel xXx: The Return of Xander Cage ended up making around where I predicted, taking second place with $20.1 million, not a great sign for the continuation of that franchise. Michael Keaton’s The Founder ended up right around where I predicted with $3.4 million, ending up just outside the Top 10. Hidden Figures, La La Land and Sing continued to do well with minimal drop-offs.

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Flashback: Orlando Bloom, Adrenaline Junkie, Talks Adventures on Set of 'Lord of the Rings'

Flashback: Orlando Bloom, Adrenaline Junkie, Talks Adventures on Set of 'Lord of the Rings'
While he’s not ageless like his onscreen persona Legolas in the Lord of the Rings franchise, Orlando Bloom’s hobbies certainly make it seem like he’s under the impression he’ll live forever.

The actor, who turns 40 on Jan. 13, has proved he knows how to turn any day into an adventure since opening his Instagram account to the public last year. Motocross racing, cliff jumping and motorcycling through India are just a few ways Bloom is still getting his adrenaline fix.

Bloom also recently paid tribute to the 15th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, posting a series of photos of him preparing for his role taken during the New Zealand production. There was archery, helicopter rides and catching some waves when the cameras weren’t rolling.

The actor talked about the cast’s time at the beach when he sat down with Et in 2001, where he explained the reasoning
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24 of the biggest and best movie power ballads

Adam Rees Nov 4, 2016

Once a blockbuster staple, the power ballad was the ultimate movie accompaniment. We look back at some of the classics...

For a glorious period from the mid-80s throughout the 90s, the biggest summer blockbusters were only worth their salt if they had an equally gargantuan song at the head their soundtrack. Often the success of one was inexorably linked to the other, with the likes of Four Weddings And A Funeral's feats matched and even exceeded by Wet Wet Wet's accompanying Love Is All Around.

The greatest and most successful songs belong to the power ballad genre, and are as emotionally charged and forceful as the gods of epic balladry such as Journey, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi and Meat Loaf. As the 90s became the 00s and the charts became increasingly irrelevant, the movie ballad became almost defunct, with even the song-dominant film soundtrack being
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George Sidney Centennial: "The Three Musketeers"

by Nathaniel R

After looking at three popular musicals Anchors Aweigh (1945), Kiss Me Kate (1953), and Bye Bye Birdie (1963), in our mini George Sidney Centennial celebration, we're closing up with his other primary mode: the adventure flick. Curiously those films also feel like musicals even when they aren't. Case in point is The Three Musketeers (1948) and the subliminal feeling that at any moment a song and dance number might break out. That's not only because glorious Gene Kelly is the star. This feeling radiates outward from the ebullient movement of all of the swordsmen. It's also firmly embedded in the swooning romantic overtures that happen instantaneously between Gene Kelly and each of the women. Lana Turner is the devilish Lady de Winter and June Allyson is the saintly Constance and, in case you're wondering, no one will ever accuse this movie of subtlety or evolved gender politics. Still the love scenes
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