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Season 1

10 Oct. 2011
After an explosive, humiliating breakdown at work, Amy Jellicoe has returns from a stay at a treatment center with an entirely new outlook.
17 Oct. 2011
Now or Never
Amy's threat to sue gets her a job at her old corporation, but not in the position she expected: she's assigned to a small unit of misfits who can't be fired doing mindless data entry in a subbasement. She's determined this is not her destiny: she calls and stops by her old unit, where she was a buyer; she importunes Krista, who was her assistant and now has Amy's old job; she continually bumps into and smiles at Damon, the married man with whom she had an affair; and, she sends negative articles about the corporation's international behavior to the personnel manager ...
24 Oct. 2011
Someone Else's Life
Amy is desperate to get out of her basement data-entry job and fulfill her destiny adding to cosmic harmony: she looks for a job at a non-profit agency and lands an interview at a homeless shelter. A cold virus makes its way through the Level H team, challenging Dougie's administrative abilities. Amy is intent on lunch with Krista, who wants to avoid her. Spilled coffee, a woman's hug, a call from the shelter, a letter from the Hawaiian treatment center, and an offer from Tyler give texture to Amy's enlightenment.
31 Oct. 2011
The Weekend
It's Amy's first weekend since returning from rehab. What should she do? She imagines drinking at a bar and gardening with her mother. Instead, she calls Levi and talks about going camping. The next morning, she makes a reservation, rousts him out of bed, and they head for a river. Things go well until she finds a stash of drugs in his gear. An existential crisis of sorts ensues.
7 Nov. 2011
Not Good Enough Mothers
It's raining in Riverside. Amy's car won't start and her mother won't let her drive hers (no insurance), so Amy must ride the bus. She takes up the cause of an undocumented immigrant mother in Corona being deported to Mexico while her two US-born children stay with an aunt. She tries to convince her basement colleagues to join a demonstration for the woman, wines and dines Judy asking for help to form a women's action group at Abaddon, and goes to Krista's baby shower with her message of solidarity. Can Amy find any sunshine in peoples' responses?
14 Nov. 2011
Sorting out friendship and expectations. Amy is over the moon: her friend Sandy, whom she met in rehab, is coming to town for a few days to teach a yoga seminar. Amy picks Sandy up at the airport and they spend a wonderful day together, two close friends who know each other so well. By the next day, however, Amy's mom wants Sandy gone, so Amy asks Levi to let Sandy sleep on his couch. Meanwhile, she arranges for Sandy to come to her office at noon for a yoga session; even Krista comes. How will this work out, and what about Levi and Sandy? In her enthusiasm, can Amy ...
21 Nov. 2011
Lonely Ghosts
Five takes on being alone. Amy has a nightmare and calls Levi for comfort. Tyler stays late with Amy to help her wade through a pile of data, and he lets his feelings show. Dougie celebrates his promotion with a night at a bar, and Amy convinces Harper to join them. Helen gives a frank answer to one of Amy's questions. Seeking a resolution, Amy goes back to Levi's.
28 Nov. 2011
Comrades Unite!
On her way to and from work, Amy passes a Justice for Janitors picket line at a Riverside Hotel. She has her own labor issues: on the Monday following his party at a bar, Dougie reports Amy to HR for tardiness and her poor quality work. In her defense, she tells HR about his behavior. This generates an inquiry in which each Cogentiva team member is interviewed about Dougie. After Tyler pushes her away, Amy's certain that no one will back her side of the story. She's certain she'll be fired and, in desperation, asks Krista to get her a meeting with Damon, pitches an ...
5 Dec. 2011
Consider Helen
A chance encounter with an old acquaintance at a supermarket and Levi's dropping off photo albums for Amy bring memories to Helen. As she walks through the house or looks out a window, she sees her husband and young children, her husband's tragedy, and Amy's falling in love with Levi. It's part back story of this small family, and part a presentation of the weight of Helen's experiences and emotions. The camera suggests that our past is in our face.
12 Dec. 2011
Burn It Down
Can change come from within? At three in the morning, Levi breaks into Helen's home, strung out, depressed, demanding to see Amy. He agrees to go to rehab the next day, giving Amy hope that the world can change. She renews her attempts to awaken Abaddon's corporate conscience, asking Damon if he'll let her present her research to his team. He says she can have 20 minutes at the next day's staff meeting. Dougie tells Amy she can't go. Will Levi actually go to rehab, can Amy find a way around Dougie, and if so, then what?

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