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I really enjoyed this movie for one reason
Max Udargo11 May 2012
This movie stands out from any movie I've ever seen for one reason: it is the only movie I've seen where I believed the people fighting were actually fighting. I can't remember ever seeing a film where I was actually wincing and tensing up from fear that somebody was going to get hurt.

This isn't a film that depends on CGI or fast cuts or clever angles or even stunt people for the most part. The star of the film is clearly a very physical and capable woman of action, and she made me believe she was actually hurting the people she was pretending to hurt.

For that reason alone, it will always stand out in my memory. Most action films these days are terribly boring because it's all so cartoonish and exaggerated and stylized, and therefore unbelievable and fake. But this film kept the action grounded in the physical capabilities of its very capable star, and that made it anything but boring. I guess it didn't do to well at the box office, which is too bad. If this had launched a franchise I'd have been a big fan.
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Nothing new, but likeably cool!
martinrobertson3004821 February 2012
Once again, I stepped into a movie with zero expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. People told me to avoid "Haywire" but I found it reasonably entertaining.

First off, I was amazed by the number of likable actors that are in the movie - Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas and Bill Paxton (where has he been hiding?) all star in co-roles. I don't know the main actress in the movie but she did a fine job, and apparently did all her own stunts.

Flick has been un-fairly compared to Angelina Jolies "Salt." Why? Because it stars a woman kicking guys ass's perhaps? I guess their plots are kind off similar too, but "Salt" was an over the top action movie. Outside of a couple of movie-style fights "Haywire" feels more realistic, but where it really succeeds is in its style. It works as a cool thriller that I found myself smiling at because off the way it tells its ex-assassin-getting-chased-again plot. Although maybe not everyone will give it a thumbs up, I will because I enjoyed it.
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Girl power
blanche-222 January 2014
According to what I read (or should I say waded through), Steven Soderbergh saw Gina Carano fight (she is an expert in martial arts) and wanted to build a film around her.

Haywire isn't your typical Soderbergh film. The plot is barely there -- a black ops agent is betrayed and seeks revenge on her betrayers. Big whoop. The star of the show is Gina Carano kickboxing, jumping, throttling people, you name it. That is one amazing athlete there. And the fact that she was up against all men was impressive. And she has a great figure.

The film also stars Channing Tatum, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, and Ewan McGregor, so the inexperienced Carano was surrounded by good people who didn't have much to do.

This isn't an action film up to the standards of a Bourne film, due to Soderbergh not doing much in the way of directing. It just doesn't pop. The ending is just blah.

Carano is the only reason to see it, if you want to see a top-notch female kickboxer in action.
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Chris018421 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I've literally just seen this and came out of the cinema thinking 'Was that it?'. OK, the fight sequences were good, an easy rival for the likes of Bourne, and the occasional one line comments did make me chuckle but the acting, especially from the lead character, was pretty poor. I even expected more from the likes of Douglas, McGregor and Fassbender!

The general plot was there and developed over what seemed like 3 hours, however I felt the film was disjointed, predictable, and why she insisted on befriending a random bloke and telling him her entire life story after stealing his car is beyond me.

All in all I felt cheated, let down, and like I was watching a well budgeted university film.
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Mediocre, oh so mediocre...
pagangod21 January 2012
It's got a simple, but hugely unoriginal plot - Special Ops agent gets doubled-crossed (yawn) and proceeds to exact her revenge on those who wronged her, yeah, it sounds very much like the standard plot for your average Steven Seagal straight-to-DVD actioner - not a film directed by Steven Soderbergh!

I suspect that Soderbergh is not overly familiar with this particular genre, otherwise he might have avoided the clichéd script like the plague...

The direction for this piece is restrained almost to the point of inertia - any energy generated within the action scenes comes sorely from the mixed-martial artistry of Ms. Carano, it almost feels as if Mr. Soderbergh is embarrassed by the notion of directing an action thriller.

Soderbergh does his usual thing of peppering his films with stars and/or solid character actors, but despite the presence of the likes of Ewan MacGregor, Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, etc, they are underused in what are essentially expanded cameos - only MacGregor gets to shine a little, but his character is underwritten and lacks any credible motivation for his actions.

Gina Carano acquits herself quite well, especially so given the fact that she is carrying the movie on her inexperienced shoulders - that and the cold, hard reality that her character is basically a Jason Bourne clone, albeit with female genitalia...

The film also suffers from the fact that it doesn't have a climax, it just simply stops.

The restrained approach Soderbergh adopted for this film is it's undoing - short, sporadic bursts of action in an uninspired and leisurely-paced script damage Haywire badly, if Steven Soderbergh had bothered to have injected a bit more zest and flair into his direction, the film might have been redeemed somewhat and not turned into the lifeless, miserable clone that it is.

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An honest review
dannyolivercampbell25 January 2012
A lot of people are just voting 1 for this film without any just cause other then they don't want to like this film. I believe this film has flaws but as a whole, is a very unique and special experience. When I watched this film, it was not like any film that I had seen before, from the camera angles, sound choices, etc. I felt some of the sound choices were strange but it went with the whole flow of the movie. This movie is NOT a standard action movie but more like watching art. There were few fight scenes but the fight scenes that are in the movie have a raw feeling to them and are extremely well choreographed. They are believable because the main character's hand to hand fights are all one on one with the exception of one fight in which she is fighting two people. But it is believable because she gets a surprise attack on the two people. The other fights, she is fighting people her size except for one fight, in which she was getting her ass handed to her until someone else joined in and helped her.

I think people were either expecting an ACTION action movie or a Oscar worthy drama but this movie is neither. It has a very surreal feeling and it can be slow but it has a very real feeling to it as well and is more like an experience then a movie. The fight scenes alone are worth the price of admission, and seeing the birth of a legitimate female action star. Was her acting stellar? No but it was pretty good, especially for someone who has never acted before. She can only improve from here.
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Classy Action Thrills
Mek Torres5 February 2012
The story of Haywire is not really appealing. It's about someone tough who got betrayed then wants revenge. It's been used in so many action films. But Haywire has a different purpose to exist. It's about giving Gina Carano her own show with Steven Soderbergh's direction. It's pretty fascinating. Both merits cover the "cookie-cutterness" of the plot. It's not your standard action film with senseless explosions and mediocre dumbness. It's a film with art, style, and action scenes that are ridiculous and realistic. It's short but it's still worth the ride.

The film isn't really trying to be original, big, or loud. Haywire is one of Soderbergh's experiments. The story may not be original but he tells it in a pretty clever way. The first half of the film takes place on a car and shows a lot of flashbacks. The scenes are pretty slick. The action is silent but it's pretty awesome. Gina Carano made every fights dangerously exciting. The other stars does their thing but they don't appear that much. It's one of Soderbergh's trademarks. He casts some big stars but they end up being minor characters. Well, this is Carano's show. It's all about her.

The only thing that disappoints me here is it's too short and there are only few fight scenes. But there are still some action scenes that are pretty exciting like the car chase in New York and the SWAT chase in Dublin were well shot and have a good amount of suspense. The rest of the filmmaking: Well written. The score is fancy. The cinematography and editing are simply art.

Haywire is as simple as it gets. It may not be a fast action blockbuster but it is more interesting than that. It's not quite recommendable to everyone unless you like art films, Soderbergh's directing style, or Gina Carano. No female action star can fight like Gina Carano. It's fun to see her beat up all of these men. Since we are now stuck with action films with mediocre filmmaking, at least we get to see another classy action film like this. But the true core of this film is Gina Carano.
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A very cool retro spy film
jbarnes-1024 January 2012
I really liked "Haywire" and Gina Carano is one tough cookie with an ax to grind. The film has a very independent feel about it, along with a very retro style. Carano is great in her role, totally believable and the girl does her own stunts! The story is a bit hard to follow so you do have to pay attention and have a normal adult attention span. If you are expecting "Fast and Furious" or some other schlock like that, this is not the movie for you. There are intense action scenes and slower parts where the story really unfolds. All of the male stars in this film are simply backdrop for Gina's kick ass, don't f**k with me fellows attitude. A very unique and intelligent story worth seeing.
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Chasing Gina
Prismark1031 August 2014
Haywire is directed by Steven Soderbergh and features an all star cast that includes Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender.

However the main star is MMA fighter Gina Carano as Mallory Kane who works in black ops and is hired to pose as he wife of a British agent and ends up being a target for elimination herself. Carano has to unravel who is trying to set her up.

The film is shot with little dialogue and a moody setting, many of the known cast has small roles and its a 'unHollywood thriller' although Carano does get to kick ass as well as getting chased mainly in the streets or rooftops of Dublin.

Fassbender and Carano's scenes standout especially their combat sequences. Its an unusual film given the director is an Oscar winner 'A' lister director who has gone back to his roots and decided to make an independent action film. By and large he succeeds and Carano looks like someone, given the right material who could breakout as an action star.
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It's just bad.
guud21 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I was really looking forward to see this movie, because i like Jina Carano and love thrillers and action films. But Haywire is just bad. Weird colors and sound choices, supposed to add suspense but they didn't. Fights, that looked like sparring, because there were no strong punches and power in the moves. All the strikes and grips because of this looked fake. Overall bad and unconvincing action - chases were about mindless running, there were nothing special about them, despite all the tries.

I wish my English allowed me to explain it better, but i will do my best: if you, as a director, want something (fight or running scene) to look real, it would be wise to do some research, otherwise you will get really poor result. For example, in the Barcelona chase Jina's bottom was wobbling - nobody runs like this in the real life if he was in army, because, you know, everything you do in the army is running. It's just looks unprofessional and fake. Script is on same level of quality - huge conspiracy with big plot holes. Just bad movie.
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Enjoy Soderberg, especially enjoy Carano
A_Different_Drummer31 January 2016
And the reason I give that advice is that you will have the opportunity to experience Soderberg again but I am not sure I can say the same for Carano.

This is of course a change of pace for Soderberg who is actually becoming known for his ability shape-shift between genres and do a pretty good job at each one he chooses.

This is an average spy thriller lifted to above-average by an A-List cast backed by Gina Carano in the action scenes.

Carano is the actual reason I wanted to review the film. She is a rarity in modern film, a good looking actress who shows not the slightest hesitation at going all JCVD on someone's butt if the script demands it.

And she is good. I mean there are multiple scenes here where she carries the attention of the viewer and it is hard to imagine another actress doing that as well.

The unfortunate part is that it seems no one in Hollywood wanted to accept the challenge of moving her career along even though it deserved to be moved. I watched her in IN THE BLOOD, a later effort framed as a B movie and lacking all the class and polish in this one.

Too bad. I miss her already.
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'Haywire' looks really special but doesn't live up. It's merely decent.
Movie_Muse_Reviews7 December 2012
Steven Soderbergh has a reputation for directing films that are great, weird or anywhere in between. You can, however, always depend on the right pieces to be in place, as he has a devoted following of A-list actors who agree to star in everything he does. With Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum and Michael Fassbender in supporting roles, "Haywire" certainly has a large part of the equation covered in order to work, but it falls decidedly in the "anywhere in between" category.

MMA fighter Gina Carano is the foundation around which "Haywire" attaches its many Oscar- caliber ornaments. A fresh-faced action star padded with so many superb talents, Carano automatically rises to the top of this vanilla action-thriller concoction. Despite some really wooden line delivery in a number of scenes, she's got action star chops, and her character, contracted black ops agent and ex-marine Mallory Kane, isn't treated differently for being female.

"Haywire" isn't quite by-the-numbers as far as modern post-Bourne special agent action- thrillers go (nothing by Soderbergh ever is), but it places all its novelty in Carano's hands. She's an entertaining watch, but she's not going to take generic material and make it awesome — no one's that talented.

Lem Dobbs' screenplay isn't really a problem, as plenty of films in the genre have been made out of worse, but neither he nor Soderbergh make an argument for why you should watch "Haywire" instead of another movie (or even another viewing of any "Bourne" film) other than to see all the stars that have been collected to play minor characters.

"Haywire" follows a classic betrayed agent looking for revenge premise. Mallory is an asset working for a private ops contractor named Kenneth (McGregor) who is thinking about getting out. The film opens after he's betrayed her and left her for dead in Dublin, and she's set to meet with him in upstate New York, except he sends her coworker, Aaron (Tatum), who attacks her in order to bring her in. She breaks his arm and escapes in the car of a random person at the diner (Michael Angarano) and tells him the whole story of her betrayal as she flees.

Soderbergh downright refuses to follow some of the most fundamental conventions of the action genre in this film, which keeps "Haywire" fresh but ultimately renders it somewhat stagnant. The trade off for avoiding something stylistically generic is depriving the audience of some of the usual tactics of action films to engage and maintain interest. With a short run time, "Haywire" never gets too boring, but it does at times feel flat.

The technique Soderbergh uses that stands out the most involves flipping the traditional use of scoring in an action film. Whereas most movies use silence to build suspense and then use music to underscore the intensity of an action sequence, Soderbergh does the opposite: he enlists David Holmes (of the "Ocean's" films) to create synthetic-sounding '70s action music leading up to action confrontations and then cuts the sound completely to make the fighting feel more raw and natural. It has an interesting effect that manages to work in the fight scenes, but it sets an awkward tone for the build-up given how dated the music sounds.

The hand-to-hand (or I should say foot-to-throat) combat scenes we get are rather exciting with this raw presentation, and it suits Carano well given her talents before she decided to try acting. She is definitely beautiful, but she's not lady-like, and as you watch her you aren't distracted by her sex. The point is that it would be wrong to categorize her as a femme fatale or anything we've previously seen in this genre. She's an action star and she earns it here.

Solid is one and perhaps the most applicable of the many unremarkable yet reputable adjectives one could use to describe "Haywire." Its detractors will likely come from disappointment over potential rather than poor filmmaking and considering the names on the poster, it's not an unwarranted complaint. One could also argue that without the level of pedigree, the material wouldn't warrant any attention but the bargain bin. Best, then, to attribute to "Haywire's" lack of being special to some miscalculation on all fronts. Fortunately, it's quite tolerable nonetheless.

~Steven C

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Dumb movie. Too many big actors, too little brain-work.
Subhamoy Sengupta29 January 2012
Better than Ocean 13 perhaps, but still quite bad. Gina Carano did so much better than John Cena. Too bad the director was Soderberg and not an 'actually' intelligent man. IMDb published an interview of Antonio Banderas on Haywire, but I wonder why. His screen time is less than 5 minutes in total, and not the most interesting 5 minutes either. Reasons are not explained, characters are not detailed, it is not a respectable film overall. Some people called Mallory the female Bourn. That is another mystery, because when I saw the world through Bourn's eyes, I never had any problem understanding what he was feeling or going through. In this film, I had no attachment with any of the characters. If the bad guys just killed Gina Carano in the middle of the film, I would not really feel any different, because I had no idea why a bunch of people were just randomly hurting, shooting at, or killing each other. I read a review a while back, where someone criticized those who came to watch this film expecting a real action film or some award- winning performances. He wrote he liked this film honestly because of the surreal feel. I can kind of appreciate his remark. Surrealism and retardedness are two extremes that can sometimes cross over from one side to the other. For mentally healthy people, who expect to see female Bourn with stylish performances from McGregor, Banderas, Fassbender, etc., I do not recommend this film at all. The film is well shot, well edited, the soundtrack is not too horrible, so I give it a 5. If I had to rate only the substance, I would rate it 1, like many others have done.
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Not ordinary, but also not far away from the usual
Rubens Junior20 April 2012
For the number of movies Soderbergh already made (and most of them really good), he proved to be an eclectic director, traveling thru all kind of genres effortless, delivering alternative approaches without getting so much away of the mainstream. He makes American movies but for a different American audience, and sometimes Hollywood movies but for those who want something a little different from the obvious. And that way Soderbergh proved to be one of the top directors of his time, but that is also his main problem because people usually overrate his movies a lot.

He made a huge campaign about Haywire, stating that his decision to make this action movie is for the fact that great action movies wasn't being produced anymore. And "great action movies" for him is those Chuck Norris-ish ones with a real bad ass action star able to make an entire scene without stunts or so many edition tricks. So he met MMA fighter Gina Carano, and so he decided to make a movie specially for her. He also stated that he wanted to make a kick ass movie with a female leading different from the others while most of action movies use their sexuality more than their fighting skills. He succeeds. Gina Carano's expertise really dismiss stunts and the results are intense and realistic scenes.

Being an MMA fighter, Gina Carano delivers a fair performance, but of course that she is better fighting than acting.

The movie gives what it promises and Soderbergh tries to keep the actions scenes focused entirely on the fighting performances and chasing sequences never using soundtracks or gun shots more than the necessary to not overshadow all the technical attention he so wanted to experience. And it works, but not entirely. For ordinary audience the movie may not be what they seek and that may be frustrating.

The plot is extremely predictable and common: an agent that has been betrayed and now has to clean up all the mess to get back a normal life she so desperately want. And we know Soderbergh a lot, and we know that he makes huge twists and turns over a simple plot just to give the false impression that his movies aren't brainless.

Anyway... I admire his efforts to bring back old technical visions into his movies, but Haywire doesn't get off so much of the line as he so hardly stated. Still being a great action movie, and like Hanna (2011), it is not an action movie for ordinary audience and ordinary action lovers.
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No... Just no...
Jeromea_9122 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
On a level I genuinely wish there was a way to get back the hours i just wasted

Acting - Gina is awful really, really bad. Fair enough, she's not an actor. But it is easy to see why. there's nothing to her and on top of that her poorness seemed to seep into the performance of others. Overall it was a bad project for all actors involved.

Action - -_- at no point was i even close to the edge of my seat in this film. the fighting is decently choreographed but nothing special whilst everything else was boring and predictable. Real low point was a chase scene on roofs where she did nothing that i am not capable of. I've seen more impressive things on youtube.

Music - this has to be mentioned simply because its annoying as hell.

Overall i'm glad to see the ratings of this film falling. I only wished i'd looked at these reviews a few hours later. I could have saved a tenner.
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Laugh out Loud Fun
akol42521 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I must start out by saying I found myself laughing throughout the entire movie. The only problem is that this wasn't a comedy at all. The painful dialogue and nonexistent plot line, almost made me leave in the middle of the movie. However I stayed waiting for the plot to take forum and for the action to pick up... it never did. Not a single character is developed throughout the movie, and for the most part it is just a series of bland discussions that are pointless until the end of the movie. This isn't a Fight Club or Usual Suspects twist ending either, it is just simply a recap of what had happened. While the plot is bad it is hardly the worst part of the movie. Some of the action scenes are just incredibly boring. While I wasn't expecting a well developed plot going into this movie, I did expect good action sequences. Whether it was the car chase where she is driving backwards at about 5 miles per hour, or the stupid sprint on the beach it was astoundingly boring. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
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Really good action movie
Jesper30 May 2014
I really liked this movie. It has a lot of twists and turns in the plot, but none too obvious and too script convenient. I think Gina Carano did a very good job and will definitely watch out for her movies. I like the reality feel of the fight scenes and the tempo of the movie. I would very much like to see a sequel to this one. It would be interesting to see Gina's character evolve furthermore. It's good to see a tough female action character, and knowing what she can do in real life mixed martial art battles makes her character even more convincing. The character that Gina Carano plays in this movie is very focused and professional (as she should be in this kind of job). All in all I think it is very entertaining and all the characters are well played.
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Wonder woman Gina Carano
www.ramascreen.com20 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
-- www.ramascreen.com --

Director Steven Soderbergh doing an action flick starring a real MMA fighter, what is there not to like about HAYWIRE?! Plus it's written by Lem Dobbs who gave us Soderbergh's old great film, The Limey. You want another reason to like HAYWIRE? How 'bout this, the supporting actors are A-list names who are on top of their game. O and did I mention that Gina Carano kicks serious ass because unlike skinny Saldana or Jolie, Carano can literally kick your ass. Action film doesn't get more grounded and more solid than HAYWIRE..

Steven Soderbergh is one of those filmmakers who I can easily trust, by that I mean whenever I hear there's a film made by Soderbergh, you can count me in because I know I'll be treated with good stories handled by a master who always aims to dig deeper and find those extra layers. I wasn't too crazy about Contagion but that was mostly because the film bit off more than it could chew. I personally don't find Dobb's HAYWIRE script to be too complex, I actually find the whole thing a bit thin, but it's not too simple that it might insult your intelligence. You could see the pawns in this chess game, who's pulling the strings, which one has more power over the others, beware the quiet ones, but the story fits nicely in between one action sequence after another. They mean to design HAYWIRE as a throwback to old James Bond films but I think HAYWIRE has enough kicks to be taken as an original espionage thriller.

What I appreciate about HAYWIRE is that it's not an over-the-top, excessive, CG-laden action film. Other films brag about being grounded in reality, I think HAYWIRE can shut their mouths because for the most part of the film, what you see is what you get. And no offense to Statham's beating up 50 guys at a time, which is excitingly far-fetched, but what Carano's character Mallory Kane offers is a more creative set of fighting styles, and the result is a very realistic choreography, each fight doesn't drag, often times it's just one, two move and done. Little to no acrobatic wire work and lavish special effects. The action in this film is physically possible. I think it's brilliant that Soderbergh chooses to not have any music accompany the fight sequences, there's music for the car chases and the dramatic scenes and when shots are fired but as soon as the fights start, all you see and hear are the fights. Brilliant!

I'm saving the best part for this last paragraph, Gina Carano. What a revelation! Finally, a convincing, believable female action star who can also look elegant and beautiful. At first I was a bit concerned knowing that I'd be watching a film where a bunch of guys, famous guys I might add, were punching and kicking a woman. But after researching more on Carano, I became more concerned for the guys instead. Actingwise, I think Carano does a fine job, she looks like a fast and disciplined learner, she holds her ground when facing such giants as Banderas and Douglas who've been in the business for years. Carano is sexy and lethal. My favorite scene would have to be the brutal hand-to-hand combat between Carano's character, Mallory Kane and Michael Fassbender's character, Paul, in the hotel room. It's intense, chaotic, and thrilling. The first fight scene with Tatum is just as badass because you never know how far they'd hurt each other. But I'm sure that being a fighter, Carano finds all that to be her comfort zone. I hope we'll see her in more action films because she has what it takes, her future is bright in cinema.

-- www.ramascreen --
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An above average actioneer film, highlighted by good actors
TheTikiZombie66610 June 2012
For me, this was a decent movie to rent, not to own. It's basically your above average revenge film, where the bad guys get theirs.

The plot isn't anything special, but the side characters are good. You get your usual good acting from Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas & Bill Paxton...but not much after that.

Plus, what is up with some of the reviewers on here boo hooing that people don't love the film, stating that "we don't get the film"? Oh we get the film, but were hungry for more.

Watch it for yourselves to gather you're own opinion...rent it or borrow it first if you can, and who knows, you may enjoy it enough to purchase it.
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A very pleasant surprise
william-tasker-nz13 December 2014
I kept waiting for this movie to suck ... but it never really did.

Generally I check reviews and ratings before I rent movies, but this one caught my eye at the video shop. I did however check IMDb before I watched it, and figured I had made a mistake and was in for some tedious viewing.

But instead I found it very good indeed. Yes, there are plot holes. Yes, the acting isn't stellar and the basic scenario has been done many times before, but come on people, you need to take it on its own terms and in terms of the basic "agent out in the cold" action/thriller with the usual shady dealings/betrayals in high places, it acquits itself very well.

I'm generally pretty critical - "Hanna" for instance, a similar tale but with a young girl rather than a woman, was preposterous from start to finish.

There will probably never be a truly realistic action film. Most fights in the real world end quickly with one person writhing on the ground in pain, which is not very entertaining. So all action films - including the "Gold Standard" Bourne series - have to have supposedly highly trained killers slugging away with blow after blow that would fell an ox and somehow our hero escapes broken bones, massive swelling or even serious bruising. Even gunshot wounds only cause minor discomfort and seem always to come right overnight.

So we have to suspend disbelief, and this movie doesn't overly strain that capacity in my view. The fights were gritty and involving, the photography was excellent. The supporting characters were well-cast and believable. The lead actress gave a very credible portrayal of the sort of person she was supposed to be.

All in all, I was very satisfied and enjoyed a good evening's entertainment.
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Sharp, Uncomplicated, and Thrilling, 'Haywire' Packs its Punches Quite Effectively.
akash_sebastian21 October 2014
Sharp, uncomplicated, and thrilling, 'Haywire' packs its punches quite effectively. The gloomy tone, the serious setting, the unapologetically aggressive fight sequences; this is an unusual action drama.

From the initial confrontation scene to the movie's comic ending, there isn't a single dull moment in it. The list of talented male actors involved is endless - Tatum, McGregor, Douglas, Banderas, Fassbender, Paxton. But it's the athletic and talented female lead, not-so-known Gina Carano, who carries the movie forward. She's like the female Bourne. I wonder why she hasn't done more movies.

The action sequences between Carano and the male actors are uniquely brilliant; the male and the female punch, hit and kick each other with the same amount of raw brutal force, which is not usually seen in movies. In that regard, the movie is quite feminist, in my opinion. And the fact that no sound effect or background score is used during the fight scenes make the sequences feel more real and effective.

The editing is tight, the camera-work is beautiful, the background score is minimal, and the story doesn't try too hard to be complex, which makes the movie an exhilarating ride.
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the nuances of betrayal. . .
malcolmi27 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Mallory Kane is good enough at her 'private contracting' work that clients ask for her specifically, but she's planning to leave the company after the withering of a relationship with her boss. He finds a tidy way to solve the problems her departure will cause, while fulfilling an eight-figure contract with a governmental client. As he says with an amused smile, "it's about money. It's always about money." And his plans for her are unpleasantly final. But she's too perceptive to be taken by surprise. . .

Haywire is Steven Soderbergh's extremely crisp, intelligent take on the world of private intelligence contractors operating in the shadowy world linking governments, dissidents, and national intelligence organizations. and one employee's discovery that she's the target of a duplicitous employer. Soderbergh's directorial skill draws an excellent performance from Gina Carano, in her first role, as a focused operative with a phenomenal skill in hand-to-hand combat. She may be tightly-wound - a bemused colleague (Channing Tatum) asks "Is that your idea of R&R? Wine and firearm maintenance?" - but she knows how to navigate the murky world of international espionage with the right proportion of expertise and scepticism. She's able to deal with the duplicity of her superior, Ewan McGregor, and earn the supportive trust of government administrator Michael Douglas. Soderbergh's talent for helping character become real in the landscapes of his films makes Haywire a gripping exploration of how to navigate the duplicity inherent in worlds where morality is superseded by the profit motive.
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Haywire and a new breed of female hero
mjturny2323 February 2013
Just watched Haywire and I thought Gina Carano was amazing. Whether its writers, directors or movie moguls, most of Hollywood doesn't seem to believe that women are capable of physically overpowering and defeating men, that they are naturally weaker because of their femaleness. But there is a series of characters, actresses and films/TV shows that are offering females who have no problem taking down their male opponents.

Haywire showed the best action sequences I've seen for some time and Gina Carano is so tough I almost felt sorry for the guys she was fighting because I knew they didn't stand a chance. And she's not alone, with Emily VanCamp (Revenge), Zoe Saldana (The Losers, Columbiana) and Rooney Mara (Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) showing that women are just as capable as men when it comes to kicking ass and taking names.

What other women can kick ass? Who would you like to see in the rumoured female Expendables? Click the link below to comment

http://mydreamtank.co.uk/?p=274 (A blog about pop culture, art and everything that inspires me)
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Good action movie
Eva S.2 May 2012
Haywire is about a female special ops agent who has been set up while on a mission, and her effort to get herself out of any more trouble for she's still being chased. The film covers the story usually back and forth with many agents involved. Gina Carano and her fighting skills have been chosen for the leading role, alongside an interesting supporting cast such as Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Bill Paxton and Michael Fassbender. Nevertheless, the film is moving around Carano's character. Douglas and McGregor seemed to play a decorative part and Banderas is charming his way through, while Tatum and Fassbender get their ass kicked pretty well! Don't expect jaw dropping performances because mostly it's all about the action.

The outcome looked like a Richie-Tarantino attempt. Lots of action and mystery with a little bit of sarcasm and a weird selection of music. Not bad (David Holmes in charge), but at a few points it just seemed that it didn't match the scenes.

A nice action film. No need for high or low expectations. Steven Soderbergh is just trying stuff. Enjoy!
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