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I really enjoyed this movie for one reason
Max Udargo11 May 2012
This movie stands out from any movie I've ever seen for one reason: it is the only movie I've seen where I believed the people fighting were actually fighting. I can't remember ever seeing a film where I was actually wincing and tensing up from fear that somebody was going to get hurt.

This isn't a film that depends on CGI or fast cuts or clever angles or even stunt people for the most part. The star of the film is clearly a very physical and capable woman of action, and she made me believe she was actually hurting the people she was pretending to hurt.

For that reason alone, it will always stand out in my memory. Most action films these days are terribly boring because it's all so cartoonish and exaggerated and stylized, and therefore unbelievable and fake. But this film kept the action grounded in the physical capabilities of its very capable star, and that made it anything but boring. I guess it didn't do to well at the box office, which is too bad. If this had launched a franchise I'd have been a big fan.
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Nothing new, but likeably cool!
martinrobertson3004821 February 2012
Once again, I stepped into a movie with zero expectations, and was pleasantly surprised. People told me to avoid "Haywire" but I found it reasonably entertaining.

First off, I was amazed by the number of likable actors that are in the movie - Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas and Bill Paxton (where has he been hiding?) all star in co-roles. I don't know the main actress in the movie but she did a fine job, and apparently did all her own stunts.

Flick has been un-fairly compared to Angelina Jolies "Salt." Why? Because it stars a woman kicking guys ass's perhaps? I guess their plots are kind off similar too, but "Salt" was an over the top action movie. Outside of a couple of movie-style fights "Haywire" feels more realistic, but where it really succeeds is in its style. It works as a cool thriller that I found myself smiling at because off the way it tells its ex-assassin-getting-chased-again plot. Although maybe not everyone will give it a thumbs up, I will because I enjoyed it.
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Chris018421 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
I've literally just seen this and came out of the cinema thinking 'Was that it?'. OK, the fight sequences were good, an easy rival for the likes of Bourne, and the occasional one line comments did make me chuckle but the acting, especially from the lead character, was pretty poor. I even expected more from the likes of Douglas, McGregor and Fassbender!

The general plot was there and developed over what seemed like 3 hours, however I felt the film was disjointed, predictable, and why she insisted on befriending a random bloke and telling him her entire life story after stealing his car is beyond me.

All in all I felt cheated, let down, and like I was watching a well budgeted university film.
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Mediocre, oh so mediocre...
pagangod21 January 2012
It's got a simple, but hugely unoriginal plot - Special Ops agent gets doubled-crossed (yawn) and proceeds to exact her revenge on those who wronged her, yeah, it sounds very much like the standard plot for your average Steven Seagal straight-to-DVD actioner - not a film directed by Steven Soderbergh!

I suspect that Soderbergh is not overly familiar with this particular genre, otherwise he might have avoided the clichéd script like the plague...

The direction for this piece is restrained almost to the point of inertia - any energy generated within the action scenes comes sorely from the mixed-martial artistry of Ms. Carano, it almost feels as if Mr. Soderbergh is embarrassed by the notion of directing an action thriller.

Soderbergh does his usual thing of peppering his films with stars and/or solid character actors, but despite the presence of the likes of Ewan MacGregor, Michael Fassbender, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, etc, they are underused in what are essentially expanded cameos - only MacGregor gets to shine a little, but his character is underwritten and lacks any credible motivation for his actions.

Gina Carano acquits herself quite well, especially so given the fact that she is carrying the movie on her inexperienced shoulders - that and the cold, hard reality that her character is basically a Jason Bourne clone, albeit with female genitalia...

The film also suffers from the fact that it doesn't have a climax, it just simply stops.

The restrained approach Soderbergh adopted for this film is it's undoing - short, sporadic bursts of action in an uninspired and leisurely-paced script damage Haywire badly, if Steven Soderbergh had bothered to have injected a bit more zest and flair into his direction, the film might have been redeemed somewhat and not turned into the lifeless, miserable clone that it is.

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Girl power
blanche-222 January 2014
According to what I read (or should I say waded through), Steven Soderbergh saw Gina Carano fight (she is an expert in martial arts) and wanted to build a film around her.

Haywire isn't your typical Soderbergh film. The plot is barely there -- a black ops agent is betrayed and seeks revenge on her betrayers. Big whoop. The star of the show is Gina Carano kickboxing, jumping, throttling people, you name it. That is one amazing athlete there. And the fact that she was up against all men was impressive. And she has a great figure.

The film also stars Channing Tatum, Michael Douglas, Antonio Banderas, and Ewan McGregor, so the inexperienced Carano was surrounded by good people who didn't have much to do.

This isn't an action film up to the standards of a Bourne film, due to Soderbergh not doing much in the way of directing. It just doesn't pop. The ending is just blah.

Carano is the only reason to see it, if you want to see a top-notch female kickboxer in action.
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An honest review
dannyolivercampbell25 January 2012
A lot of people are just voting 1 for this film without any just cause other then they don't want to like this film. I believe this film has flaws but as a whole, is a very unique and special experience. When I watched this film, it was not like any film that I had seen before, from the camera angles, sound choices, etc. I felt some of the sound choices were strange but it went with the whole flow of the movie. This movie is NOT a standard action movie but more like watching art. There were few fight scenes but the fight scenes that are in the movie have a raw feeling to them and are extremely well choreographed. They are believable because the main character's hand to hand fights are all one on one with the exception of one fight in which she is fighting two people. But it is believable because she gets a surprise attack on the two people. The other fights, she is fighting people her size except for one fight, in which she was getting her ass handed to her until someone else joined in and helped her.

I think people were either expecting an ACTION action movie or a Oscar worthy drama but this movie is neither. It has a very surreal feeling and it can be slow but it has a very real feeling to it as well and is more like an experience then a movie. The fight scenes alone are worth the price of admission, and seeing the birth of a legitimate female action star. Was her acting stellar? No but it was pretty good, especially for someone who has never acted before. She can only improve from here.
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Classy Action Thrills
Mek Torres5 February 2012
The story of Haywire is not really appealing. It's about someone tough who got betrayed then wants revenge. It's been used in so many action films. But Haywire has a different purpose to exist. It's about giving Gina Carano her own show with Steven Soderbergh's direction. It's pretty fascinating. Both merits cover the "cookie-cutterness" of the plot. It's not your standard action film with senseless explosions and mediocre dumbness. It's a film with art, style, and action scenes that are ridiculous and realistic. It's short but it's still worth the ride.

The film isn't really trying to be original, big, or loud. Haywire is one of Soderbergh's experiments. The story may not be original but he tells it in a pretty clever way. The first half of the film takes place on a car and shows a lot of flashbacks. The scenes are pretty slick. The action is silent but it's pretty awesome. Gina Carano made every fights dangerously exciting. The other stars does their thing but they don't appear that much. It's one of Soderbergh's trademarks. He casts some big stars but they end up being minor characters. Well, this is Carano's show. It's all about her.

The only thing that disappoints me here is it's too short and there are only few fight scenes. But there are still some action scenes that are pretty exciting like the car chase in New York and the SWAT chase in Dublin were well shot and have a good amount of suspense. The rest of the filmmaking: Well written. The score is fancy. The cinematography and editing are simply art.

Haywire is as simple as it gets. It may not be a fast action blockbuster but it is more interesting than that. It's not quite recommendable to everyone unless you like art films, Soderbergh's directing style, or Gina Carano. No female action star can fight like Gina Carano. It's fun to see her beat up all of these men. Since we are now stuck with action films with mediocre filmmaking, at least we get to see another classy action film like this. But the true core of this film is Gina Carano.
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A very cool retro spy film
jbarnes-1024 January 2012
I really liked "Haywire" and Gina Carano is one tough cookie with an ax to grind. The film has a very independent feel about it, along with a very retro style. Carano is great in her role, totally believable and the girl does her own stunts! The story is a bit hard to follow so you do have to pay attention and have a normal adult attention span. If you are expecting "Fast and Furious" or some other schlock like that, this is not the movie for you. There are intense action scenes and slower parts where the story really unfolds. All of the male stars in this film are simply backdrop for Gina's kick ass, don't f**k with me fellows attitude. A very unique and intelligent story worth seeing.
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Here's The Kicker...
spelvini11 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
With an old-school style and a pacing that never lets up the tension Haywire is a throbbing showcase for its lead star mixed Martial Arts fighter Gina Carano as operative-for-hire Mallory Kane. Right from the opening scene we know we're in a store for a special kind of action flick. This woman does all her own stunts and you're likely to be watching a second time through just to enjoy every punch of every smash cut of the movie.

Mallory Kane (Gina Carano) is one of the best operatives the government has. She's positively ruthless in her efficiency, always taking care of loose ends to ensure the success of missions. When hired to save a kidnapped journalist, she is alerted when he ends up dead and she becomes a target for elimination. Managing to dispatch the assassins who approach her, and befriending agency suit Alex Coblenz (Michael Douglas) she works her way up the food chain to the one who put the finger on her.

Looking back I remember my fascination with the old Avengers British TV show form the 60s and my secret thrill at watching Diana Rigg's Emma Peel lower the kibosh on some underestimating bad guy. I think every man thought that having a beautiful leather-clad beauty kick their brains in was the ultimate thrill. There's a lot of that same currency here as director Steven Soderburgh lovingly follows Carano through action territory.

There is a missing element in the movie that would lift it to a higher level. Carano never goes up against another female fighter and this would add considerable range and depth to the flick. There are also some stumbles in Carano's acting movements. She's not an actor, and Soderburgh smartly constructs scenes so that the woman can rely on primal emotional responses. Her character is a contract killer and the movie sticks to character interactions that emphasize the cold and calculating business of killing.

What Soderburgh's film smartly does is recall the feeling of the movies from the 70s and 80s that were essentially exposes on the secret kill squads that worked Cuba, and European soil in the name of Democracy. Soderburgh even goes so far as to create a visual palette that recalls the look of the super-35 MM film stock, and the available-lighting technique that was used during the day.

Soderburgh also allows the film to float off without resolving too resolutely to close the narrative. He's an intelligent director, and respects the brain power of the viewer enough to let us watch and put the pieces together on our own. Along the way he gives us some great action set-ups with Carano doing all her own stunts.
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