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Short, but pretty sweet

Author: Ethan_Martin from United States
12 September 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1st Match: Johnny B. Badd vs Lord Steven Regal, WCW World TV Championship. A lengthy match to start the show, it still surprises me how Badd hasn't won a title yet, because he's hotter than the sun. Rating: 3/5

2nd Match: Vader vs "Totally Not The Big Bossman". OK so Bossman's real ring name is "Guardian Angel", but like hell am I calling him that. There are some wrestler names that are so ridiculous, I'll just stick with other ones I know. I'm pretty sure this gimmick won't last long, but the match ending in a DQ is pretty cheap. Rating: 2.5/5

3rd Match: Terry Funk and Bunkhouse Buck vs Dustin Rhodes and Arn Anderson. The match isn't much, but Arn turning on Dustin was really surprising, I didn't see it coming at all. It's watchable, but that's about it. Rating: 3/5

4th Match: Steve Austin vs Ricky Steamboat, WCW US Heavyweight Championship. This is the match of the night, both guys give it everything they got. Austin realizes he can't beat Steamboat in a fair fight, so he does what any desperate man would do, cheat. He tries to get DQ, he tries to get a count out, and he uses the ropes to steal the match. A serious "Match of the Year" candidate. Rating: 5/5

5th Match: Pretty Wonderful vs Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan, WCW Tag Team Championships. This match is about 7 minutes longer than it should be, I'm guessing because there was still an hour left and only two matches remaining. The match just drags on and on, with nothing substantial happening. Not even the crowds interested. Rating: 1.5/5

6th Match: Ric Flair vs Hulk Hogan, WCW Heavyweight Championship. Talk about a dream match. How WWF didn't capitalize on this when they had a chance is mind-boggling. The crowd is nuclear hot for this, it reminds me of Hogan/Rock at Wrestlemania X8. Maybe not a fantastic match from a technical stand-point, but the crowd combined with Hogan and Flair's personas give the match the edge it needs. Rating: 4.5/5

Final Rating: 7 out of 10. While some of the matches are just OK, Austin/Steamboat and Flair/Hogan are fantastic. The only huge flaw the show had was the tag title match, but if you skip that the rest of the PPV shines.

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Austin and Steamboat steal the show!

Author: callanvass from victoria b.c canada
24 March 2016

*** This review may contain spoilers ***


Live from Orlando, FL

Attendance: 14,000

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Jessie Ventura & Bobby Heenan

Television Title

Lord Steven Regal (C) (W/Sir William) Vs Johnny B Badd

Regal retains by reversing a roll-up. They were never able to truly get going. As a result, this match turned out to be an average one. There were too many rest holds and not enough excitement. The finish was anti-climatic as well.


Antonio Inoki gets honored with a plaque for his contributions to wrestling. William Regal interrupts and says he should be getting the plaque, not him. Regal talks some more trash so Inoki takes off his jacket to fight Regal, but Regal declines.

Thoughts: Not sure what the point of this was!

Vader (W/Harley Race) Vs The Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is The Big Bossman. He was first named "The Boss", but that caused copyright issues with WWE. Vader wins by DQ after Angel is caught with a nightstick in his hand that Harley Race handed to Vader. This wasn't too shabby for two big men. Vader's agility for his size is ridiculous. When was the last time you'd see a 450 pound man doing a sunset flip off the top, or a moonsault?


Terry Funk & Bunkhouse Buck (W/Col. Robert Parker & Meng) Vs Dustin Rhodes & Arn Anderson

Funk and Bunkouse win after Arn Anderson turns on Rhodes and plants him with a DDT. This was kind of a weird match. It wasn't boring, just weird. Dustin spent most of the match in control in a 2 on 1 situation against Funk and Bunkhouse before Anderson's heel turn. I'm not sure how to fully rate this one.


United States Championship

"Stunning" Steve Austin (C) Vs Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat

Austin retains when he pins Steamboat by using the ropes. This is just a fabulous match with both guys seriously working their asses off to create something special. This match goes relatively unnoticed because of all the hype Flair and Hogan gets on this card, but these two went and out stole the show. Any true wrestling fan knows how amazing Steamboat is in the ring, but Austin was no slouch himself, especially before his neck injury. It's a damn shame WCW didn't use Austin properly because he'd cough up the title to that hack, Jim Duggan.


Tag Team Championship

Cactus Jack & Kevin Sullivan (C) (W/Dave Sullivan) Pretty Wonderful (Paul Orndorff & Paul Roma)

Roma and Orndorff win the titles after some heel chicanery. This match was a chore to sit through! It's filled with boring rest holds and doesn't offer any excitement what so ever. The crowd was so bored they started doing the wave at one point to entertain themselves.


WCW Heavyweight Championship

Ric Flair (C) (W/Sensuous Sherri) Vs Hulk Hogan (W/Mr. T & Jimmy Hart)

Shaquille O'Neal will be presenting the title to the winner. Hogan wins with the legdrop. This is a very good match that is ruined by too much interference. I can't count how many times Sherri interfered. All the interference made Flair look very weak. The match itself is a bit over-hyped, but Hogan and Flair delivered the goods. In all honesty, though? This is one of the only two good matches I've seen Hogan and Flair have.


Overall, this PPV was OK. Hogan's arrival in WCW definitely gave them more exposure and lead them to greatness a couple of years later., where they'd become top dogs. That being said, Hogan's arrival also meant a lot of bad things as well. Hogan was a cancer, hiring all his buddies like Hacksaw Jim Duggan, etc, etc. People like Steve Austin had to take a backseat. We'd also get a string of awful PPV's as well with the awful Dungeon of Doom storyline. Anyways, Hogan vs Flair was good, but it was Steamboat and Austin that stole the show.

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Hogan won the biggest title in his debut WCW match?

Author: amanwhorocks from Czech Republic
27 August 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

1. TV Title Match: Johnny B. Badd Vs. Champ-Lord Steven Regal- Good match, Regal brings some technic to WCW. Thanks God, he beat Badd. 6/10

2. Vader Vs. LOOOOOOOOOL Guardian Angel :DD It's the Big STIFF Man - Not a way... This was pretty bad (except Vader's moves like Moonsault). Stiff get DQed. 5/10

3. Bunkhouse Buck/Terry Funk Vs. Dustin Rhodes/Arn Anderson - Even worse than the second match. Team of Arn and Dustin didn't do very well in the ring. Finally Arn turned on Dustin and I really don't care 5/10

4. U.S. Heavyweight Title Match: Ricky Steamboat Vs. Champ-Stunning Steve Austin - Yes, another heel hold his belt! This was decent wrestling. 6/10

5. World Tag Team Title Match: Paul Orndorff/Paul Roma Vs. Champs-Cactus Jack/Kevin Sullivan - Why is it in every match someone who's make it worse? This time it's "Puncher/Kicker" Sullivan. Boring match. 5.5/10

6. WCW Heavyweight Title Match: Champ(goes first)-Ric Flair Vs. Hulk Hogan - So much awaited match and I'm sad that they lay the Real Man RIc Flair laid for Hogan. Hulk applied few clotheslines, hundreds of right punches, (no back body drop and basic slam like usual) and leg drop. Now that's the wrestler! With so little moves, he is still the legend. Blah. This match was as good as whole PPV. 4/10

No, another bad thing approach, Hacksaw Jim Duggan joins WCW too, that's really bad news. And the worst new is that we have now in WCW Brutus Beefcake, that sick uninteresting idiot. I don't like Bash at the Beach 1994.

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