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An excellent recent example of just how funny family guy can be...
Krezyle15 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This episode was likely the best I've ever seen produced in the 'family guy' series and is right on par with some of the early season episodes. This one was exceptionally well thought out and covered a lot of ground in the usual 21 or so minutes. Another poster pointed out how much of the material has already been done, but how can you honestly expect to watch television and not see an idea reused. Even if you had seen it done before, the take on it that the family guy team had and the way they saw it to creation made it fresh in my book. This episode worked to combine elements of family guy that worked with the outside world. The mayor McCheese skit, the political cartoon, the role reversal... In my opinion all of these show just how versatile the family guy team are. The Disney cartoon skit was impressive, and doesn't really just show that Disney is anti-semitic as someone else eluded to. Its the idea that the creators of this cartoon can show you what family guy would look like in a Disney world and portray the characters in such a way to mirror it, brilliant. I have been watching this episode over and over again on hulu, it really is just truly amazing and will be very hard to beat. Wellesley Wild writing the script and Greg Colton producing always seem to be a winning combination.
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The One With The Multiverses...
Taylor Kingston28 October 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is my absolute favorite episode of the entire series! It has to be. It's just so good. I love it so much and I can watch it over and over and not get bored. It is just such a good concept. It's definitely the best "Road To" episode of Family Guy, so far, anyway.

In this episode, the Griffin family are at the State Fair. Stewie wins a hog contest and shows Brian his pig. It's a genetically engineered pig from another universe. Stewie takes Brian home and tells him all about the theory, that there are multiple universes, and that he had created a machine to take him there. They go to another universe, I can't remember if it's by accident or on purpose, but anyway they do. Now that I think about it more, I think Stewie purposely took Brian to another universe. They go to a universe in which Christianity never existed, therefore, the world is a thousand years more advanced. The only character from the show we see there, is Meg, who looks great, and is apparently still one of the ugly ones. They go to many different universes. Such as one with good looking men in their underwear, one made up entirely of fire hydrants, one where 3D clay, one where they are real-life people and dogs, one where it's like the Flintstones, a Disney universe, which was very racist, a Japanese universe. And my personal favorite: one where everyone has two heads. One happy, one sad. Eventually they find themselves in a universe where people are the pets and dogs are the masters. Brian wanting to stay, accidentally breaks the return pad. They go visit themselves, and see that there, Brian is a human, and the Griffins are different breeds of dogs. I don't know how they're different breeds, but whatever. Dog Stewie tells normal Stewie that he knows who they are and why they've. But after human Stewie bites dog Joe, he is taken to the pound, where he will be put down. Human Brian, dog Brian and dog Stewie all go to save him. Eventually they do, and when they are about to leave, human Brian decides to come along. When home, human Brian goes to find a new adventure in a world where he will be in charge. And just to tie up loose ends, he gets hit by a car.

I love how creepy it is to see a human Brian, and a dog Stewie, Peter, Joe, Meg, Chris and Lois. It's so cool. I especially love the universe in which it's like a Disney movie. This episode is very well done.

Overall, I give this episode a 10 out of 10.
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A class episode
Paul Evans14 October 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Tnis is an example of Family Guy at its absolute best, a Stewie and Brian adventure always has something extra special, and this one has to be one of their best. It's very funny throughout, the animation is superb and it feels very original. The show works best when it's surreal, and this one is certainly bonkers. Some really funny bits, the human Brian and Stewie, the low resolution family etc but, the best bit is surely the Disney segment, so amusing and visually stunning. At times it's so wrong, but the humour is so right.

It's a wonderful day for Pie :-) 10/10
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Example of What's Right and What's Wrong With "Family Guy"
michael_the_nermal11 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This season opener is the perfect example of why "Family Guy" can be pretty funny at times, but also has the ability to leave the audience groaning with disgust, stunned with perplexity, or simply yawning with boredom.

I love "Road Movie" parodies on "Family Guy", and this has to be one of the best. Idea-wise, it's very creative: Brian and Stewie hop between alternate universes. Some jokes, such as the "real world" or "compliment guy" are funny and and intelligent, hearkening back to the best stuff from "Looney Tunes." My favorite---and I doubt few others will disagree that it was their favorite---was the "Disney world." The "Family Guy" animators really gave it their all to imitate the Disney style. It actually looked much more like a Don Bluth movie than anything else (Don Bluth was a former Disney animator, but his style is much more recognizable than Disney). Still, who'd laugh at a "Don Bluth" universe?

And herein lies the problem. Disney's too easy a target to lampoon, too famous and too timeworn a subject. At least "Family Guy" could have toyed with how Don Bluth preferred beautiful animation over substance, relied too much on Dom DeLuise as a voice-over artist, consistently was a box-office failure, or at least could have made a cheap "Troll in Central Park" joke (SNL did it with Alec Baldwin as Charles Nelson Reilly as King Llort---but I digress, which I love doing). But no, leave it to "Family Guy" to follow up a brilliantly funny song-and-dance number with a cheap anti-Semitism potshot at Disney. Ha! Ha! Ha! Walt was an anti-Semite! How original is that? And really, using the irony of anti-Semitism as a gag is getting as stale as week-old Wonder Bread. If only "Family Guy" could have thought of something a little less cheap than defaming Walt Disney in this way, it could have been funnier and more subtle.

We all know subtlety is not "Family Guy's" strong suit. Still, this could be mitigated with better writing overall. And need I mention perplexing anachronisms which the teenage and young adult audience will not get? Even if you are over 40, will you find it funny? The "no Christianity" universe was pretty funny until they brought in a completely unfunny John Hinckley reference. By the time I got to the "Dogs-as-sentient beings" universe, I was pooped.

Overall, this episode was uneven at best. It had its funny moments, but I was bored a lot of the time.

And am I the only one who feels sorry for the Meg character for the running gag of her being the black sheep of the family, and therefore the target of cruel jokes? It's not funny, it's just....just sad.
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