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  • Lynette discovers what Tom is really doing in university; Gabrielle objects to a school principal removing Juanita from the Thanksgiving beauty pageant; Karl gives Bree a gift Susan previously owned; Katherine continues her attempts to seduce Mike; Angie continues to hide her past life.

  • Lynette discovers what Tom is really doing in university; Gabrielle objects to the school principal removing Juanita from the Thanksgiving beauty pageant; Katherine continues her attempts to seduce Mike; Angie continues to hide her past life.


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  • "Desperate Housewives" - "Don't Walk on the Grass" - Nov. 1, 2009

    Bree is worried that she's falling for Karl. She didn't think it was possible given his loose ethics and vulgar nature but there it is. So just as she's breaking it to him that she wants out he confesses that he loves her. In doing so he gives her an heirloom brooch that belonged to his grandmother Irene. She's so touched she decides to give him another chance.

    But when she and Orson show up at Susan's wearing the brooch Susan recognizes it and tells her that Karl originally gave it to her a decade earlier and then was mad at her when she "lost" it. Karl conveniently enters at this point dropping off Julie and he and Bree exchange glances. She's angry and says she bought it at a local antique store and gives it back to its rightful owner Susan.

    The next day she goes to Karl's office and tells him in no uncertain terms it's over because she can't be with a man who would give the same jewelry to two women and make one of them think she lost it. As she's about to leave, again, he asks her to marry him. She says no. He gets down on one knee asking her to think about it because, he says, with her as his wife he could be a good man, he could change. He tells her not to answer but to think about it.

    Bree goes to Susan's to retrieve her pie plate and Susan is wearing the brooch. She mentions that when Susan talks about Karl it's only ever the lies and the cheating, never the good times. Susan says there were some and a lot of laughs and perhaps if he had once begged her forgiveness and promised to change things might've turned out differently. But, alas, she's glad at how they turned out and decides the only man's jewelry she should wear now is Mike's and gives Bree back the brooch.

    Bree goes back to Karl and gives him the brooch saying she'll consider his proposal on two conditions: he get her out her marriage and start showing her the new and improved Karl post haste and also, no sex for a month. He promises to get to it.

    Later, Orson goes to the antique store where Bree claims she bought the brooch to buy her a suitable replacement but the owner says they only sell furniture. Orson starts to put two and two together.

    Katherine comes to visit Susan to apologize and to try and call a truce. She says she's not crazy anymore and wants back in on the poker games and parties. Susan says given what's happened she thinks not. Katherine essentially threatens to sue her for reckless endangerment and Susan changes her tune.

    Later, when she and Mike are about to get it on Mike's phone rings. It's Katherine complaining of a problem in her master bath. Susan heads over with Mike and Katherine is wearing a sexy nightie claiming it's her disposal. Susan is suspicious and goes up to the bedroom to see that Katherine had a seduction plan: candles, rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries, champagne. Katherine confronts her and claims she does this all the time. Susan calls down to Mike as Katherine hurriedly blows out candles. She runs into the bathroom where she'd also drawn a bubble bath. Susan says no truce. Katherine says she'll sue. Susan tells her to bring it and they start to fight and end up in the tub. A waterlogged Susan comes downstairs and tells Mike they official hate Katherine again.

    Katherine has decided that Angie is her new confidant and pre-fight she dropped by to jaw and found Angie looking at a picture and crying. She asks who the mother and child are and Angie says it's her mom and she's dead. Her birthday is tomorrow so Angie gets misty. Katherine gives her a moment before getting back to her crazy saying that her and Angie's plan to take the high road is working and calls her her "partner in crme" and winks. Angie says it's not "their" plan and to keep her out of it but good luck. Katherine says it's her sadness talking and that she'll make her a pineapple upside down cake to cure her depression.

    The next day Angie calls her mom, who apparently isn't dead but whom she never talks to since she, Nick, and Danny are on the run. She tells her they only have a few minutes but as they talk she sees Katherine in a mirror behind her. She hangs up on her mom. Katherine gives her the cake and wonders who that was since she said her mom was dead. Nick's mom, says Angie, they're very close. Katherine asks about the pre-paid cell phone Angie is using. Angie says they got it on a trip and still had minutes so she's using it up. Katherine mentions her fight with Susan and says she tried to drown her so now she's going to call the police so she'll need the gun for evidence. Angie says Katherine should continue taking the high road. Katherine leaves, mad that Susan is going to "get away with this."

    Later, Angie invites Susan over and over slices of pineapple upside down cake talks trash about Katherine and plants the seed that maybe it was she that attacked Julie, thinking it was Susan. Susan says that's crazy but clearly considers it. (A show of hands of those who now think Angie did it because Julie was the other woman?)

    Gaby and Carlos go to see Juanita in a Thanksgiving pagaent but when she has trouble saying her lines she lets a cuss word slip. The rigid principal wants to mete out serious punishment but Gaby balks. When she does the principal says clearly it's Gaby's fault that Juanita curse. Gaby than curses out the principal and yanks Juanita from the school.

    Carlos can't find a private school to take her in the middle of the year so Gaby has to home school her. This doesn't go well with a resentful Juanita who makes Gaby miserable. In a private conversation Carlos points out that Juanita has legitimate beef since she can't see her friends at school and can't have them over since the monkey mauled the clown. She has a right to be mad, he says, since Gaby wasn't protecting Juanita when she yelled at the principal but defending her own parenting. She counters that Carlos swears as much as she does.

    Later, Gaby apologizes to Juanita, who, it turns out really likes the principal and her rules and wishes Gaby had kept her mouth shut. Gaby admits she was wrong but asks if she isn't still a good mom. Juanita takes a pass on answering that one.

    Tom stumbles home drunk with two young college friends much to Lynette's chagrin. She tells him he's going to learn not relive his beer pong youth. He swears he is.

    Gaby stops by to get a globe for her home schooling supplies and mentions that Lynette has gained some weight. She blames her long hours, bad food, and lack of exercise. Gaby offers to help whip her into shape. Lynette begs off. Tom says he's going to the library and jets.

    Later, Lynette gets a call from folks at a college party wondering where Tom is since he was supposed to bring the keg. She goes but Tom is already gone. When she asks his young drunken friends why he's letting them sleep off their drunks and buying them kegs, they say they supplied him with some math test answers.

    She confronts Tom at home, mad that he's cheating. He says he's failing statistics and he'll never use it anyway and he has to pass since he's also touch and go in other classes and that learning Chinese at his age is hard. She says she should've talked to her and his professors not cheated that it's the principle of the thing, he's setting a bad example and there could be negative consequences. He counters that she's lying to her friends, like Gaby and that there will be consequences, like Lynette maybe losing her job, when she finally comes clean. She tries to tell him it's different. He says it's not and for her to not act like she's better than him.

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