Dennis Reynolds: We're caring people that's out nature

Tabitha: Um what is Frank struggling with the most right now?

Dee Reynolds: Ooh he is trying to bang our aunt

Dennis Reynolds: That's the big one

Tabitha: these things deal more with drugs and alchohol abuse

Dennis Reynolds: Drugs and alcohol are rolled into what we're talking about here

Tabitha: so he does have a drinking problem

Charlie Kelly: Oh Big time!

Dee Reynolds: Oh lady

[sips from her can of wine]

Dee Reynolds: So how do we go about doing this? We ambush him, and just sorta and just barate him into being the guy we wanna be around?

Tabitha: No, you certainly don't barate him. He needs to know your coming from of love and concern.

Dennis Reynolds: [Shakes his head] To soft, we should come out with an iron fist and crush him to submission

Charlie Kelly: And if we're taking that approch you might want to be armed at this intervention.

Tabitha: Why would I need to be armed?

Charlie Kelly: Well Frank is usally carrying around a little gun and he really doesn't hesitate to use it.

Dennis Reynolds: And you know what? Have the gunb out and ready to rock

Dee Reynolds: [Nods] It's just safer.

Charlie Kelly: Yeah,we'll all have guns

Charlie Kelly: You know what if we just kind of ambush Frank with some kind of net or some kind of rope device the gun would maybe drop out of his waist.

Dee Reynolds: You want to bring him in a net.

Dennis Reynolds: That could get awkward. I say bring the gun.

Dee Reynolds: Bring the gun

Charlie Kelly: [Shakes head] I don't want to get shot, so just bring the gun.

Dee Reynolds: What is "Night Crawlers?"

Dennis Reynolds: It's a game where they crawl around in the night like worms.

Charlie Kelly: I never said that.

Frank Reynolds: Yeah, well that's what it is.

Dee Reynolds: I'm assuming you wouldn't lured him down by a fire. Is that - is that what your face is doing?

Tabitha: And I wouldn't have an intervention at a bar.

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Charlie Kelly: Why do we never play 'nightcrawlers' anymore huh?

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