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The 10 Greatest Reality TV Judges Ever

Reality TV judging: It’s important. I can only commit to a TV talent show if I believe there are tough, fair-minded judges keeping the circus under control. Since we’re headlong into enticing seasons of The Voice and American Idol, the time is right to reflect upon the best judges in reality TV history – the ones who boast authority, smarts, sass, and fearsomeness. Oh, and some evil too!

10. Nina Garcia, Project Runway

The glamorous Marie Claire editrix has no time for fashion with a less-than-editorial edge, and she’s regularly the most intimidating part of a panel that also includes the fire-breathing Michael Kors and the perpetually aloof Heidi Klum. When she’s not dispensing displeasure at the drop of an accessory, she’s sighing with the kind of amazing contempt that warranted Meryl Streep an Oscar nom in The Devil Wears Prada.

Best Quote: While critiquing Santino Rice’s horrendous,
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Afternoon Meme: Leave Looney Tunes Alone, "Men In Black" Is Back, "Stretch Armstrong" Gets Staffed, and My "Glee" Views.

Plus, it's a big day for birthdays, Kelly Cutrone is impatient, American Top Gear ready to roll, Alex O'Laughlin's ... talents, and Neil Patrick Harris' Beastly quips.

On the off chance that anyone at Cartoon Network reads anything I write, I want to go on record as opposing their upcoming programming choices. Not only are you putting live-action programming on something called “Cartoon Network” you also bust out this sentence, which is as close to blasphemy as you can get: “The network also announced that coming later in the year would be an all-new re-imagined version of the Warner Bros animated classic shorts, Looney Tunes.”

Also departing from the title of their network, History Channel is set to premiere their version of Top Gear with Adam Ferrara, Tanner Foust and Rutledge Wood.

Kelly Cutrone got sick of waiting for Bravo to decided on a second season for Kell On Earth,
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Celebrity Jewelry Designer (and Mom!) Kathy Rose Reveals Her Style Inspirations

Courtesy of Rose Ark

Jewelry designer Kathy Rose is fast becoming an expert at walking the line between Hollywood and mommyhood.

Between being a stylist to the stars (Madonna was her first famous client!), constantly keeping up with the latest trends and winning big reality competitions like last winter’s Launch My Line on Bravo, she always does her best to carve out time for those who matter most — her family.

“Being away from them while filming the show was brutal,” Kathy, 38, tells People’s Celebrity Baby Blog.

“That was the hardest part. Fortunately, my kids are really close to my husband,
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Pics: Lady GaGa Making Surprise Visit on 'Launch My Line'

Lady GaGa will be paying a visit to "Launch My Line" in its January episode, and a sneak peek of her appearance has been made available through two new photos. Released by Bravo TV, the promotional images give out first look at the dance electronica singer when she joins hosts Dean and Dan Caten for the upcoming show.

In addition to the two pictures, the network also shares another look at the 23-year-old hitmaker by releasing a short preview. Less than 30-second long, the footage exposes the show's two hosts giving a clue about the guest for the episode. Before long, the singer who is hidden in the closet comes out and surprises the contestants.

Earlier this month, it was uncovered that Lady GaGa will be making an appearance on Bravo TV's new fashion reality show "Launch My Line". The "Bad Romance" singer's visit will be aired Bravo TV at
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Bravo's Launch My Line Features the Greatest Quote in 2009 Fashion TV

First of all, let's thank our lucky stars that Launch My Line isn't Project Runway. We all know how well it goes when Bravo tries to reclaim Runway's prestige with a knockoff, and Launch My Line sports none of The Fashion Show's boiler room lighting or janitorial judging panel. With miniature twin hosts Dean and Dan Caten of the designer brand DSQUARED2 helming the proceedings and insane contestants filling the workroom, this show almost doesn't need fashion to be entertaining. In fact, it might just need its first episode, which featured a quote that trumps the entire last season of Runway.
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