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The Mafiettes Movie Film Premier Debut was a SMASH
vipceo30 October 2009
The Mafiettes Premiered at the New York International Independent Film Festival in Manhattan NYC this week. The Debut was played before an audience of NYC movie goers, critics, national and international movie industry professionals alike, from all walks of life and from all parts of the city and the globe. It was a packed house with a diversified standing room only crowd and The Mafiettes delivered the goods. The Theatreauditorium roared as Clem Caserta played his Notorious Gangster Character "Jimmy Whispers" with a twist. This was an unconventional Mafia Mobster MasterPiece, that brought the roof down with applause,laughter,cheers and had cries for an encore at the end as the credits rolled down the screen. It was a testament to Clem's character, Jimmy Whispers Still Has what it takes and the woman of the Mafiettes make Charlies Angels look like runner ups at a Beauty Padgent. This Movie is a must see and I for one cannot wait till it hits the Theatres as a full length feature film. The Camera Work and editing was equal to some of the Box Office Block Busters Clem has Co-Starred in with his A List cronies so many times in the past. Clem's Resume speaks for itself but the supporting cast pulled up the rear and the production team rose to the occasion as well, it was superb from every aspect and from an industry standpoint, it had a big budget feel, with an AWESOME APPEAL. Great Job from Top to bottom.
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