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  • The Extended Version, which is only available on Blu-ray in the States, features a cut that is nearly 8 minutes longer than the well-known Theatrical Version. These prolonged scenes mostly consist of additional dialogue and extensions of already existing scenes. Sometimes alternative footage was used and completely new scenes are rarely seen.


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • No, the characters themselves do not kill their bosses. Harken (Kevin Spacey) kills Pellit (Colin Farrel) after Kurt (Jason Sudeikas) accidentally drops Pellit's stolen phone in Harken's house and Harken jumps to conclusion that Pellit is sleeping with Harken's wife. Later, the three trick Harken into confessing to the murder, and he is arrested. As for Dale's (Charlie Day) boss Julia (Jennifer Aniston), he is able to frame her seducing an "unconscious" patient (which "Motherfucker" Jones records) and uses it to blackmail her to pay for his honeymoon and stop sexually harassing him.

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