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First 3 episodes - 9, The rest - 4 SPOILERS!!!!!!!!
tvanrik9 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Loved Punch and Stephens! I got hooked on the first three episodes. But what a disappointment after that. EVERYTHING changed!!! Stephens' immature, nonchalant character was enduring and funny when he was paired with Punch and she was hilarious. His character is too mainstream and boring in the new episodes, once Punch left. New director? New writers? Whoever changed his character needs to be replaced!!! Why did you change his car? The first was cool and tied in perfectly with his immature character, this new "old" one that breaks down is a tired cliché. The writing from episode 4 onward is boring, tired, and cliché. You had me hooked, then you blew it. What a way to destroy a great show.
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Comedy that like a good wine, need time to age.
the_curious_tongue1 September 2010
OK so let's start with the obvious. What is Vexed? Vexed is a new BBC2 hour-long comedy focusing around two newly partnered DCIs (Detectives for USA,) Kate (Lucy Punch) and Jack (Toby Stephens.)

The outline is simple. They go solving crimes in their own way. With Jack being an arrogant, self centred, shallow man and Kate being a neurotic, violent and yet endearingly cute at times.

I like the fact that they are new partners, it gives license to explore what first impressions they give each other, and also is a very clever way of introducing the characters as they can ask questions about each other without it being strange, helping the viewer.

The comedy in the show is very British. Irony, sarcasm and quick-wit. Sometimes immature. The acting is first class. I rarely say that but this time it's spot on. Punch's and Stephens' on screen chemistry, or rather purposefully the lack of it, is near genius.

The stories are original and well thought out.

The only problem is that this show needs, and I mean needs, to be given time. 3 episodes should get you. Unfortunately this will probably be cancelled because it's not some two pints/coming of age rip off. Or rather because it hasn't got the now annoying Russell Howard.

If you love sarcasm and irony. Love misogynistic jokes being torn apart by a woman, enjoy good acting, well written stories and some genuine laugh out loud moments then you'll love this.

If you love arse and tit jokes along with ott accents and slang - then go watch repeats of two pints on Dave or Gold.
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First series 7... Second series 4
SnoopyStyle8 October 2013
This is odd little police procedural from Britain. DI Jack Armstrong (Toby Stephens) is a Neanderthal misogynist.

The first series had 3 episodes where Armstrong is teamed with DI Kate Bishop (Lucy Punch). She's neurotic, witty, and sometimes violent. They are not Sherlock by any means, but they get the job done. It's their relationship that's the most fun. Something about Lucy Punch makes her adorable even when she's crazy.

The second series had 6 episodes and a new partner for Armstrong. Bishop is replaced with DI Georgina Dixon (Miranda Raison). She's a bland character and just doesn't have the witty exchanges like Lucy Punch. I could barely finish watching the first episode. The cases are still forgettable, and without the energetic Punch, this show becomes an unfunny bore.
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Not to be missed
DJOfRadioGallifrey21 October 2010
This show is a gem, though it could easily slip under the radar, with the time and place it's look it up.

The characters are established in the first episode, meaning whose the darker one, or the smarter one. But I can say it doesn't follow that particular formula, they're both relatively smart and witty, and they both can be dark, strangely enough the smarter and moralist one of the pair seems to have a darker side. Though the carefree dumbed-down one is slightly cynical. There partnership can go in any direction which is the appeal with most programmes, though what makes it interesting is they are not two singletons thrown together; one is married and the other single and proud.

The cases though not exactly 'Sherlock calibre' they are smart and flow, and leave me surprised at every new turn....meaning the 'Oh yes...but of course.' moments.

The acting is good, the comedy good, the drama good. The number of episodes.....needs more.
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Definitely want more
HersiliaS8 April 2013
Warning: Spoilers
The long gap between the two series does make for a slight chance for its recommissioning, even though I know this is most likely wishful thinking. But I'd really love to see another season of this series, which made me laugh and at the same time watch the story lines with genuine interest, which is a rare combination in detective comedy.

The first season is definitely better than the second one, mainly because it's much more irreverent and more politically incorrect, which is one of the series' greatest assets. Also the female character and her story is more interesting with DI Bishop than with DI Dixon; moreover the (intended and perfectly played) absolute lack of chemistry between Jack and Kate is a much better premise than the growing liking between Jack and Georgina. Still, I would definitely enjoy a sequel, possibly with yet another partner for Jack, and with all the crazy humour of the first series.

The second season had good crime stories, always with good twists to them, only the grown up and tamed Jack was slightly out of the place (the last episode with the pillow battle with the brother made up for many earlier shortcomings of the character, though). I particularly loved the post-gender episode with the nice David Lodge touch to it, partly because apart from the really good storyline it also showed the former boldness in touching current issues and fashions. It also portrayed the academic life very well, even if ironically, which makes me believe that other episodes were also well researched for small details.

As for the actors, I could watch Toby Stephens forever, and I would encourage the producers to let him balance on the border of overdoing a comical character - he can perfectly do it, as he showed in the wonderfully camp Prince John, one of the few redeeming qualities of the otherwise hardly watchable "Robin Hood". Jack Armstrong could use more camp features, too, as the 'mature student' scenes in the academic episode showed.

Lucy Punch is certainly a better actress than Miranda Raison, but the latter did better and better from episode to episode, and much as the first ep. of the second season left me with huge doubts about the character's development, she had her moments later and I even ended up liking her. Her 'picky and desperate' single trait made her character less interesting than Kate's troublesome marriage, though, so the actress could not help that.

Still, the series has got potential and would certainly benefit from a third season.
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Irreverent humour. It appealed to me.
Geoff22 August 2010
It is always very tempting to write a comedy drama off if the laughter factor is low from the start. It is a dangerous thing to do so so early - I only have to point to the Blackadder First Series and the first two series of Only Fools and Horses and say actually they weren't that funny to be honest.

With the pedigree of the writer of Misfits and the Producer of Little Britain I expect this series to develop positively. The first episode went along at a lightening pace and I have to say it sucked me in. The jokes hit my spot. The idea of building a comedy around a loyalty card stalker is a nice one - and there were plenty of one liners to please. Not everything came off - no "pussy cat" jokes again please - they went out with Mrs Slocombe in Are You Being Served.

OK it is not easy to replace the very excellent Sherlock but no comparison should be made. I'll be tuning in hoping to see this one progress. Toby Stephens and Lucy Punch were a delight but they carry the whole show on their own. Deepen the involvement of secondary characters and we might see this improve.
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Sardonic and non PC
pensman29 March 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Come on, you have to love this show. In episode one it appears D.I. Jack Armstrong and his partner D.I. Kate Bishop are checking out apartment rentals until they step over dead and bloody body. Toby Stephens as Armstrong is cynical and laid back and out of step with his comments on everything. He is so non PC that you know this show would never make it on American TV. But he is a good cop with good instincts. He does go through two female partners, Lucy Punch in season one and Miranda Raison in season two. Their characterization are completely different but both work well with Armstrong. The stories are interesting and laced with humor. Think of the better episodes of Castle with darker humor. Roger Griffiths plays Tony who runs the bar where the two detectives go to drink and think. Took me a while to recognize Griffiths who also starred in Chef. A fun series. Hope they do a third.
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Testy cops
Prismark1012 January 2014
Vexed wants to be the USA version of Moonlighting. The first series was a three parter from Howard Overman, with Jack played by Toby Stephens, an arrogant, uncaring and misogynistic cop and his new partner played by Lucy Punch, exasperated with his methods and attitude who also had a madcap relationship with her fiancé played by Rory Kinnear.

The first series was not a great critical or viewing success. A re- tooled second series appeared two years later, Punch was replaced by Miranda Raison and Jack was toned down, made a little bit more sensitive and a better detective. Stephens tried his best to be a charismatic series lead.

Like Moonlighting it is off beat enough with a hint of 'will they or won't there' and crime solving thrown in.

Unfortunately the second series was not a hit with the audience neither. I doubt the series will return which will leave the creator slightly vexed.
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Good comedy
gorrdmcd13 August 2012
Have now watched 2 episodes of this comedy and I am hooked - it does what it should do - it's funny and it makes me laugh - Brilliant ! The two lead characters interact well and the unfolding of their private lives becomes more interesting as the series progresses and the villains /suspects characters all appear to have motives and are also amusing in their own irreverent way. A bit predictable in places but generally a good funny series with some nice observations on the habits of the individual lead characters.

I believe that this series will improve as time progresses and hope that the remainder of the series achieves the viewing figures that this funny, quirky comedy deserves.

Full marks to the writers for producing something different ...... and succeeding in their efforts to make us laugh.
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Two seasons, two very different shows
lauriejoyce-132-1261276 August 2017
This show is aptly named "Vexed", as the switcheroo that occurs after the first season is truly vexing! The all-too-short season 1 was such a delightful introduction to a cadish, but lovable, Jack and his hapless partner Kate; it rates a solid 9+ in my books. The chemistry between these two was excellent, and they were well matched in their comedic abilities. We particularly delighted in Jack's insensitive remarks, from which much of the humor stemmed. Unfortunately, all that changed quite dramatically in the second season. Lucy Punch was replaced by Miranda Raison as Jack's new partner- an earnest know-it-all who sucked all the humor out of the show. Jack's character was also toned down to a disappointing shadow of his first season's character. What a waste of Toby Stephen's great comedic talent! I would love to see this show brought back in the format of the first season, but I suppose that ship has sailed as the actors have moved on to greener pastures. Again I say, what a waste!
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