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An enjoyable and amusing RPG-lite but has a lot of missed potential and problems that annoy and frustrate

Author: bob the moo from United Kingdom
18 November 2010

I'm not a big RPG fan because I tend to game in short bursts of an hour each day, so getting into collecting things and doing longer games is not as easy as playing COD for a few ten-minute games, however I enjoyed Fable 2 a lot and was looking forward to this second sequel. I quickly got into it since it is essentially the same as Fable 2. In terms of the game play and locations they most will ring bells and there is not a lot different here. On one hand this is a good thing because it means that if you liked 2 then you'll like this. Problem is that it is not the same, but the changes they have made tend not to be particularly good. Much was made of the "new" expression system but in reality you only have a couple of choices each time compared to being able to pick from your entire range. Not sure why forcing me to dance with every stranger I meet is an "improvement" but it didn't bug me too much as the game didn't force me to do it much – apart from the "hold hands" idea which is buggy and annoying.

The menus of the last game are replaced with The Sanctuary, which is a great idea and makes the game very easy in terms of picking inventory (most of it anyway) and moving around the world rapidly. However, I have played for over 15 hours and still have no idea where gifts go when you buy them – or why if I have 15 carrots and buy 1 apple that it means I only have 1 apple now – again, no improvement there. The main selling point for the game was that the game doesn't end when you take the throne, and that the moral choices in the "second half" of the game will become more important and more meaningful in terms of shaping the world. Sadly this is baloney. I enjoying being King and did love the idea but it isn't anywhere near as clever as advertised. Firstly it is very short. I took my time going down the Road to Rule as I was having fun playing around on the jobs, buying property and so on – I had glitched money in the last game and regretted it so I was enjoying the challenge of investing and growing. Even still – I found myself becoming at the point of no return very quickly and unable to delay the rebellion.

Once the rebellion occurs the game can be as long as you want it but essentially you are King for 5 "days" before the event you are preparing for. Oh and for some reason the last "day" is "165 days before event" and then suddenly "day of the event" – again, annoying. Problem for me was that I had easily already amassed about 5 million just playing. So to get to 6.5 simply meant playing the game while my property rolled in the last bit. This meant that the choices (which are very black or white and lacking any finesse or subtly) were not very hard. Be evil to save 100k? Why? I earn that from property every 5 minutes of play time! This meant it was easy to be King – very easy. I played it slow and didn't rush through my days though but I could have done and this "second half" of the game would have been a few hours at most.

Once the "story" is finished there are still plenty of things to do. I like to do the achievements so will do the gnomes but maybe not the books – while trading clothes on Xbox live is of no interest to me. Sadly I did run out of proper quests quite quickly and soon only had the "find 50 things" ones and also the "go there get that and bring it back" ones to make people like me. The ruling aspect was good in concept but it desperately needed more to it; I could accept the fact that the world didn't particularly change when I made my decisions (like they said it would) but I would have liked more decisions. Why not have an ongoing "court" when I can sit in minor judgements over moral issues where the answers are hard, even if they only affect my character and the individuals? This would have extended the fun of being king.

As with Fable 2, combat is "so so". Just keep rolling and mashing buttons without a lot of skill or involvement – I thought the "finish game without being knocked out" achievement would be wasn't, even without a health meter it was easy to stay alive from start to finish. Also, as is the norm, the frame rate is horrible – it frequently lags and struggles to process everything, meaning I regularly felt like I was moving through syrup! Fortunately though the basic gameplay and good humour of the game is enough to overcome this. The stars doing voice work were all good – from the comedy of Fry and Ross to the wonderful tone of Harris. Kingsley, Pegg and others just adds to it.

So I have sounded negative on this game but I did still enjoy it in the same way I enjoyed Fable 2. It is still a good game – just not the great one it should have been. Changes from 2 to 3 seem to be for the worse, while the expansion of the story and "moral choices" is very simplistic and straightforward. The game is easy to complete and when it is like that then it needs to have depth, layers and plenty of side quests to make it long and prevent you putting it back in the box after two weeks – sadly, for all its fun, Fable 3 doesn't progress and badly needed more time.

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#4 on my Top 5

Author: birdmannavy from United States
29 January 2014

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I bought the first Fable when it came out and boy was I disappointed. Not cheated, per se, just disappointed. I got to Knothole Glade and couldn't be bothered to play any more. Aside from being completely misrepresented in preview years, the load times were atrocious for how small and how many areas there were and I wasn't impressed with the graphics at all. Moreover, I wanted to play a game fashioned by me from childhood to death, but the laborious childhood portion of the game was really just a training segment (I didn't want to play "segments" I wanted to grow up with the character).

(Writing this now, I think they should try to make the game that was previewed. It is more than doable with today's tech and wouldn't have to be high budget).

Coming back to it more than a year later, something clicked. The action, while not measuring up to Team Ninja's Ninja Gaiden (my favourite game at the time), was actually brilliant for a one button hack and slash. And the charm! How had I missed that? Plus, the graphics are also brilliant with gorgeous cycling days and colors(although pretty greyed out compared to other xbox titles), I only wish there were a first person look mode without having to get out a bow. I still think the whole story is utter drivel. I mean, this was supposed to be a story crafted by the player from childhood to death, with carving names into growing trees and such, not some nonsense with a bad-guy named "Jack of Blades" and a good guy who turns out to be a bad guy. Whatever. What I like doing most in the game is pretending to be a traveling salesman, going from Oakvale to Bowerstone on foot, back and forth. (They could do that, too, a traveling salesperson game with a real economy...)

Then came Fable 2 which the critics gave numerous 10-out-of-10's to but I can't stand. Fans of Fable 1 have already argued why so I won't go into it.

Unfortunately, those who didn't like 2 also didn't like 3 so I avoided it like the plague--if it weren't for my wife. God bless you Angie! Yes 3 is a lot more like 2 than it is 1, but it is infinitely better than 2. I went into it a skeptic but it won me over in less than five minutes with its brilliant opening cinematic and well modeled, (and voiced!), hero and awesome graphics. The story presentation is excellent and the game has flow. Plus, it is the most charming mature video game I have ever played, and if you don't absolutely love the chicken suit then I can't help you.

The story is brilliant (for a game) even if I feel both love and hate for the overwrought Walter. I also feel, as I do about Mass Effect 3, that the game is best played to have your cake and eat it too. In other words, have enough gold to make the right decision always. If you want to be evil, that's fine too, the world really changes if you do--not the castle, I was promised walls dripping with blood! :( --but you are still congratulated for it at the end by Theresa. When I played evil I wanted her to hari kari herself in despair at having helped me. That would have fallen in line with the sick charm of the game and made me feel really evil, which is what you want.

My favourite characters are: the Princess!; Lesley, who's quests I say you HAVE to play, even if you are "Good", just do yourself the favor; Reaver, brilliantly, and hilariously, written and voiced; and Chesty :)

Oh, one last thing. I will say that the pine trees in F2 were GORGEOUS, even better than in 3 :)

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Anticlimactic yet Interesting.

Author: KillerK1991 from United States
23 May 2013

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Fable 3 does more right than wrong. What we get is a game that is enjoyable and holds great promise, but doesn't surpass expectations in the long run.

Story: Satisfying for the most part. The trademark brit humor is back and brings the game up a few notches over others. The concept of becoming King is something that needs to be explored more, and is done pretty well here. The next game needs to be all about running a kingdom, as its a case of too little too late in this game. The final showdown with both your mortal and supernatural enemies respectively are also a complete joke and feel rushed.

Gameplay: One of the easier games out there. You can get through the whole game without even a worry of being defeated once you figure things out. The combat is still pretty satisfying, as you are able to whip out any of its three styles of combat at a moments notice, yet the game hardly pushes you to go outside the box in order to overcome your repetitive foes.

Graphics: Easy on the eyes, but a hideous brownish tone permeates the proceedings.

Sound: The voice acting is top notch. A who's who of quality Brit talent shows up to liven things. The soundtrack is classic Fable, and though repetitive, manages to capture the themes of the game perfectly.

Multiplayer: A great addition to the game. Frolicking around with a buddy both online and off, though a little confusing at first, works great. The frequent reminder of friends' stats is another interesting addition and breeds competition in a positive way.

Lasting Appeal: There was still quite a bit to do once I finished the game. The minigames are amusing.

Overall, while not quite as impactful as the first Fable, Fable 3 is a solid game in its own right, and not a bad way to spend the day.

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