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One of the worst shows I have ever seen.

Author: freezing_ice_kirby-1 from United States
22 September 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I happen to come upon this show a while back while flipping through the channels, and decided to give it a chance.


It's amazing, because just about every episode is exactly the same thing; The Repo team comes to take away someone's vehicle, things always go well at first, then the owner(s) come out screaming like wild banshees and everyone gets into a huge fight. There have been some episodes that are just beyond unbelievable, like the one where Matt wrecks one of the cars that they were repossessing because he turned the corner too fast. Why did he turn the corner so fast? Because he had to go to the bathroom, so he decided to go faster than the speed limit, ignore stop signs, etc. Nobody in their right mind is going to do something so stupid like that. Another episode involved them repossessing this car from these construction workers; the construction worker got so mad that he told his buddy to take their Excavator and destroy the car... not the repo's car, but their OWN CAR... and he's going "YEAH! TAKE THAT!" after it was totally destroyed... seriously? And these were episode highlights...

From what I understand, the shows are BASED on actual events, but reenacted, made to be dramatic, and everything is scripted. The show can barely be taken serious, and I find myself laughing at the show most of the time because it is so ridiculous.

Stay away... stay far away from this repo show.

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Scraping the bottom of the barrel

Author: FilmBum from Ottawa, Canada
12 April 2010

To say that Luis Pizarro doesn't have an inventive bone in his body barely begins to explain the failure of Operation Repo, a program well in a league with the worst shows currently on television. Filled with unrealistic scenarios, ultra-predictable, clichéd moments and extremely repetitive plot lines, this 'reenacted reality' show fails to deliver on all levels.

So basic is the format of this one-trick pony, that every episode can easily be summed in one sentence: Several large, non attractive people drive around looking for a vehicle to repossess and quickly enter into a conflict with an entirely non-believable caricature of a person or persons after which they drive away and repeat the same cycle.

Programs like this used to be confined to once-per-week, late night viewing, in timeslots which would ensure few people would ever tune in. It's a testament to how baseline television programming has become that this would air during the early evenings on any station.

Overall, if you are looking for a mindless, unfunny, thinly-believable show in which you might find Latin American repo-men freaking out at the sight of tinfoil swords possessed by a gang of medieval, role playing geeks, or in which taxi drivers - about to have their only source of income repossessed - suddenly start moonwalking backwards and singing the best of Michael Jackson (that's exactly what happens when people have their backs against the wall, right?), then watch this show. If you have a hard time believing that a group of uniformed, high school football jocks, in the middle of practice, would suddenly pull out handguns to protect their buddy's car, then you're probably too smart for this show.

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It's Unbelievable!...No, really.

Author: lobomcthirsty from United States
13 May 2011

This show is the same show you will watch when you see any of the other truTV (a more ironic name there has yet to be) shows, such as Southern Fried Stings, All Worked Up and Hardcore Pawn.

Right from the start, a sort of fabricated atmosphere clings it's self to the program that can not be shaken. There are never any situations involving a hint of normalcy, to the point where in order to believe it one would have to assume that the city of Los Angeles has one repo agency of about four or five people doing hundreds--if not thousands--of repossessions within the span of a week. Either that, or normal people simply do not exist in LA (and as a New Yorker, I know this just opens up for all sorts of rimshot-worthy cracks).

But even if it were not fake--which the show tries to excuse by claiming they are "re-enactments"--this would qualify as the worst-run business on planet Earth. It's simply unreal to see Luis seriously try to run a business where many of the employees are not just antagonistic, but downright combative with the people they are supposedly repossessing from. Which I figure is about the same as zoo keepers smacking bears with sticks for yucks.

But it is fake. And fake or real, it's part of a disturbing trend in reality TV; focusing on the misery and desperation of others for the sake of entertainment. And in a time in our nation's history when so many are getting foreclosed on and having property repossessed by predatory loan companies, this sort of thing is not just insensitive, it's cruel. truTV is cruel for making it, and whoever has been watching it for the past eight or so seasons is even worse. Congratulations; I hope the bottom of that barrel is comfortable.

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completely fake

Author: mcmatrick35 from United States
7 December 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

The gongorilla named matt is a b-list actor. The show is a joke with people, in some cases, destroying their own cars. The fights are so unbelievable and the cast has some of the ugliest people on unreality TV. They are all obese, smart asses and Matt does his fake roid rage bit like 5 times an episode. He would be such a liability that nobody would truly employ that guy. If it were real, he would have been arrested after the first episode. I saw an episode where Matt lies to cops about a guy who is breaking out the windows of his own car because he's mad about it being repo'd. Matt tells the cop that the guy physically attacked him and his crew. So he basically filed a false police report. After the scene Matt turns to the camera and says "I seem to have a great rapport with the police". There's not one person on that show that I would like to meet unless it was to slap the sh..t out of them. Matt included

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Garbage. Fake in many ways

Author: J H from United States
27 October 2009

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Once again another reality TV show that is not even real.

To start off what you see on this show is FAKE. There is a disclaimer saying the show is based on true events. In the show the repo men themselves break many many laws in the process. They cannot disturb the peace and they should know that. Headlocking people, throwing them to the ground and pepper spraying them is completely uncharacteristic of a repo man yet it seems to happen every show in every clip.

The part that set me off was when a dwarf aka little person was riding shotgun with one of the repo men. They of course get into the predictable argument and brawl with the other party, but out of nowhere the dwarf pops out of the back of the truck and puts one of the guys in a front head and arm choke. Utterly dumb and unbelievable.

My advice? Don't waste your time with this show. It's Jerry Springer material.

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Ridiculous and, dare I say it, fake

Author: TheLittleSongbird from United Kingdom
4 October 2010

People who know me will probably be asking what am I doing reviewing let alone watching Operation Repo. Well I had heard it was awful, so being me I gave it a chance expecting garbage to be honest just to be fair like I try to be.

Well, despite me saying I try to be fair, Operation Repo doesn't even deserve that. Because in my honest opinion, this show is absolutely awful, and I do agree with the other reviewers about how ridiculous and fake it is. The writing is what makes the show so what it is, it is so ridiculous and fake, while the episodes are incredibly repetitive, is it me or does every episode feel like the same thing over and over. The way of filming is really quite amateur, the main theme is horrible and quite forgettable and how Operation Repo is acted out and presented doesn't impress me either as it constantly feels overplayed.

Overall, I strongly dislike this show for several reasons. In fact, while maybe not quite the worst show out there it is for me one of the worst. 1/10 Bethany Cox

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Repo Fake

Author: elvis58 from United States
21 July 2011

If it wasn't for the fact that it is all filmed in my Chatsworth neighborhood, i might have believed it to be somewhat real .... but every week they arrive at the same Commercial area in Chatsworth to start filming ...

Oh, they might drive a block or two to a residential area to add a little "realism" to the boring episodes, but FAKE it is, folks ...

Too bad they couldn't afford REAL Aftra actors .... but with such a low budget show, I'm surprised they can pay for Craft Services!!

Having been a REAL Repo man for a decade in L.A., as well as a licensed tow truck operator, i can tell this so-called "show" doesn't even have a technical adviser on the payroll..

It's just a waste of TV time ..... but the no-talent actors must be happy, free food, fat paycheck ..and the idea that you go home each night "thinking" you have acting ability.

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Author: Frank G. from United States
9 July 2011

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This is beyond fake, words cannot even describe that.

From the start of this show, you can already tell something is wrong. Every episode is very fabricated with something out of the ordinary happening, just like on Southern Fried Stings and Hardcore Pawn. There is NEVER anything in these episodes that you would probably see happen with a real interaction in the repossession business, it's always something to grab your attention such as people attacking them for no real reason, people with guns that never shoot them, naked people, and so on.

First off, IF this was real, Lou would not let Matt act like the idiot he is on every episode. Matt would be under his insurance, and believe me, the way he attacks people, and destroys their items, Lou would be VERY scared of getting sued by people after every scene, this of course don't happen.

In one episode they repo a canoe. Most repo businesses get paid around $400-$500 dollars per repo. It's not a thousand dollar business, and I am talking about cars. So why would Lou want to repo something that he isn't going to get paid that well for? Canoe's are cheap.

Another way to tell it's fake is, ALL State laws say the repos must be peaceful. We all know there isn't a single repo on that show that is not out of the blue crazy. If local cops do get involved with a repo as it has occurred sometimes on this show, they do not tell repo men they can collect the car and leave. They are forced to leave if the repo does not go down peacefully. On that show, when all hell breaks loose, they still let them take the car, hence the law.

Last but not least, look at their "Tow truck" it's a Ford F-250 with an assembly to the back. never seen a towing company use that before for a real repo.

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Forget it. Read a book, go for a walk or do just about anything else.

Author: sean0888 from United States
13 October 2011

How ironic. Some people like reality TV shows so now someone decides to make another show that pretends to be reality TV but in fact is totally FAKE and scripted/acted.

Basically, this would be an interesting show depicting some very strange and over the top scenes if it was truly real. The producers of the show have gone to great lengths to try and depict it as real life drama but of course it is all fake. Many of the concocted "repo" scenes are nothing short of totally ridiculous and are indicative of the lack of creativity of the writers and producers. All the "repo" scenes are scripted with actors in all parts. But of course the acting is dreadful as you might expect in a show like this. Watch a few episodes and you will see just how bad the acting is as well as recognizing that the characters are only performing a script.

Essentially the series is a waste of time. Why bother to watch third rate amateur class acting and amateur C grade scripts for a show that "pretends" to be reality. It's a performance and not a believable one at that.

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Fake and ga#!

Author: Perry Bee from On a distant star
15 December 2011

Besides the ugly people and the terrible acting, yes acting! as this whole show is a set up! it is total rubbish. I would gladly give this rubbish a zero but 1 is as low as I can go.

It really shows where TV is going, all these dumb ass reality shows, and yes Hollywood is not much better these days, flop after flop and this fits in just fine if you want to watch some total brain numbing entertainment.

Don't waste your time with this rubbish, a solid 1 out of 10

And here is some more text so make take on this rubbish will make it on the fabulous IMDb.

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