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27 Mar. 2013
Lou's Big Gamble
It's a brand new start for the Operation Repo team when Lou bets big on a high-risk opportunity and sets up shop in Las Vegas! But first, Ronnie and Froy must wrangle a wrestling ring from an lucha libre school, and Carlos and Matt have to break up a Botox party when they go after a car owned by a upper class housewife. Then on their first repo in Vegas, a live tiger stands between the team and a truck, and it seems like Vegas is more than they can handle. If they complete their mission, the payout could be enormous, but will they be able to resist the temptations of ...
3 Apr. 2013
All In
The team is ahead of schedule on their Vegas mission, but will it all be derailed when Froy brings unwanted trouble back to the office? Also, Ronnie and Froy run into an unexpected dilemma when a husband's better halves take the reins, Carlos and Sonia repo a limo from an arrogant lotto winner whose luck has run out, and Froy and Lou track down an RV as a side repo for a mom and pop shop, unfortunately the repo goes disastrously wrong when the RV explodes and the fire department has to be called.
10 Apr. 2013
Viva Las Vegas!
An Elvis impersonator gets Matt and Ronnie all shook up, and a ventriloquist's dummy has a nasty attitude that gets on Sonia's bad side. When Froy goes missing, Lou has to pick up the slack in a repo that goes terribly wrong, but when Carlos reveals Froy's true whereabouts tempers ..
17 Apr. 2013
Go Big or Go Home
Fuming over Froy's departure, Matt loses his temper on a dominatrix and her client and packs his bags to return to LA.? Down two repo men, the pressure is on Ronnie and Carlos, who interrupt a couple in the middle of their less-than-holy matrimony.
24 Apr. 2013
Bouquets and Blowtorches
The team returns from a successful mission in Vegas, but there's trouble brewing within the crew's ranks. Ronnie and Carlos repo from a self-defense instructor who lets his students do his dirty work, Matt and Froy confront a delinquent delivery man steeling flowers from graves, and Lou and Carlos are left defenseless against gang members with blowtorches. Can Lou still keep his cool in the high pressure repo business, or will there be repercussions for Matt and Froy that no one saw coming?
15 May 2013
Doomsday Prep
The team wonders what's up with Sonia as she wrestles with Lou's big secret. Ronnie goes undercover and takes a gold digging RO out on a date, but when Carlos lets the cat out of the bag all hell breaks loose.
22 May 2013
The New Boss
Lou has retired, making Sonia the new boss, but will she be able to keep the company going without her big brother?? Matt and Ronnie try to take a car away from of yuppie with an unusual taste for red meat,
May 2013
Hayseed Inferno
Sonia pushes the company to repossess more than just cars, and the backlash from the team threatens to end her time in charge before it's even begun.? Ronnie and Matt attempt to repo from a reckless motocross daredevil.
29 May 2013
Sonia, the new boss, is still struggling to keep the team in line, but when tragedy strikes on a routine repossession, her reign at the top faces its biggest challenge yet. Matt and Froy hit the club to take a sports car away from a deadbeat DJ.
5 Jun. 2013
Phi Alpha Fail
Carlos goes undercover at a frat house, but when the party gets the best of him Sonia has to step in and fight the drunken mob. And when Matt and Ronnie go after some wanna-be internet sensations, they become the RO's ticket to fame in a violent potato launcher attack bound to go viral.
12 Jun. 2013
Boys with Toys
Matt is eager to work his way onto Sonia's coveted airplane repo, despite her adamancy against him.
19 Jun. 2013
Mile High Mayhem
On this special season finale of Operation Repo, the team gears up for a mile high repo of a lifetime! Froy and Sonia repo a water blob from a lake house, but the RO and his friends refuse to let this deflate their party. And with Sonia's hands tied, she is forced to offer Matt a position on the airplane. The team takes to the skies, but when plans go awry will Matt make the ultimate sacrifice for the team? Or will his ego force everything to spiral violently out of control?
18 Dec. 2013
Reclaim the Plane
In the premiere of the final season of Operation Repo, the team must recover an airplane and return one-hundred thousand dollars. But after two members of the team bail when it's time to save the company, will the others be able to bounce back in time to avoid a jail sentence?
25 Dec. 2013
First Rule of Repo
Froy and Sonia encounter a city employee who tries to give them the boot, and a mechanic's shady scheme comes crashing down on Matt and Ronnie. But with Froy still in debt to Sonia, an RO's offer to make a quick buck convinces Froy to break the first rule of repo.
11 Dec. 2013
It Ain't No Joke!
In this kick-off to the final season, the cast takes viewers back through the most outrageous, comical, and memorable repos of the series. And, get a sneak peek of the final season of Operation Repo.

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