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16 Mar. 2009
Matt's Back
Froy and Mike, the new guy, repo a car at a paintball range. When the scene gets out of control, Matt swoops in out of nowhere and saves the day. Then, Sonia and Froy repo a high-end luxury sedan from a snooty pair of Brits in the high-rent district. Finally, Matt and Lou head to a dangerous job with Matt's biggest... and smallest fan.
30 Mar. 2009
Burgers, Bottles, and Hustlers
Lou and Sonia repo a compact sedan from a trio of gun-wielding, bottle-breaking gangsta gals. Then, Matt and Froy get some fast food when they deal with an irate burger-slinger who won't honor Matt's order for his car. Finally, Sonia and Froy come face-to-face with a small time hustler and a gaggle of ladies in his employ.
16 Mar. 2009
Strapped on the Court
Matt and Froy have to choose between the job and their lives when they're confronted by a dozen gun-toting basketball players. Then, Lou and Sonia have to crash a night-time family reunion to get their car. And finally, Lou and Lyndah think they are going to repo a Chevy van from wounded veterans, but the veterans aren't what they seem. TV-14-L
6 Apr. 2009
Role-players and Blade Swayers
Lou, Matt, and Froy get interrupted on a routine job by a registered owner with an unregistered blade. Then, Matt and Froy head out to the country to reclaim a Prius from a quintet of socially maladapted role-players.
13 Apr. 2009
Caught with Their Pants Down
Sonia and Froy's relationship takes a strange turn on a repo that puts them face-to-face with two strangers caught with their pants down. Then, Lou and Lyndah head to a remote ranch where they confront a duo of indecent roughnecks. And finally, pool cues and go jacks go flying when Froy, Matt, and Lou visit a local pool hall. TV-14-L
23 Mar. 2009
Honor Rolling Away
Sonia and Lyndah find themselves at a local University trying to reclaim a car from a not-so-honorable honor roll student with a squeaky voice. Then, Matt and Sonia are tasked with snagging a tricked-out race car from two vested thugs armed with golf clubs. Finally, Lou and Sonia head to a fancy part of town to repo an Escalade from a young professional and his unsupportive wife. TV-14-L
20 Apr. 2009
Tazed and Amazed
Matt and Froy need to call in the cops to help out with an inebriated old-timer armed with a tazer. Then, on a journey for a Journey, Lou and Froy battle with a bowler. And finally, Froy and Lyndah deal with a back peddling super-sized owner of a Nissan Altima.
23 Mar. 2009
Intoxicated Marina Idiots
First, Lou and Sonia are on a hunt for a 2007 Porsche & a 2008 Audi from the same drug dealing debtor. Next, Matt and Froy pry a truck from a group of intoxicated idiots at a marina. And finally, Matt and Lou hit up an upscale Glendale neighborhood to scoop up a BMW from a shoe throwing rich couple.
27 Apr. 2009
Playing the Role
First, Lou devises a plan to have Froy and Sonia pose as house buyers, and a happy married couple, meanwhile Matt and Lou will hook and book. Then, Matt and Froy wrangle with an out-of-work actor who's lost track of the line between his identity and his latest role. Finally, Froy and Lyndah need to figure out how to get a car from an angry owner, and the competing repo company that got to the job first. TV-14-L
4 May 2009
Broken Bones and Broken Phones
First, Froy, Lou, and Matt wrestle a group of body builders when going after a Jeep Commander. Next, an unemployed stock broker gets a rude awakening when Lou and Lyndah wake him up inside his car. And finally, Froy learns why you should never text and not drive to pick up Sonia, because she breaks his phone in two.. TV-14-L
11 May 2009
The Hearse Isn't Empty?
Matt and Lou find themselves in an upscale neighborhood, facing off with a distraught accountant and his belligerent, kick-happy son. Then, Sonia and Froy crash a pool party where the guests were happy to give up their clothes, but they're not willing to give up their car. Finally, Matt and Lou encounter a hearse that they've been tracking for weeks, but before they're able to hook it up, they've got to figure out what's in the back. TV-14-L
18 May 2009
Froy Gets Beat Up
Sonia and Lou see the signs of the bad economy first-hand when a rich couple willing give up their late-model Landcruiser. Then, Matt and Sonia need to contend with a spoiled princess whose daddy forgot to pay the bill on her Jetta.
1 Jun. 2009
This Is No Fantasy
First, Froy and Lyndah get a tip from a spotter that leads them to a late model sedan with cans tied to the bumper and an angry bride in the passenger side. Next, Matt has to step in when Froy starts to lose it with a group of fantasy football players. And finally, Sonia, Lyndah, Froy, and Lou are astounded when a loopy debtor douses his own car in gasoline and sends it up in flames. TV-14-L
8 Jun. 2009
The Missing RV and the Private Jet
First, Lou, Sonia, and Froy track down an RV that has been missing for 30 years, only to find that its owner is using it to cart around a group of impetuous young Canadian rock stars.
15 Jun. 2009
Pyramid Scams and Princesses
First, Lou, Sonia, and Matt wrangle with two belligerent truckers who will stop at nothing to protect their massive tractor-trailer. Next, a young girl learns that she's been a victim of a pyramid scam when Lyndah and Lou come for her car. Finally, Matt, Sonia, and Lyndah enjoy a little nightlife when they hit the club to take down an entitled princess who's high on charm, but late on her payments. But the debtor's not the only one who fights to get the car. TV-14-L
22 Jun. 2009
Jet Skis and Massages
First, the team heads to the beach to grab a little sun as well as two luxury jet skis. Then, Lou and Froy get in touch with their sensitive side when they confront a massage therapist who's as skilled with her hands as she is with her feet. And finally, Lou and Sonia are unknowingly hired to pull a prank on a debtor, which could cost everyone. TV-14-L
13 Jul. 2009
Get That Prowler
First, Lou, Sonia, and Froy unfurl an elaborate sting when they repo a taxicab by tricking its driver into picking them up. But what to do with his ferociously inebriated client? Then, Matt and Froy attempt to repo a DeLorean from a debtor whose car isn't all that's stuck in the 80's. Finally, Lou and Sonia square off against an overgrown child who isn't giving up his Plymouth Prowler without a tussle. TV-14-L
20 Jul. 2009
Up Up and Away
First, it's up, up, and away, for Lou, Froy, and Matt. All of their skills are tested when they attempt to take down not one, but two hot air balloons. Then, Lou and Froy find themselves in the wrong part of town, repo'ing a sports car from a former gang member who's not afraid to go back to jail. Finally, Lou and Lyndah break in Frankie, the new guy, with a repo that turns into a confrontation with three spray-paint-packing graffiti girls. TV-14-L
27 Jul. 2009
Family Drama
First, Lou, Froy, and Matt team up with Eva, an alluring lending agent, who sets up a sting to repo a limousine from its delinquent owner.
27 Jul. 2009
Kegger and Refrigerator
First, Lyndah has some tension with Frankie when they repo a truck from a moving company in the middle of relocating some fragile material for a very important client. Then, Froy, Sonia, and Frankie crash a raging kegger in a bad part of town and have to contend with a gaggle of irate partiers in order to secure their target vehicle. Finally, Lou and Matt find themselves in one of the worst situations imaginable when they realize that the car they're trying to repo has been fitted with what seems to be an explosive device.
6 Jul. 2009
Going Green and Falling Down
First, Sonia and Froy arrive on the scene to a repo a car that's been refitted to run on biodiesel and are shocked to see that its owner shares some of Sonia's features.
17 Aug. 2009
Look What You Did!
First, Sonia and Froy get locked in the battle of a lifetime with a pair of young debtors who are understandably upset that their late model Tahoe has found its way to the bottom of a lake. Is it Froy's fault, as they claim, or are there other forces at work here? Then, Lou and Matt get down and dirty with a taser-packing P.I. who isn't ready to say goodbye to his ride. Finally, when Frankie puts the go-jacks on the wrong car, it plucks Matt's last nerve and places him at risk for the beat-down of the century.
24 Aug. 2009
That's Disrespectful
First, Sonia and Lyndah are faced with a choice. Do they attempt to reclaim a burnt-out husk of a car from its high-flying owners, or do they just give up and go home?
31 Aug. 2009
Smoke, Lead, and Alcohol
First, Matt and Froy venture into one of the city's most dangerous neighborhoods, only to find a debtor ready to defend his ride by pumping it full of lead, with no concern for who gets caught in the crossfire.
14 Sep. 2009
Missed Dates
First, Lyndah is put in a tough situation - she has to control a sobbing, cop-calling debtor and turn away Frankie's unwanted and inappropriate advances - all at the same time. Then, Matt and Froy have two problems on their hands, when they decide to haul away both a stripped-down husk of a car and the phone number of its owner's coquettish and bathrobe-wearing ex-girlfriend. Finally, Lou, Froy, and Lyndah head way out into the country to wrangle with a case of mistaken identity and a trio of shotgun-wielding cultists.
21 Sep. 2009
Broken Tooth Lou and Bad Breath Frankie
First, Froy and Lyndah probably need to schedule a trip to the dentist after Lou's tooth gets knocked out in the course of a tense confrontation with two irate debtors. Then, Frankie seriously blows a routine voluntary repo when the owner smells something on his breath. With Lou racing to the scene, is this the end of the road for the new guy? Then, Lou's problems get even worse when a rampaging construction crew employs an excavator to demolish the target Camry - with Froy inside of it. TV-14-L
9 Nov. 2009
Matt Vs. Giant Chicken
First, Matt and Froy cope with the uncertainty of Lou's condition by liberating a Vespa from a leather-clad biker and his rabble-rousing girlfriend. Then, Matt and Froy head out again to claim a Toyota Yaris from a truant children's entertainer wearing an unexpected outfit. And finally, the whole team heads out to repo more than six cars from an insolvent dealership, with the fate of their leader still in question. TV-14-L
9 Nov. 2009
Segway This Way
First, Matt and Sonia hit the beach to repossess an old-fashioned classic surfer car from an old-fashioned surfer looking for a classic tussle. Then, Froy and Matt stretch their wits to identify and take down an uncooperative Segway renter. Hopefully, one of them knows how to ride that thing. And finally, Lou, Lyndah, and Froy crash a house-party to claim a Civic from an out-of-control wannabe gangster. TV-14-L
16 Nov. 2009
The Canals of Deceit
First, Sonia and Froy get messy when they head to Venice Beach to track down and recover a canoe from the world-famous canals. Then, Lyndah and Sonia confront a distraught widow with a terrible secret. And finally, there's no time-out for Lou and Matt when a posse of soccer players get physical to protect their precious and unpaid-for Camaro. TV-14-L
23 Nov. 2009
Captain Lou
First, Lyndah and Matt interrupt a debtor's bicycle ride to repossess his Jeep, but when Matt's buttons get pushed, some bikes might get broken. Then, Froy and Sonia negotiate with a sensible debtor who's more trouble than she seems... or is she? And finally, Lou, Sonia, and Froy hit the open water to repo a luxury yacht - but first they'll have to wrangle with a surly sea captain, not to mention the Coast Guard. TV-14-L
2 Dec. 2009
Native Operation
First, Matt and Lou confront an ungentlemanly drunk at an upscale gentleman's club in an effort to repossess his late model BMW. Then, Sonia and Matt head over to the wrong side of the tracks to reclaim a motorcycle from a different kind of biker. And finally, Matt and Froy cross the border into a nearby reservation to wrangle with a belligerent debtor and two unimpressed representatives of the tribal police. TV-14-L
7 Dec. 2009
Should Have Seen This Coming
First, Lou, Sonia, and Froy unfurl an elaborate sting when they repo a taxicab by tricking its driver into picking them up. But what to do with his ferociously inebriated client?
14 Dec. 2009
Vampires and Drunks
First, Froy and Sonia take a trip to Beverly Hills to interrupt the salon appointment of a wealthy trophy wife who isn't going to let her prized possession go without a fight. Then, Sonia and Matt use the cover of night to sneak away a Nissan. Too bad the owner is throwing a party with his neck-biting, vampire-wannabe friends. And finally, Matt and Froy face the fury of a clan of drunken relatives when they interrupt a raucous family reunion. TV-14-L
21 Dec. 2009
I Don't Know What That Is
First, Matt and Froy crash a raucous brew-fest to sneak an ATV away from a crowd of tipsy revelers. Then, Matt and Lou come face-to-face with a fraternity prank gone awry - these college kids have a sledgehammer, and they're not afraid to use it. And finally, Lou, Lyndah, and Sonia take on the task of repossessing a Corolla from a woman with a bun in the oven and an axe to grind. TV-14-L
28 Dec. 2009
Incompetent and Unfaithful
First, Matt and Froy slip into a gated community for a repossession only to attract the attention of a trio of irate and incompetent security guards. Then, Lou and Sonia come face-to-face with a debtor and her entire adult-league championship softball team. And finally, Froy and Sonia stumble into a bizarre love triangle when it turns out their car is owned by the sugar-daddy of a cheating spouse. TV-14-L
28 Dec. 2009
Don't Cry, Bro
First, Matt and Froy track a car to the compound of what seems to be a polygamist cult. Will their charismatic leader put up a fight for his Prius, or will he have his followers do it for him?

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