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Season 7

7 Jun. 2010
Breakdowns and Beatdowns
First, Matt and Froy head into a bad part of town to find that their target car is owned by bat-equipped gang bangers. Then, a seemingly friendly teacher and an assistant principal nearly come to blows when Froy and Sonia come around to repossess one of their vehicles Then, And finally, after the tow truck breaks down on the side of the road, Lou, Matt, and Froy are left with no options and stuck in the middle of a violent dispute between some gun-wielding neighbors.
14 Jun. 2010
You Again?
First, Sonia and Lou get the shock a lifetime when they repossess a car from an irate doctor whom they know all too well from an earlier incident. This time he's twice as angry, and he's dead-set against giving up his car again. Then, Sonia, Matt, and Lyndah go undercover as college students to extract an extremely expensive bicycle from an extremely irate athlete. And finally, Lou and Froy head to church to repossess a van from a minister with a terrible problem. TV-14-L
21 Jun. 2010
Scavenger Hunt
First, Lou and Froy transform their search for a small dirt bike into a quasi-reality show, getting a group of young smart-asses trapped into their own web. Then, Sonia and Matt head to the business district for a different sort of quarry - a high-end luxury tanning bed owned by a less-than-sympathetic German. And finally, Lou and Matt set up a high stakes sting operation to bust a shady tow-truck driver, but will their best-laid plans go up in smoke? TV-14-L
12 Jul. 2010
The Dune Buggy
First, Lou and Froy tail an upper class debtor to an upscale restaurant where the food is almost as unpalatable as its clientele's attitude. Then, Lyndah and Froy head to a residential district to repossess a van that is busy being loaded up with stolen electronics by a dangerous pair of criminals. And finally, Matt and Froy head to the desert to sneak an extremely rare top-of-the-line dune buggy from a crew of dedicated off-roaders. TV-14-L
19 Jul. 2010
High and Low Spirits
First, Lou and Sonia find themselves in the middle of a baffling marital spat involving a man, his wife, and her untrustworthy yoga instructor. Then, Sonia and Lyndah hit the fashion district to repossess a van from a designer who's way ahead of the curve in terms of the fashion world, but way behind on her payments. And finally, Matt and Froy spoil spirits when they head to a carwash to reclaim a vehicle from a group of vicious, scantily-clad sorority girls. TV-14-DL
26 Jul. 2010
Repo Outside the Box
First, Matt and Sonia attempt to repossess a car from a group of cleaver-wielding short-order cooks with a taste for violence. Then, it's trouble in paradise as Matt and Froy take on the task of reclaiming a beach-scene-on-wheels filled with irate models. And finally, Sonia and Matt find themselves outmatched by a well-armed street gang and its charismatic leader. TV-14-L
16 Aug. 2010
Horse Semen & the Rolls Royce Golf Cart
First, Froy and Sonia head out to the farm to repossess a truck from an entitled equestrian who would rather die than let the repo team get their hands on what's in the back. Then, Lou and Sonia stumble into the middle of a prolonged business dispute between a flower lady and her displeased client. And finally, Sonia and Froy hit the links to reclaim a high-end Rolls Royce golf cart from a snob who thinks he's too good to pay his bills. TV-14-L
16 Aug. 2010
Involuntary Voluntary
Lou and Matt inadvertently become pawns in an elaborate and misguided lesson perpetrated by a cheating husband upon his mistress. Then, Matt and Lou attempt to take a vehicle away from a debtor who is so drunk he doesn't remember agreeing to give his car away voluntarily. And, Froy and Sonia try to take a limousine away from its shotgun-wielding driver and his two suspiciously-dressed passengers.
30 Aug. 2010
Froy's Bait and Lou's Cake
Lou and Froy set out some bait in a gated community to attract a security guard who's slow to make his payments, but quick to pull out his pepper spray. Then, Matt and Lou crash a wedding to repo a car from a truant DJ, but will they be able to get away unscathed when the party turns on them? And, Lou and Froy confront a gang of bikers in a back alley. Will the repo team's pleas for patience and calm be enough to overcome the angry bikers' bats and chains?
13 Sep. 2010
Blow-Up and Cool Down
Lou and Lyndah reclaim a riding mower from a housewife and her grab-happy husband. Then, Sonia and Matt head out on a scorcher of an afternoon for a repossession. Will they be able to beat both the heat and a pair of geriatric debtors? And, Sonia and Lyndah are left without words when they see the dark and embarrassing secret held in the backseat of a debtor's unpaid vehicle.
20 Sep. 2010
The Car That Rolled Away
Lou and Lyndah try to negotiate a set of keys away from a raucous group of drunken outdoorsmen. Then, Froy and Lyndah repo a vehicle from a unruly and untalented guitarist. Plus, Froy and Sonia bite off more than they can chew when they try to reclaim an SUV from a confused and embittered former football player.
4 Oct. 2010
Naked and Dangerous
Sonia and Lyndah try to repossess a hot tub away from a group of upset partiers. Then, Lou and Matt try to negotiate with a pair of unintelligible and enraged parade participants. And, Lou and Lyndah must repo a car from a group of old men.
18 Oct. 2010
Monster of a Problem
Lyndah and Matt confront a confused debtor who is as quick with his questions as he is with his knife. Then, Lou and Lyndah interrupt a seaside party to repo a motorboat away from a gaggle of misguided youths. And, Lou, Froy, and Sonia head to the dirt track to repossess a car from an event promoter. They seem to be able to reason with him, but his monster truck-driving brother with no respect for human life may prove to be a problem.

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