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Season 2

1 Dec. 2008
Unwanted Seizures
First, Lou sends Sonia and Matt to repo a Toyota Corolla from a recently divorced debtor determined to keep the car she won in the divorce. Later, Lou cuts a repo short to send Froy and Matt to tail a car until the debtor realizes he's being followed. And Finally, when a debtor goes into a seizure during his seizure of his vehicle, Lou, Sonia, and Lyndah tend to the man while they wait for help to arrive.
24 Nov. 2008
Pepper Spray and Guns
First, Froy and Sonia douse a couple with a dose of pepper spray when the debtor gets too pushy with Sonia. Next, Matt and Froy battle biker girls when going after a motorcycle. And Finally, Matt and Froy confront a couple of delinquents in attempt to repo the couple's car, but they are soon sent running when the couple pushes back with guns.
17 Nov. 2008
Who Wants Ice Cream?
First, Sonia, Matt, Froy, and Lou roll up and roll on a gang of brothers to gain possession of an Infinity. Next, Matt and Froy stand in the way of a drugged debtor keeping his car. And finally, it's time for some ice cream for Lou, Froy, and Sonia when they head out to repo an ice cream truck.
24 Nov. 2008
The Cop, the Pizza Delivery Man, and the Repo Men
First, Lou sends Sonia and Froy out to repo from a pizza delivery man way behind on his payments. Then, Matt and Froy deal with an unhelpful citizen when they have to repossess from a cop. And finally, Sonia, Lyndah, and Matt deal with another repossessor when trying to repo a repo truck, until Lou can get on scene and offer the debtor a deal.
10 Nov. 2008
Hairy Situations
First, things get hairy when Sonia and Lyndah repo from outside a wig shop. Next, everybody's crying when Lou and Froy's repossession from a young couple ends with a pepper spray to everyone's face. And finally, Froy, Sonia, and Lou repo the targeted car while Matt stands his ground with a family of thugs.
17 Nov. 2008
Legal Repossession
First, Matt, Froy, and Lou do a legal repossession of an attorney's car. Next, Froy, Lyndah, and Sonia are speechless when they interrupt two girls in the back of a car. And finally, Lou and Sonia wrangle with a bunch of confused ATV owners blindsided by Lou's quick acquisition of their quads.
10 Nov. 2008
Business Issues
First, Sonia and Lou deal with a terrible boss and his instigating employees. Next, Lou, Froy, and Lyndah deal with a debtor with issues when they take possession of a taco truck. And Finally, Matt, Lou, and Sonia take on a big repo at a dealership and come out with six cars.
15 Dec. 2008
Wrench in the Works
First, a wrench is thrown in the works, and at the car, when Froy and Matt try to repo from a plumber. Then, the duo go out again to try to repo a car from a slap-happy debtor, but unfortunately the car has a boot on it. And finally, Froy, Matt, Lyndah, and Sonia head out to the ranch to repo a tractor from some pushy ranch hands.
8 Dec. 2008
Hidden Cars and Higher Powers
First, Matt and Froy get some help from a friendly gardener that lead them to discover a car hidden in the backyard. Next, Matt and Froy go on another repo to repossess from a preacher that believes it would be blasphemy to repo his car. And finally, cops arrive in the middle of what may be Matt and Froy's last repo. Lou has to swoop in and smooth out the situation.
22 Dec. 2008
Rolling Away
First, Lou, Sonia, and Froy have to push away a debtor while trying to push a classic car up a hill and onto the flatbed. And later, Matt and Froy head out on a repo for a BMW, but when the camera guy refuses to leave the car and Matt's lunch starts to get to him, things go terribly wrong in what could be the worst repo in the history of EGA Recovery.

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