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Season 10

6 Jun. 2012
Monumental Changes
Lou takes his new guys on their very first repo but, when the debtors attack with chainsaws, Ronnie and Carlos are left to fend for themselves.
6 Jun. 2012
Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome
Lou plans an elaborate sting operation to infiltrate a cult, but everything goes awry when the new guys aren't prepared and Matt is left picking up the pieces.
13 Jun. 2012
Deep Dish Disaster
The team gets back to work, but have their anger management sessions had any effect? Sonia and Lyndah confront a gang of roller derby girls who've got the skills to protect their car.
27 Jun. 2012
Traffic Jammin'
Froy and Sonia repo from a stranded motorist who rallies the neighborhood around his cause and incites a full on revolt. Ronnie and Carlos set out on their first unsupervised repo, but their desire to impress is quickly derailed when an erratic debtor lets loose with pepper spray.
4 Jul. 2012
Repo Arigato, Mr. Roboto
Sonia and Carlos put their best performance in when they attempt to repossess a vehicle from a pair of silver-painted robot men.? Matt and Froy need a second opinion when they run into a debtor with a questionable claim about a life-threatening illness.?
11 Jul. 2012
First Class Clown
Matt and Froy are sent on a wild goose chase around L.A for a mini-van, and when they find their debtor selling contraband out of the trunk Matt is further convinced that Lyndah has been scheming against him.
18 Jul. 2012
Doggin' and Draggin'
When Carlos plays a repossession prank that almost lands Matt and Froy in jail, Lou tasks Froy with burying the hatchet.
1 Aug. 2012
Raising the Roof
Sonia and Froy deal with an unbalanced debtor who threatens to take down the entire company, while Matt and Ronnie take on children's book vendors who are up to no good.
8 Aug. 2012
Gypsy Hunter
Reeling from the shootout, Lou tracks down one of the culprits and enacts and elaborate plot of revenge with the help of Froy and Carlos.
15 Aug. 2012
Gypsy Barbeque!
When Matt and Froy repo a car from an anger management meeting, Froy suffers the consequences of taking on a violent rage-aholic.
22 Aug. 2012
Up in Flames
A jazz musician sets off Sonia and punches are thrown as Ronnie tries to manage the mayhem, and Matt and Sonia wrestle to bring deluded actors back to reality.
29 Aug. 2012
Gypsy Games
When Rusty leads Sonia and Ronnie on a wild goose chase, Sonia loses her cool and puts her foot down with Lou.
19 Sep. 2012
T-Bone Trouble
The team's work with anger management starts to pay off - with disastrous consequences. Matt and Sonia get into a standoff with a wealthy divorcee, his daughter and her raging boyfriend.
26 Sep. 2012
Flame-Thrown for a Loop
Lou struggles to pick up the pieces after the accident leaves him needing Sonia more than ever. Lou and Carlos deal with a big man in a tiny car, but when Carlos lets his guard down he's delivered some serious blows.
3 Oct. 2012
Probation Abomination
Sonia returns, but not before putting the team on probation and laying some ground rules.
10 Oct. 2012
Russian Roulette
Matt and Sonia take on an award winning fencing coach, but all bets are off when his students go on the offensive with real swords.
17 Oct. 2012
Little Froy's Big Mistake
Matt and Froy take on a grungy fisherman, but when he isn't afraid to damage his own boat, Froy is the one who is sinking fast.
24 Oct. 2012
M.I.A. & D.E.A
When Matt and Froy go missing, Sonia is on a mission to figure out what they've got up their sleeves.
31 Oct. 2012
Suspicious Packages
Sonia and Froy repo a hummer from a bachelorette who is down to party, but when the cops arrive it's the repo team who is in for a shock.
14 Nov. 2012
Revenge Gone Wrong
When Matt almost gets run down by a posse of graffiti-packing gangsters, he sets into motion a plan of revenge against Lyndah.
21 Nov. 2012
Smut Campaign
After Ronnie suffers a near-fatal wound during an attack on the lot, he reconsiders his role in the repo business.
28 Nov. 2012
Warzone at the Worksite
Ronnie's gotten a raise and a promotion, and Carlos's jealousy sends him looking for more appreciation. But when his quest for glory goes wrong, will it turn the entire team against him? Matt and Sonia wrangle with a small business owner with some violent cargo in the back of his truck, Sonia and Froy have some hard lessons for a bratty hipster, and Froy and Carlos get in too deep with a dockworker who will destroy anything and anyone who messes with his car. TV-14-L
5 Dec. 2012
Laying Cable
After being denied a raise, Carlos goes after Ronnie's reputation in a vengeful act of spite. First, when an unexpected guest arrives at Ronnie and Froy's repo, they're scrambling to uncover her true identity. Later, Matt and Ronnie repo a Porsche from a maniac whose drastic approach to save his car sends Matt running for the hills, And finally, when Carlos and Ronnie come face to face during their repo of a cable van, will their personal problems result in a catastrophic loss? TV-14-L
12 Dec. 2012
Roll the Dice
When Ronnie takes the fall for losing their previous repo, Carlos tries to make amends.

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