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Season 1

1 Aug. 2009
Getting Started
Take an insider's tour of the place where filmmaking dreams come to light as the 2009 Directors Lab Fellows climb out of their writing caves and land on the mountain ready for "Action!"
1 Aug. 2009
First-Time Filmmakers
Get behind the cameras of Sundance Institute's Directors Lab. Lab Fellow Elgin James came to Sundance with hopes of getting closer to making his first feature. Practice makes closer to perfect. Follow him through the intense process of rehearsing, shooting, and editing scenes. Over. And over.
1 Aug. 2009
Working with the Actor
Get behind the cameras of Sundance Institute's Directors Lab. First and foremost, actors must trust their directors. See how Lab Fellow Jonathan Wysocki learns to engage with his actors to push his script from the page to the screen.
1 Aug. 2009
Visual Style
Seeing the words of your script take shape through a camera lens is a mind-blowing experience. Check out Lab Fellow Alejandro Landes as he faces the visual challenges of shooting his story.
17 Aug. 2009
Working with the Crew
There's a difference between craft and artistry. Check out how Lab Fellows Sally El Hosaini and Ritesh Batra collaborate with their crews to raise the bar of excellence.
17 Aug. 2009
The Editing Room
What does your gut say? What if it's wrong? Lab Fellow Andrew MacLean learns to train his instincts for what makes the cut and what doesn't.
17 Aug. 2009
The Script
Every story has a beginning, middle, and end. But the script doesn't always go there. Lab Fellows Benh Zeitlin and Lucy Alibar test out their scripts with actors to see what's missing.
17 Aug. 2009
That's a Wrap!
As the 2009 Directors Lab comes to a close, the Fellows throw their old scripts into the fire and leave the mountain with a better sense of what's next: sleeping, rewriting, and pre-production.

 Season 1 

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