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Much needed Series

Author: il brutto from Bahamas
11 December 2012

There is a lot of things Americans don't know, but when it comes to history, we look even worse.

Oliver Stone has teamed up with Kuznick to tell us the history of the United States, the UNTOLD history. By which Stone means the history that was once known and reported but isn't taught in schools today.

I have seen 5 Parts, or Chapters, as Stone calls them, and I must say Im very impressed. Sometimes it sounds a little too Soviet-friendly, but all in all pretty fair. And the acts that are presented can NOT be disputed. Thats the most important thing. So that people who don't agree with Stone can make up their own mind, like I did in some cases.

I must say though, its not easy entertainment. Its pure informations for 60 Minutes. I had to pause the show once in a while so I could focus again.

I just saw Chapter 5 (Eisenhowers time) and there were a lot of things that I didn't know. I knew the CIA had overthrown a few Gouvernments and installed some puppets, but I didn't know that there were so many.

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Finally, A history documentary with an open world perspective!

Author: darren-552-553598 from London
10 December 2012

I cannot express how impressed I was with this work of televisual majesty. Unbiased, well narrated, clearly presented and explained information, just the right amount. Focusing on the real key points to give a brief but in depth understanding, not just of the events, but of their repercussions. Mainstream history is truly written by the those in a position of dominance, and to find out what really happened you have to dig deep and have an open mind, and that is what Oliver Stone has pulled off in abundance!

World war two has been an interest of mine for some 16 years now, and even my eyes were opened as to the geopolitical framework that built the world we're in today. Some huge political scandals were missed from most commonly known (and taught) history, I don't know if I agree with all of the opinions, but the facts, the evidence, that speaks for itself! A huge amount of it is quoted, referenced and some from actual recordings from the politicians at the time. And for the sceptics, Yes it does check out, although some is hard to find.

After watching this, I've decided to store the recordings to use to help teach my son the real story of what built the world he's entered into. And to give you some perspective of how ground breaking this program is, my son is currently 3 months old! And it will be saved for prosperity until he's old enough to comfortably assimilate such information.

That's how important and rare this type of clarity and open minded viewpoint is. Every human being on the planet should turn off X factor and watch this, If they did the human race would stand a much better chance.

Oliver, if you ever read this, I hope to meet you one day and shake your hand! Many Thanks.

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Excellent stuff!

Author: steinifrim from Iceland
12 December 2012

Here we go again. An excellent documentary that shows the world from the perspective of the whole world instead of just the view "The United States of God bless America". Queue the 1 star ratings from the "true patriots" that say that anything that says USA isn't perfect must be propaganda. This sort of brainwashing is exactly what is described in episode five. So please don't be fooled by this. This is actual history, if you look this up you will find the events actually took place. Even though sometimes it may seem Stone is trying to make the soviets less horrible it does not mean they weren't horrible, that just means that they weren't the monsters that the American public was let think they were and that the US escalated the cold war just as much as the Soviets. I am actually astonished that the people in the so called "greatest country in the world" can't take a look at it self and realize that they might of done some wrong in the past.

Please ignore ignorant rantings about anti-U.S. propaganda.

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Rises above the anchors of patriotism and nationalism to deliver facts

Author: ImAlwaysRight from United States
13 December 2012

For the history buffs and those interested in a less partisan view of U.S. History, that's not always completely told in our school history books, I highly recommend Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States.

History itself, and memories in general, inherit the bias of the observer. Further retelling, teaching, and writing of the event also serve to inject patriotism, nationalism, bias and opinion into the mix. This documentary series does well to attempt to strip out all of that, and to see the gray beyond just the black and white.

The show looks and sounds like the history shows we all grew up on in school. This should be known going into it, it is not an enthralling Oliver Stone dramatic movie, but it is well produced. For those interested in the subject matter it will easily keep your attention. In fact it's often difficult to break away momentarily because the pacing of the imagery and information rarely has a lull.

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Things we saw

Author: Vander Colombo from Brazil
29 June 2013

Interesting how most of the negative reviews come from America or countries that do not suffer this "intervention." Cause here in Latin America, no need to tell us. We saw it. We saw an arrogant policy that for years it was believed that he had the right to overthrow democratically elected presidents and replacing them with dictators. Today we know that the tortures were applied during the dictatorship methods taught by the CIA. This is not a theory, documents prove it. And just as I know that the vast majority of Americans politicized are / were against it, I'd like others to at least open their eyes so that it never happens again. Your freedom should not mean the enslavement of others. I leave a loving hug to all Americans who know that. Cause you were as much victims as we went.

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In short: brilliant

Author: ghzakaria from Damascus, Syria
24 April 2013

What strikes me the most is that the negative reviews of the series actually confirm everything Stone wants to say.

The series is actually brilliant. The book might be even more brilliant. Yes, it is subjective. And yes, it focuses on certain issues more than other issues. And that's because human beings are subjective; history is written and examined by human beings. On the other hand, the series -- and the book-- say right out from the start that this is not the complete history, it's only the part that people don't hear about. That's why it doesn't concentrate on 'other views' or the 'other side' of what it says. Add to that, film is a form of art. And this is the difference art can make when it deals with history.

The series does, in 99% of the cases, state facts very clearly and don't see events and people in black and white. And I have come to believe that people who accuse material of being propaganda are the very victims of propaganda. They are those who want to paint the whole world in one brush and put label on people, things, countries, races, ideas, etc. as 'good' and 'bad.' Personally, I think that is the definition of intellectual terrorism.

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This is a timely documentary.

Author: darthanubis
12 January 2013

The next episode: Bush and Obama, the Age of Terror.

This shows that Stone rises above petty partisans left and right.

The series is well done and everything is the verifiable truth. It shows that the last war the US fought that had any merit, honor, or valor was WWII. Even as powerful corporations propped up Hitler.

Stone during this series, is breaking down how all the way to today we have been saddled with war criminals from the Nixon administration. Murders and tortures we still coddle. They write books, go on speaking engagements, and even obtain cabinet positions in democratic administrations.

Stone is showing, that after PNAC got it'd "new Pearl Harbor", they were more than ready to roll out an already printed 400+ page PATRIOT ACT that our treasonous congresspeople did not even read, because they were terrorized with US government anthrax. That terrorist remains at large.

The USA is now full speed ahead towards fascism. Oliver Stone is doing us all a public service.

Our enemies are at home, enemies of freedom, children, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Every president the last 40yrs has been a war criminal. This inauguration, the war criminal for the next 4 years will swear in on two bibles. Bibles of men who he dishonor with his export of drones over foreign sovereignty land. Creating more people who justifiably hate murders of children and women.

Right-wing rush-bots are slamming this series with 1 star reviews. They can't even be anonymously honest. Hey cretins, how does it feel to see Stone call it so right. You cold war nuts still have it out against the "commies".

The Great United States of America now:

Tortures-sodomy of kids,rape, Culture of rape,suicide,murder, No Habeus Corpus ,No Posse Commatus ,No Due Process, No Right Privacy, Free Speech Zones -(bush the lesser) Domestic drones, TSA-fondling children rapists,coaches,priest-authority figures, rabid, racism,homophobia, and more fear. A whole network for propaganda,lies and race baiting. right- wing hate radio, talk of right-wing states seceding, corporate owned media,beholden to, the corporations not the people. science deniers. I have seen the enemy....he is "us".

I could I forget Camp X-ray aka Gitmo, gulag. Abu-Ghraib, Mai-Lai, shock and awe. I'm getting sick typing all these atrocities. Yet you right wingers have the gall to call this series propaganda. You would not know propaganda if it bit you in the rear.

Sounds like all the crap the bad commies did to others. Even then, only Hitler decreed he'd take his terror global. Now, we are the global killers.

I'm surprised Stone did not mention "Operation Northwoods" the blueprint for 9/11. Shootings, airliners,and terror to usher in, as poppy bush called it, the New World Order.

He at least covered the right-wing coup of 2000. We are all surveillance now.

Obama had his chance, to prosecute the criminals for a war based on lies(All US wars). He did not, because he grew up idolizing these monsters.

This series is long overdue. Too bad it is on a premium channel, most people will miss it.

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Ignore the Blind Patriots Reviews

Author: ankhharu from United States
13 May 2015

If you want to know the real truth about WWII and not the "US is the greatest country in the world who saved the universe" propaganda, then see this film. I'm a Veteran, so I don't get the blind patriotism or the refusal to accept the truth. As I served, just like my father, grandfather, etc and yet, I don't feel a need to excuse the lies we've been fed. So I'm amazed at how people refuse the truth and just accept whatever the 1% running this country has always fed us. Despite the fact that these people aren't a part of the 1%. They still defend their actions. Wake up! The footage is there. The audio, the video, how anyone can deny the US global domination agenda is beyond me. I knew the truth before this film as I have been researching history from more reliable sources and non-biased sources long before I saw this film. It just shocks me to see people fully accepting our version and not verifying anything.

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Untold, as in "never told this way"

Author: Nuri Sev from Turkey
9 April 2013

First off, I had not learned in my most recent 10 years of formal education even half of what I've learned after watching this series.

If you have many times got confused, felt something missing, frustrated by concealed fallacies after reading numerous texts on recent history, then you'll be relieved by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick's Untold History of the US. Some say there's nothing untold here, which may be true, but it's never been told in such compact, coherent, true way and void of propaganda. It helps you connect many dots, backed by real archives of footage, articles, papers, interviews, etc.

This is not just about the US, it's about the world. Don't miss it.

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Revisitation Not Revisionism

Author: LeonLouisRicci from United States
10 February 2013

"History is a lie agreed upon...History is written by the elite and the winners of War". These often quoted phrases or variations thereof (as just stated) is what is at the heart of this riveting and deep dissension piece.

The "facts" or the "truth" can often times be opinions or guesses, as pointed out by the series, there is much we aren't readily aware of because of the, willful or not, misconstrued presentation of events. What is routinely accepted as the "way things were" is forever tainted, misinformation, disinformation, myth-information, slanted, withheld, covered-up, politically correct, unknown, and simply much of it is ethnocentric to say the least.

What's refreshing in this 10 hour mini-series is that it can inspire inquiry and rebooted thought. Not revisionism, but a re-visitation and educational path toward illumination and possibly in some cases enlightenment. There never is one side to any story and reflection, curiosity, and interest in events that shaped our world can never be a bad thing. Except, maybe, for those who benefit from the status quo.

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