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Great Little Gem!

Author: punkmummy from Los Angeles, California
21 October 2010

I'll agree, the first episode was a little hard to get into, but once you do, its just so clever. Anyone who's been in a very co dependent relationship like this will fall in love.

It's funny because it's true!

The characters all work really well together and I love the fact that they always manage to stay in the flat and never leave it. I kept wondering how they were gonna keep them there and was constantly surprised.

Great real life writing and acting.

I'd definitely recommend it to people who like BBC shows. (not something all Americans will appreciate, but will surely find a way to rip off down the line!)

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Author: d_ale_s_cott
13 October 2010

One of the funniest and natural comedy series about i think personally, if you can't take a joke with what happens in it simply don't watch it but for those who can you will find that you will have a real giggle.

It basically is how some people live and what funny mistakes they make along living in there own flat.

The reactions to some of the scenarios that happen are also hilarious.

Not for those who rule there life around manners etc and take things too seriously.

Absolutely brilliant!

Hope to see more of it!

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Genius comedy from the everyday minutiae of life

Author: CineasteNorth from Toronto
17 January 2012

I love watching Steve and Becky. It's hilarious comedy of the first order. When you can take the small things and create character driven comedy that resonates, then you've got likable characters doing some crazy things and it's funny. Things which we all may be guilty of having done, at some time or another. In the hands of unlikeable characters, it's just cruel and nasty humour. But Steve and Becky deliver that fine balance of making you laugh out loud without the guilt. The Laura and Paul and Dan characters may be broadly drawn, but we can give them license to bring characters to life, which face it, we all know a few of. I've known Paul's and Dan's and Laura's, and a few Shelly's. They're out there. We all know them. The chaos they cause in Steve and Becky's world, is brilliant fun. So what they say is a little more outrageous (or is it?) than your average, but that's the titillation that makes this show so watchable, isn't it? More episodes please!

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Funniest British comedy for years

Author: amymoggy-844-762397 from bristol
14 November 2013

Him and Her is a fantastic comedy. The writing is very well thought out because it is so simple like The Royle Family and thats why it is extremely popular. Laura is twisted character of I'm sure everyone knows of in real life. her nasty and sly comments to everyone and how self obsessed makes her one of the best characters in the programme. Russel and Sarah are perfect for the main role, playing a convincing couple which are adorable. This programmes focuses on characters rather than one liners, you have to know the characters to understand this and enjoy it. It seems very realistic and the characters are makes you laugh because you know its ridiculous but it is very real.

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Rings true, but can you be bothered?

Author: paul2001sw-1 ( from Saffron Walden, UK
18 March 2011

'Him and Her' is a rather strange comedy series. Following the undemanding rhythms of the lives of a couple of lazy twenty-somethings, it's bleak but grimly humorous. While there are some of the conventions of the genre on show (the nerdy single neighbour, for example), it nicely captures a sort of contemporary coziness and rubbishness, in a manner vaguely similar to shows such as 'Pulling'. But whereas 'Pulling' was hysterically funny, 'Him and Her' lacks both the inspired lunacy, or any sense of plot: each episode is nicely constructed, but it's hard to feel like anything really matters. Rather, it's a series almost entirely full of those moments that make you smile (in a rather revolted way) while you wait for the real gag. I felt I ought to like it more than I did; but sadly, I lost interest before it was through.

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Don't expect fireworks or overstatement

Author: Zeke Pliskin
8 December 2012

I think this is a fair sitcom, to be honest. Very much a "bottle job", by which I mean basically one or two main sets, small amount of main characters and not much in the way of variation, basically like everything is contained in a small bottle.

It's not usually laugh out loud funny, though there are some amusing moments. It's not incredibly heartwarming but there are some understated sweet moments. The plots are inconsequential but engrossing enough as they play out, though I'm having a lot of trouble remembering even one right now so I think it's fair to label them as forgettable.

Basically, as it stands this is very much schedule filler for the BBC - charming enough but hardly unmissable TV. The main reason I watch it is to appreciate the looks and acting talent of Sarah Solemani, a striking brunette who really deserves something more substantial in terms of acting roles.

Slightly above average, but not much, hence a mere six out of ten is more than fair.

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Awful and unappealing "sit com"

Author: stu-bell from London, England
12 September 2010

I had heard and read that this was the best thing BBC3 had ever done, that its naturalistic style was a mature nod to the sorts of things we get from HBO, and that it was something any adult could watch and enjoy. What I saw though was one of the most excruciating, unamusing, dirty and unpleasant half hours of TV I've ever seen. There's not much to say, other than that in the opening episode the main recurring gags revolved around the Spice Girls and Titanic (has this script been on a shelf for 12 years?) and someone taking a dump and then not flushing the toilet. This is mature, contemporary, adult comedy?

The characters, which in my view ultimately make or break any drama or sitcom, are utterly repellent. We are supposed to be charmed by the easy going laziness of the central Him and Her, but in the closing minutes of the first episode they are both shown taking smug satisfaction in the misfortune of others, rendering them entirely unsympathetic, horrible people. The peripheral characters (from whom much of the plot, what there is of it, derives) are stereotypes, neither amusing nor credible.

Plenty of low-brow "Sit", then, but no "Com" to be found here. I can't think of a single positive thing to say about it. There have been innumerable vulgar, unfunny, juvenile "comedies" offered up by BBC3 over the years but if this isn't the nadir, it's pretty close. As it's on BBC3 it will be on about 18 times a week - but try to avoid it if you can.

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A load of bollox

Author: willson_x from MINN.
17 November 2011

For some reason all new comedies are about awkwardness and imperialist sense of humour, they are badly acted by the main cast and they think they are so funny. What is annoying about this one especially is that the actors are all conscious of the fact they are making a comedy and try too hard to make the emptiness and things that shouldn't be funny in the first place be funny simply by acting like a goon, thereby ruining any chance of it being a good show. The only good actor was the crazy guy from Wayne's world 2 who killed the man and his son with a shoe and he was also in Withnail and i, that's cause he's a legend, the rest of the cast duck monkey ding dongs. This show in general is just really bad and dispiriting to the human race

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