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6 Sep. 2010
The Toast
Layabout Steve and girl-friend Becky just want to stay in bed all day, having sex and watching the T.V. set they got out of a skip but are interrupted by Becky's frantic sister Laura,whose mildly psychotic boy-friend Paul stayed out all night. When Paul shows up at Steve's flat Steve puts the cat among among the pigeons by revealing that Paul copped off with a Mel C lookalike. Whilst Laura and Paul are arguing in the toilet Dan from upstairs comes in with two melons to share.
13 Sep. 2010
The Birthday
It's Steve's birthday but he just wants to stay in bed,having sex and watching Becky's present,the 'Inspector Morse' box set. When his mother turns up on her way to gate-crash a colleague's son's engagement party he tells he has swollen glands. When Dan,Laura,her friend Shelly and Paul arrive he tells them the same so they all set off for the pub,leaving him to pleasure himself making use of their presents. Then they all come back in and catch him at it.
20 Sep. 2010
The Fancy Dress Party
Steve is trying to get through to his bank to report a fraud but keeps getting put on hold and made to listen to 'Candle in the Wind'. Becky is trying to cover a zit and they should have taken the sausage rolls over to the pub where Paul's six-year old son is having a party to celebrate his beating leukaemia an hour ago. Dan's arrival,threatening to perform card tricks,only adds to the delay until Paul,in costume as Postman Pat,angrily turns up to take charge of the sausage rolls. Hearing there is no free bar Becky and Steve decide to give the party a miss and have ...
27 Sep. 2010
The Football
There's a whole crowd round at Steve's to watch football on television but Becky's sister Laura is bored and keeps interrupting,her boy-friend Paul in pieces having just learned that he was adopted and Steve distracted by a dream he had of Becky having sex with her last boyfriend. Steve's friend Barney and his dad Mike are there too and accuse Steve of racism when he claims that 'Black people are fun'. Fortunately Barney's girl-friend turns up and agrees with Steve. And she's not only black but called Gay as well.
4 Oct. 2010
The Parents
It's Sunday and Steve is about to meet Becky's parents,Jill and Nigel,for the first time, as they are coming to mend the fridge.Already jittery,having heard that his uncle has just died,he is over-friendly towards them,offering them out of date yogurts and dropping rape into the small talk. It doesn't help that the fridge isn't broken at all,the thermostat is just turned down too low.Carnal noises from the flat above as Dan entertains Paris,in all likelihood a hooker,add to the awkwardness and Becky and Steve are mightily relieved when the parents have gone home.
11 Oct. 2010
The Argument
After an evening in the pub Becky and Steve are rowing. He accuses her of flirting with her childhood friend Jamie but Becky insists he's gay. Then Jamie comes in,along with Shelly,Laura and Paul,who's nicked a traffic bollard. They're all drunk. Dan comes down and cosies up to Shelly but Steve feels ganged up on as they all criticise his music collection. Eventually he locks himself and Becky in the toilet for a heart-to-heart,after which it all works out well.

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