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Well written, acted & filmed
Pelagicdrifter3 October 2010
The writing makes Terriers - but the acting sells it. The characters are engagingly flawed, the by-play between them is superb and there are visual "puns" embedded in many scenes. It is funny, but not slapstick. The humor is often subtle; this isn't a laugh track comedy.

I can't say enough great things about this show. It feels more like a well written movie than something made for TV. The cinematography is lush. The supporting characters have enough back story to be credible parts of the plot. It is engaging and fun to watch. Even the theme is catchy.

I want everyone to watch Terriers so that is produced for many seasons to come. It is just the type of beautifully crafted show that execs seem to cull after a single season.
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New and old converge in top notch "Terriers"
troy-12518 September 2010
I'm a sucker for the private investigator sub-genre of crime fiction. Even when not done well (HBO's "Bored to Death" tries a new take, but gets thwarted by blasé hipster posturing), there's something about the lone wolf not-quite cop, on his own, down on his luck, but armed with a healthy supply of street smarts and canny insight into human nature. Well, along comes "Terriers", and to my delight it knocks it right out of the park. Awash in the over-saturated hues of sun-soaked San Diego, a couple scrappy p.i.s (one's a former cop-slash-alcoholic, the other a former nickel and dime guy) completely re-energize the genre with wit, smarts, and a healthy dose of real pathos. It's "The Rockford Files" meets James Elroy, in the way that its grungy just-this-side of oblivion heroes get embroiled in a corruption plot that is far above their pay grade. Perhaps one wouldn't necessarily think of the term "seedy underbelly" when thinking of San Diego, but the show's creators surprise us with what they dig up.

The series excels in nearly every aspect of hour long drama: crisply directed action, rich supporting characters, intriguing criminal activity, and a whole host of demons for its protagonists to wrestle with, mostly falling on the back of Donal Logue's Hank Dolworth (interesting that one of TV's other most fascinating anti-heroes is the aptly named Hank Moody of "Californication" - both Hanks give us 2 very different sides of southern California survival). Logue, long time one of my favorite just-on-the-verge-of-stardom actors, is absolutely brilliant here. Older, raggedy, and noticeably slim-downed, Logue fits this part to a T, and will hopefully find himself in all sorts of career skyrocketing joy once "Terriers" gets the audience it deserves.

The rest of the cast is also uniformly excellent. Michael Raymond-James as Hank's partner Pollack is just as grungy but a bit lighter - which is fascinating as he is the former crook. And Rockmond Dunbar as the cigar-filter chomping Detective Gustavson - Hank's ex-partner - is perfectly pitched as the hard-ass cop whose soft spot for Hank keeps him situated as a dark ally: maybe he'll help, maybe he won't.

Series creator Ted Griffin, late of "Ocean's 11" and "The Shield", has created a fascinating world of cops and crooks and those in between, that feels well-lived in, while remaining fresh at the same time. If the show continues to pump blood into its true beating heart - the relationship of Hank and Pollack, and both of their personal quests - then he should have a hit on his hands for years, and something that may indeed stand the test of time. A classic in the making, "Terriers" is the best new show on television, and already one of the best period.
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Love This Show!
lillith_v14 September 2010
Only one episode so far, but it's hard to believe it was a pilot. The characters are funny, interesting, and even a little pathetic now and then, but most of all you find yourself hoping they'll get it right this time. Much more depth of character and engaging plot than you normally see in the first episode of anything. By the end of the hour, I felt like I'd known these guys for a while.

The best thing about these characters is that they're not easy to peg. There's not just a "smart one", or a "sensible one", or "the screw-up". They both bring something to the table, and I suspect we'll see even more facets of their personalities as more episodes air.

The only negative I found was the ex-partner (cop) Gustavson. Seems a little stereotypical and forced to me. Maybe that will work itself out in upcoming episodes, but at least it's a minor character and I don't feel the show really suffers for it.

Can't wait to see more!!!
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Revisited Concept With Innovation & Great Potential
DareDevilKid20 September 2010
Review : Terriers (T.V. Show - Season 1) Genre : Comedy, Mystery.

Type : Humorous buddy detective show with a lot of mystery.

Rating : 8.1/10

'Terriers' is basically a show about two oddball guys coming together to play private detectives. We initially get the picture that they are complete losers who have failed in their respective careers and other odds and ends stuff, and have now hit another brainwave with the pseudo-conviction of attaining success and a quick buck rapidly.

But just 20 mins. into the show, we slowly begin to realize that these guys must have chosen their new venture after much deliberation. They might not have studied the 'Sherlock Holmes' manual or even have read beyond the first two pages of 'The Hound Of Baskervilles', but they do have an acute instinct for the nitty-gritty stuff, and while not following strategies by the book, they do logically manage to investigate the right things at the right places. The beautiful thing is that, some of their most absurd modus operandi, more often than not, easily culminates into an accurate logical move (credit to the writers 'Shawn Ryan', 'Ted Griffin', and others).

The basic traits of a great show are to relentlessly engage its viewers within its plot narration along with adequate twists and turns at the right moments (especially for continuing episodes), and all the while, constantly developing its characters with effortless ease such that the viewer is never distracted from the plot while comprehending the characters' motives, backgrounds, qualities and actions. Just two episodes into the show (I never write a review after a pilot just in case its a fluke) and the creator 'Ted Griffin' has managed this spot on (especially in the character development department).

The premise, definitely the most unique aspect of the show, is of a much larger and very engrossing case interweaving the episodes along with smaller, milder albeit pretty engaging cases interspersed between different episodes. Though the smaller cases have no relevance on the main case, you've got to see the show to know how it all churns out and makes sense. The show itself is very humorous, with the right mix of drama, action and mystery.

The performances, while not being first-rate, are more than competent. Donal Logue (the best of the pack) plays Hank Dolworth, a down and out ex-cop, ex-husband, ex-everything, who's striving for a fresh start and to finally revamp his tarnished reputation. Michael Raymond-James (a perfect foil to Donal Logue, although haven't seen or heard of him before) plays Britt Pollack, a much younger guy committed in a relationship to the beautiful Katie Nichols (Laura Allen), who really trusts Hank despite all the advice of ultimately being let down and is just about warming his heart to their private-eye work along-with looking for some quick cash for the happiness of his home, relationship and himself. The sparkling chemistry between these guys and their casual banter is probably the highpoint of the show, while most of the supporting cast is decent enough.

Technically too, the show is very sound with beautiful cinematography and camera-work and excellent locations. Another strong-point is the opening song along with the credits (another must for good shows).

'Terriers' has already began as a damn good show with a good plot and interesting characters. With wholehearted care and efficient execution it can easily transcend the realm to a great show, possibly three quarters into its first season.

My vote: Hook onto it before it gets a tad intricate to follow, stick with it till the end of the season and then decide whether to dedicate yourself to its forth-coming seasons.
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Surprisingly Good, Somehow Both Laid-Back and Intense
fastlearner26 October 2010
Terriers is a hard show to nail down because it artfully merges several seeming-clichés into a fresh-feeling hour of entertainment. Someone described it this way: "It's kind of like The Rockford Files had a one-night stand with The Big Lebowski and had a charming little accident," and I have to agree.

There's one thing missing from that description, though; Terriers is also very touching and surprisingly deep. The last few minutes of each episode manage to reach out and grab your heart every single time.

If you're thinking about giving it a shot and will watch it from the beginning, be sure to watch both the first and second episode before deciding whether or not it's for you. There's a deeper level of the show that's easily missed if you watch only the first episode or manage to just catch a portion of it while channel surfing.

Terriers is easily the best new show of the 2010 Fall season, and even manages to make it into my top 3 shows that are currently airing.
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Excellent and not what you'd ever expect!
Amy_cosmicchic8630 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
To put it simply, this show is fantastic and one of the best new shows to come out of the US in years. It has nothing to do with dogs and is in fact a fascinating, well-written, often funny and always heartfelt crime drama about two buddies trying their hand at private investigating so that they can make ends meet. The realistic, multi-dimensional characters are lovable and layered and the well-paced, twisting and turning stories darken menacingly with each new episode without losing any of their charm. My favorite character is Britt because he is a fab combination of lovable sarcastic slacker and troubled master-thief, but the far more complex Hank is equally great and his mentally-disturbed sibling is a solid new addition to the ensemble. Dear FX Network: This show NEEDS to stay on the air!
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Very Smart
oteromom14 October 2010
This show is one of the best I've seen in so long. Very smart, interesting, and different type of story, not the typical predictable storyline of who done it. Great acting, interesting characters, and comedy, with believable partners, history, and a great opening song. I can't wait for more episodes with sister Steph. These stories grow each week from the previous, and you don't find many like this one. Thank you for giving us something else to look forward to. I look forward to the story and characters growing to see more of the history of Hank Dolworth; where he comes from, what exactly was his story with ex partner on the police force. Britt is a cutie, someone new I've never seen, but hope to see more of. Donal Logue is someone I'm more familiar with, his work always smart and funny. Their sneaky partnership is just entertaining enough to keep us staying tuned.
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I'm hooked on something but what? i can't explain.
pts-1227 September 2010
First i found this series for myself by accident, i can't get into details but after 3 episodes I'm hooked. There is nothing screaming special about Terriers - even the name itself is kind of funny since there is only 1 dog ( but really cool one) in the series and even he is not a terrier but after few episodes you can understand the name! There is no clear explanation but you sense it somehow. Actually its the same with the series - it has this crazy weird aura that rushes you to look at it again and again and again. REALLY good chemistry between main characters ( they are best friends in actual life too ), good balance between humor and the general darkness of the plot which unravels more with every episode, good portion of mystery behind characters and their lives PLUS i specially like the strange continuity throughout the series. There is another good fact that suggests the quality of it - its my first review and i registered myself to IMDb.com just because there was 1 review missing for Terriers' vote.. so there it is. If the executives can't see the uniqueness of this series and they will cancel it after the first season... i'll watch the first season over and over again in the coming years to fool myself.
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Unique, cool new show!
wayindie18 October 2010
Glad FX is still making original drama series. While it is funny, there is a fare share of drama, and conflict. The characters are 3 dimensional, and play out as real people you might already know. Good to have a fresh take on PI show. Like that it is still kinda raw, and not predictable either. So much has happened in the 4 episodes I have already watched. Can't wait to see what is next for this crew.

It has been a while since I have been compelled to follow a show. Nice thing is that you can pick up at any time and get into it. Beats anything on network television. Not for those that need main stream junk food TV.
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It's "Veronica Mars" meets "The Big Lebowski"
dtuttle1 October 2010
Love this show! It's "Veronica Mars" meets "The Big Lebowski". The episodes are clever and totally unpredictable. You will never see what's coming around each corner of this plot but it's completely plausible and very entertaining. Episode three in particular has enough plot twists for four episodes. The two main actors are great together. Though every once in awhile I'm reminded of the character that Michael Raymond-James played on "True Blood" and I have to remind myself that he's good now. Good enough anyway. Sexy, plausible, funny, smart, very cool. I hope this one keeps on going. It might be too slow-paced for the mainstream.
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yes. Yes. YES.
paskamaha11 November 2010
10 episodes down, I felt the grandness after the pilot and kept on watching.

Hard to explain anyone unfamiliar with the show, what makes 'Terriers' so utterly compelling; the easiest way out would be to just say Hank & Britt are THE best main characters on a TV series in a long, long time. Talking (another) Hank & Jesse (Breaking Bad) chemistry and charisma here. These people are real, with a real heart and a mind, real problems, and real reasons for living. I would never want to throw in any comparisons here, they would just do no justice... either way. Where the Lebowski references come from - me, being the high priest of Dudeism, I still don't get it. Stop comparing people, this is unique, witty, and fun crime/drama, with heavy ups and downs, you do not want to spoil it with sloppy comparisons.

Every episode is so well written and directed it laughs at the face of today's television. The casting is immaculate. This is true visionary material; and 'Terriers' just keeps on getting better. I am literally in awe and waiting for the next week now. And I am absolutely, indisputably, in love with Hank & Britt. In a Platonic way.
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An excellent, gritty spin on the classic private eye genre
sienamystic30 October 2010
Terriers snuck up on me. I decided to give it a chance because of my sneaking fondness for Donal Logue. The first few episodes were great - sturdy writing, great characterization, and a great look.

And then the show kicked into high gear, and I was hooked.

It's hard to pinpoint the biggest strength of the show, but if I was forced to, I'd say it was the strength of characterization. People are allowed to be human, not types or underwritten plot-vehicles, but rounded people with shadings. Some of the relationships have clearly evolved over a long period of time - we can sense the back-story exists, even if it's only hinted at here and there. The characters have failings, strengths, loyalties, hatreds, and most of all, a tough determination about getting through their lives as best as they can.
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Best new show of 2010
jateast30 September 2010
Okay, I watched L&O-LA while I recorded Terriers because I wanted to see the premier of the new L&O. Nothing compares to Terriers this season; it's a great show. It's funny, has intriguing characters and a story line that is off beat and not the same old same old. Great casting that makes me relate. I don't understand why this show would drop in ratings except for some curiosity about the new L&O this week. I will definitely be watching this series and hope and pray it doesn't get canceled because folks just don't know about it. I also think it's better than some of the new stuff on premium channels. The show could use a little more promotion from FX.
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Nothing short of incredible
Lionel Bee16 December 2010
Terriers is very much sublime television. The show takes the best elements of neo-noir, San Diego, and procedurals and melds them into a package that somehow hits the right notes with every episode. Similar to Justified (another FX crime drama), the show starts off light on exposition and introduction. It manages to establish arcs with intelligent and natural pacing. Donal Logue carries the show as the likable but utterly broken Hank Dolworth, giving a performance that hasn't the right to not feel cliché but is ultimately powerful. His partner Britt Pollock (Michael Raymond-James)is a refreshing contrast that ends up dominating a lot of the plot, but is never intrusive. Their dynamic feels incredibly genuine, almost as if the two actors have been friends for some time.

Overall, Terriers is television at its finest. It builds and builds, making every plot thread count up to a bittersweet finale. There is no telling where the show could go or if it indeed will ever have the chance to go there. Either way, Terriers is 13 episodes of pure gold.
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FX is stupid for canceling this
dfoster-450-16204814 August 2012
The only problems with this show are: 1.) It's called "Terriers" 2.) It's on FX.

If this show were called something better and if it was on HBO, Showtime, or a major network, it would have had rating that were through the roof.

It is one of the best shows I've watched in long time.

The title is terrible. When both my wife and I saw that this show was rated highly on Netflix, we almost still didn't watch it because of the name.

Donal Logue and Michael Raymond James are awesome in their roles. I really hope they end up on a similar show. Maybe this time on HBO.
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This show was so well written and the cast had such great chemistry, I still can't believe it was cancelled by FX. FX didn't actively promote the show and I think they dropped the ball here. Too bad. This was an excellent drama with great, real characters. Donal Logue is a fine actor and played an ex-cop with an alcoholic past. The character was often shown at AA meetings dealing with his problems in a very real and troubling way. I hadn't seen that before and it was inspiring. I still hold out hope that it might get new life on a different network but sadly, most TV is about cheap reality shows with insipid people wallowing in shallow, petty, mock-drama. No thanks. I like my drama with some art to it.
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the money men do it again
michael harrison26 December 2010
when i read that terriers was cancelled it reminds me why i don't watch a lot of TV, they are idiots this show was great i give it an absolute 10. instead of cancelling why didn't they try another timeslot.

Donal Logue was tremendous in the role he played as an ex cop trying to find his way after a divorce and dealing with an alcohol problem i thought FX to be more liberal but they are proving to be yet another moneygrubbing network who could give a rats @ss about art. i just don't get it if they keep this up they will end up like UPN cancelling Star Trek Enterprise. It is just upsetting to discover that when you think there is a light at the end of the TV tunnel it gets extinguished once again by the powers that control the light. Wht next are you going to cancel Justified or Sons of Anarchy
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Love this show!!
minevastar19 November 2010
From the catchy theme-song to all of the main characters, this show is perfect and exactly what I want from TV after a long day at work: a fun escape with characters I can admire, empathize with, and still find myself thinking about later on. Hank and Britt are two lovable underdogs who combine their talents to do PI work after saving each other from their former lives. I love how the show is quirky and unpredictably new, and especially loved one of the recent episodes where we were shown in flashbacks why Hank is no longer with the police force. I love the realistic portrayal of Britt and his girlfriend's relationship and Hank's tenderness to his sister which really just makes me like him all the more. The show seems spot on to me, with excellent dialog, acting, and casting - I just LOVE IT!! I look forward to it every week, and am praying it gets renewed for another season as it is one of the best shows on TV. If you haven't seen it, you're in for a treat.
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Good episode, actually scared for character(s)
seanasnow827 October 2010
No clue about what this show was going to be about after dog commercials on FX. I caught the first one, never will miss another. That Donal actor guy, I like his brute looks and his hair. M. Raymond James is cool. Kinda like weird cool. Laura Allen is so beautiful it hurts. The writing is good/great. I like everything about this show. Please keep going, most of TV sucks, except Mad Men, Breaking Bad, etc. FX has a good shot at getting ratings, they really screwed the pooch when they scooped 2 1/2 men. That show is just t&A. The Black cop guy is cool, he bends the rules cause he knows Hank is solid. Kick ass TV is here. FX, AMC, and that new show about the boxer. He is the guy from Fight Club....keep Terriers rolling please. Thanks FX
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Up there with the best One Series Wonders
philbatey24 May 2012
Having just watched this outstanding series for the third time, I really find it hard to believe how Terriers struggled to find an audience - the marketing department at FX should hang their heads in shame.

It's up there with Firefly, Studio 60 and Freaks and Geeks, as one of the great TV shows cut short far too early. Having said that, maybe the reason all of these shows felt so good were that they never got the chance to go on too long, ruining the memory of former greatness.

Terriers revolves around Hank (Donal Logue) and Britt (Michael Raymond-James), a couple of private eyes working in Ocean Beach, San Diego. The best episodes involve an ongoing story that is introduced in the pilot and concludes in the final episode of the 13 part season. This story is complex, nail-biting and heart-breaking, leaving you wanting more. While the other single case episodes suffer in comparison, they are still solidly entertaining and quirky enough to elevate them from the norm.

The show also succeeds in providing us with two main characters who we genuinely care about, despite their pasts and personality flaws. Hank's sobriety and continuing love for his ex-wife Gretchen (Kimberley Quinn) and Britt's criminal past and romantic problems with Katie (Laura Allen) are as important to the show as the cases they solve. Great performances and writing throughout make this a near-perfect series.

There really is little wrong with the show other than the poor viewing figures it received. The ending set it up perfectly for another season, but it still works extremely well as the one-off season it turned out to be.
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Thank you...
edantes772 December 2010
...for making a show that, for once, is all about characters, story and dialogue and didn't rely on special effects and the Bruckheimer/Abrams factor. I had almost completely given up on this in recent years in American shows that were not made by HBO or Showtime, with the only exceptions this year being "Justified", and the hilarious "the Good Guys" - "lets go bust some punks". But I have to be honest, Terriers was my favourite this year. The interplay between the two main characters was amazing. Donal Logue has been a brilliant actor for years without enough credit but really came into his own in this, but this was only my second time seeing Michael Raymond-James. First time was True Blood, and I thought he was excellent in that, and was actually following his career since, hoping he'd get a decent part because he is so watchable and he did not disappoint. The two guys are very laddish, yet sensitive, and it's a fantastic bromance, but they have a subtlety to their acting that very few people have these days. I shouldn't give them all the credit though, because they are helped by an amazing writing team which makes every scene seem very natural, real and wryly humorous, every time, and their supporting cast are very impressive too, notably Laura Allen. Long may this series continue, and if it doesn't, it will be a travesty on the scale of Firefly, dare I say it, even worse. Bravo to all involved.

I just have one huge complaint: like most of the best shows these days, only 13 episodes...grrrr...I want at least 26, possibly 52 a year?
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Great Show!
rczach-990-809762 May 2014
This show was really outstanding. The pace and the chemistry were excellent. The plot and the characters were fresh, and the dialog was funny and entertaining. Set in San Diego, and dealing with a criminal element, the look and atmosphere of the show was great too. It had the Southern California brightness, with the criminal edginess that was extremely well balanced and appealing. I didn't give the show a 10, because I took off a point for "girlfriend problems." It wasn't really worth taking a whole point for, but it was the only weakness in the show -- not that the characters had girlfriends, but because they weren't well incorporated into the plots, becoming a distraction. But again this was minor. This is show was smart and funny, without being complicated. There isn't a lot of television that has this blend that's extremely enjoyable, but it's rare to see. It was a rare gem.
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Fantastic Show
farquarg8 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Several other reviews have described the plot line so I won't rehash what's already been said.

I finished watching this show on Netflix, having been completely unaware of it's existence while it was on the air. I have to say FX did a terrible job of advertising the show. Had the put the effort behind Terriers that they put behind American Horror Story or Nip/Tuck; perhaps it would have survived longer.

But then again maybe the show lasting a single season is for the best. Too many shows start out fantastic but stay on the air too long. This show's major plot line starts in episode 1 and is mostly resolved by the end of the show. It's obvious that the writers thought there's be a season 2, but the ending isn't really a cliff hanger. The episode 13 provides enough closure that fans can feel satisfied.

Throughout the series you see Hank evolve and move on with his life. At the start he's still hopelessly in love with his ex-wife, Gretchen. He's a recovering alcoholic that you believe will fall off the wagon at any moment. But by the end, the viewer really has hope that he's turned his life around.

Britt, starts out as a lovable loser but proves to be much more than that. He shows that he's serious about his relationship with Katie and doesn't want to screw it up. Katie is the one to make the mistake, and Britt compounds that mistake by making one of his own. But the Britt at the end of the series is different from Britt at the beginning.

The most remarkable thing about the show is that growth of the characters doesn't feel forced. It seems the natural progression based upon events in their lives. The setting of the show, San Diego, is refreshing.

I highly recommend this show. With 13 episodes at around 40 minutes a piece, it's not a huge commitment. You will thank yourself for taking the chance on this fantastic show.
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pretty cool so far
shakenzi_lynn30 September 2010
i am hesitant to begin watching "new" shows, because recently just about the time you get into them, they get cancelled... i really like both the main actors, i have followed Donal for many years, and fell in love with they guy playing Britt when i saw him play Rene in true blood. these characters are well built, flaws and all, which is relatable, you feel for these guys, you want them to do well.. the story lines so far rock, they throw twists in and for the most part are believable. i love that it is on fx, so they can take that extra step that wouldn't be allowed on network t.v. keep up the good work guys. love the show!
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