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Rick said in his autobiography that the reason viewers at home see more sales than pawns on the show is because most of the people who pawn things at their shop don't want to be seen on TV.
All four main characters have nicknames three of which are better known by said nicknames (Corey Harrison = Big Hoss, Austin Russell = Chumlee, Richard Harrison = Old Man.) In early episodes Rick Harrison was nicknamed The Spotter and Richard Harrison was nicknamed The Appraiser, but these never caught on.
When the show came on the air, customer traffic to the pawn shop boomed. As a result, the store was not only forced to hire tons of new employees, but also to make customers to stand in a line outside the store so as to prevent overcrowding.
During filming, the shop is temporarily closed with only a small number of customers being allowed inside.
Rick's five rules of making a deal are: 1.) You've got to be able to walk away. 2.) It's just stuff. 3.) Don't tip your hand. 4.) Never give the first number. 5.) Never have a harsh negotiation.
According to Corey, Chumlee was not supposed to be a featured character on the series, but they decided to drop him into a couple of scenes, and the producers loved it.
The green Jim Morrison painting seen on the wall of the shop was painted by Denny Dent. At one point it was on sale in the shop for $20,000, however later episodes added a "not for sale" tag to it.
Originally, they had shot a pilot for HBO. Rick stated in his autobiography that he didn't like it because they "focused on the night window, and treated customers like they were animals in a zoo." He said that this approach was very misleading about their business.
Three of Rick's recurring experts have been spun off to their own shows; Rick Dale with American Restoration, Danny Coker with Counting Cars (2012), and Sean Rich with Lords of War (2012).
Count's Kustoms, one of the auto repair facilities on the show, once featured a banner on the wall promoting an establishment called "Feelgood's." Feelgood's was a bar owned by Vince Neil, lead singer for classic metal band Motley Crue. The name referenced their classic song/album, Dr. Feelgood. However, Danny "The Count" Koker, the owner of Count's Kustoms, has since become the full owner of that establishment and changed the name to "Count's Vamp'd."
The popularity of the series increased business so much at the shop that the Harrisons had to hire 30 additional employees and expand their show room to 15,000 square feet.
Seasons from 2009-2013 feature the "original" intro sequence, which shows members of the Harrison family around the shop, showing off and handling a number of items the shop carries (including Confederate money.) This intro is noteworthy in that it does not at all feature Chumlee (as it is unlikely the crew knew how popular he would become at the time.) Starting mid 2013, a new intro sequence began airing, with an instrumental by Lynyrd Skynyrd serving as the theme music. It features the 4 main cast members (including Chumlee) walking down a Vegas street together, and ends with them standing on the Pawn Shop roof.
Chumlee's real name is Austin Russell.
The working title for the series was "Pawning History", but the network opted to change it to something catchier.
Peaches' real name is Danielle Rainey, though for reasons unknown numerous websites incorrectly give her real last name as Pearey.
Employees for Leftfield Pictures discovered the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop when they were in Las Vegas for a bachelor party.
A number of pieces of memorabilia are now sold at the pawn shop, including shirts and magnets with the company's logo (many of which carry Chumlee's autograph).
The show was originally pitched as a Taxi Cab Confessions type show, but it was later reconstructed to the now family friendly show.
Other Pawn Shop employees besides the "big four" the show focuses on include: Antoine - the large African-American security guard, Peaches - the sexy young blonde who is punished for her habitual tardiness, Scott - a part-timer who often finds things to sell to the shop at flea markets/estate sales/etc., Fat Back - the in-shop mechanic, and Audie, a middle-aged, bearded Hispanic man. Numerous other staff persons are seen but not named.
Rick said that Leftfield pictures made a highlight reel, and showed it to the History Channel on a Friday. It was picked up the following Tuesday, which is one of the fastest times ever for green-lighting a series.
At the start of the first season, Richard Harrison (AKA The Old Man) was 68 years of age.
The shop's official slogan is "Make Rick Money!"
Originally, only the parking lot south of the Pawn Shop was used for customer parking. The lot north of the building (identifiable by the banner reading "pawn shop parking - other side of building") was originally used for government employee parking during the week - and people who would park there for the pawn shop would often get their cars booted or towed. However, due to demand, the Pawn Shop purchased this property, and it is now used for shop parking.
The pawn shop is located on Las Vegas Blvd., at the intersection of Gass Ave.
Although Rick expressed great interest in having the renovated barber chair for his personal collection, it is actually on display in the shop (albeit with a "do not sit in or touch" sign attached).
Rick Dale, the owner of Rick's Restorations, where the pawn guys regularly take things to have them fixed up, now appears in his own spin-off series, American Restoration (2010). The Pawn Stars guys occasionally appear on there as well.
The series usually avoids referencing other History Channel programming, however an early episode featured R. Lee Ermey visiting the Pawn Shop during the end credits, talking about a new show he was hosting at the time. Likewise, Larry the Cable Guy appeared promoting his new show, Only In America.
The large black security guard at the shop is named Antoine.
Rick Harrison's middle name is Kevin.
Whenever one of the guys shakes the customer's hand, it is a sign that the deal is done.

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