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12 Jul. 2010
Phoning It In
The Pawn Stars have a chance to purchase a rare piece of American political history - a collection of personal letters from Kennedy brothers John, Bobby, and Teddy. Written during the height of the Camelot era, will the gang run a tough campaign to make a deal or will their election funds come up short?
24 Jan. 2011
Pedal to the Metal
The Pawn Stars meet a man with a handwritten lost poem from rock legend Jimi Hendrix. Will the rare Hendrix verse provide new insight into the '60s icon or will the cryptic words remain locked in a purple haze of mystery? Then, the guys are presented with a chessboard made with wood from one of the most famous ships in history, the Titanic.
21 Mar. 2011
The Pawn Stars run for their lives when they come face-to-face with the fire-breathing, 31-ton mammoth Robosaurus. Will the guys stare down this car-crushing behemoth to make a deal or did they bite off more than they can chew? Then, Rick and Chumlee are presented with a cast iron Uncle Sam coin bank from 1886.
5 Sep. 2011
Episode dated 5 September 2011
The Pawn Stars hope to remain civil when a man brings Robert E. Lee's silver spoon and Ulysses S. Grant's meerschaum pipe. Then, Corey and the Old Man place their bets when a shoe from the legendary Triple Crown racehorse Secretariat gallops in. And later, a seller hopes he has found hidden treasure when he strolls in with a vintage metal detector.
3 Dec. 2012
Putt, Putt, Pawn
The Pawn Stars start a cola war when a 1950 s Pepsi Machine pops into the shop. An incredibly rare unit painted "Coke red" instead of "Pepsi blue," is this mysterious machine worth big bucks, or will the deal go flat?
3 Dec. 2012
Wouldn't It Be Ice?
Hold steady and fire with Pawn Stars as Rick checks out a Japanese Knee Mortar. Used in WWII for fighting in the dense jungles of the Pacific, will Rick see the chance to make a deal, or does the seller not even have a leg to stand on?
6 Jun. 2013
One Way Ticket
Rock and Roll all night with the Pawn Stars when a seller brings in a gold record signed by the band KISS. Can this rare piece of rock history convince the guys to join the KISS Army? Then, a Confederate pinfire revolver marches into the shop.
11 Jul. 2013
A Hard Day's Pawn
Twist and shout with the Pawn Stars as they check out a collection of memorabilia signed by all four members of The Beatles. With a guitar autographed by Paul McCartney himself, can they come together on a price or will the guys let it be?
5 Dec. 2013
Bad to the Bone
Operate with the Pawn Stars when they check out a bone saw from the Civil War. A tiny model for amputating fingers, can the guys cut a deal? Then, Rick's buddy Davey Deals drops by with a large piece of kunzite. Will Rick offer diamond-like prices for this gemstone? And later, the Old Man makes Corey drive him to the barber shop. Will it be a quick errand, or an all day ordeal?
19 Dec. 2013
A Very Vegas Christmas
Celebrate the holidays Vegas style as the guys from Pawn Stars, Counting Cars and American Restoration get together for a Christmas barbecue. First they'll deck the halls with pawn shop drama, when they debate the best and worst deals they've ever made.
19 Dec. 2013
Another Christmas Story
Get into the Holiday spirit with the Pawn Stars as the guys compete in a Christmas card competition. With a giant prize on the line, how far will they go for the win? Then, an original puppet from Jim Henson's Creature Shop comes in the shop.
23 Jan. 2014
Anytime, Any Mace
Prepare for battle with the Pawn Stars as Rick checks out a medieval mace. Will it be a fair fight for this primitive weapon or is he in for a low blow? Then, Rick and the Old Man check out a set of cap guns from the 1950s. Will nostalgia force them to pull the trigger? And later, the Old Man sends Corey and Chum on a simple errand that turns into a daylong adventure. Will they make it back in one piece?
27 Mar. 2014
Brew Master
Risk it all with the Pawn Stars when a medal believed to be a Polish White Eagle soars into the shop. With no time to call an expert, Rick must decide whether to go all in or sit this one out. Then, Corey and Chumlee race to check out a brick from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Will they go full throttle for this piece of racing history or will it pass them on the turn? And later, Chumlee gets knee deep in hops and yeast to make the perfect home brew. Chum knows he can lead Rick to beer, but can he make him drink?
27 Mar. 2014
Choo Choo Chum
Soar to new heights with the Pawn Stars when a signed photograph of Howard Hughes flies into the shop. Will the sky be the limit for this reclusive millionaire's autograph or will the price take a nosedive when Rick brings in a second opinion? Then, Rick takes his best shot when a Marlin rifle triggers his interest. Can he strike fast for this top-notch weapon or will this showdown end in defeat? And later, after Rick purchases an old model train, Chumlee decides to play conductor. Can he keep this miniature locomotive on track before Rick's pulls the brakes?
3 Apr. 2014
April Fooled
Tee off with the Pawn Stars when a USGA Rules of Golf book from 1934 putts into the shop. Will Chumlee be able to drive home a piece of golf history or will it turn out to be a bogey? Then, Rick deals with some "sweet emotion" when he checks out an organ owned by Steven Tyler. Will he be able to cash in on this high note or will he "dream on?" And later, Chumlee takes a big swing at golf after he and Corey make a little wager. Will the odds be in his favor when he gets help from legendary trainer, Butch Harmon, or will he be too deep in the rough?
8 Apr. 2014
Saddle Up
Cast your vote for the Pawn Stars when an Abraham Lincoln campaign poster comes up for grabs. Used in his 1864 re-election campaign during the Civil War, will it cost Rick a pretty penny or will he veto the negotiation? Then, Chumlee's feeling like a kid again when a Turbo Man action figure flies into the shop. Can he cough up the dough to snag this fictional superhero or will it "jingle all the way" out the door? And later, Chumlee's plan for a hike with the guys turns into a day on horseback, but it seems Vegas is a one-horse town.
8 Apr. 2014
Sleeping Giant
Jam along with the Pawn Stars when a 1969 Les Paul Professional guitar rocks its way into the shop. Will this classic strike a chord with Rick or will he be left singing a different tune? Then, Corey and Chumlee hit the brakes when they spot a 1930s Rolls-Royce hood ornament. Will they get on the fast track to a good deal or be left in the dust? And later, when the guys notice the Old Man snoozing more than usual they try to take matters into their own hands. Can they wake the sleeping giant or will he become their worst nightmare?
10 Apr. 2014
Chum's Revenge
Start your engines with the Pawn Stars when Rick checks out a 1956 Buick. Known as the ultimate family wagon, will he drive home a deal or be stuck in second gear? Then, Rick teaches Corey to be "a believer" when a "sweet" Neil Diamond jacket flashes into the shop. Can they hit the right note or will they be out of tune? And later, the Harrison men get family portraits made to hang in the shop. Even though Chumlee is left out, can he find a way to leave a lasting impression?
10 Apr. 2014
Traffic Jammed
Take flight with the Pawn Stars when a letter recovered from the United Flight 736 crash gets delivered to the shop. Will Corey get the message or will it be returned to sender? Then, Rick examines some nozzles from the Queen Mary ocean liner. Can Rick float the deal or will he go down with a sinking ship? And later, when traffic is driving away business, Rick lets Chum take the wheel by finally making him a manager... of the parking lot. Will Chum clear the jam or is he heading for a crash?
24 Apr. 2014
Ponies and Phonies
Saddle up with the Pawn Stars when a customer brings in a bible believed to have been carried by Pony Express riders. Can Rick and Corey rope in this cowboy classic or will it ride off into the sunset? Then, Corey travels to a galaxy far, far away when a R2D2 Pepsi machine rolls into the shop. Will the force be with him or will he let it go to the dark side? And later, Lili's internship is up and the guys need to review her performance. Will her year at the shop go down as a success?
24 Apr. 2014
Road Test
Travel back in time with the Pawn Stars when a guitar that belonged to The Who's bassist, John Entwistle, strikes a chord with Rick. Will his nostalgia for the band cause him to shell out big bucks for a piece of his "generation" or will he not "get fooled again"? Then, Rick and Lili get the presidential treatment when a customer brings in a Richard Nixon paper dress. Will this campaign outfit dress to impress, or wear out its welcome? And later, the guys decide it's time to put the Old Man's driving skills to the test. Can he prove to them once and for all that he's ...
1 May 2014
Fiesta Loco
Paint the town red with the Pawn Stars when a Monet landscape brushes into the shop. Will the artwork make a bad impression on Rick or will this picture be worth a million dollars? Then, Corey feels the heat when a customer brings in an old firefighter station. Can he douse this customer's expectations or will he get burned? And later, when Rick's history lesson on Cinco de Mayo drives the guys loco, Rick may be uninvited to his own fiesta.
1 May 2014
Tag Team
Step up to the plate with the Pawn Stars when a Bible that belonged to Mickey Mantle throws Corey a curveball. Believed to be from a rehab visit, will the Bible be a revelation or make a quick exodus out of the shop? Then, Rick is intrigued when a customer brings in a pen President Lyndon B. Johnson used to sign Medicare into law. Will he sign on the dotted line or will the price be too painful? And later, the guys start a competition that tests their buying skills. Can Rick become the biggest dealmaker in the shop or will Corey and Chumlee turn him into a sore loser?
8 May 2014
Spruce Goose
Ante up with the Pawn Stars when a poker cheating device finds its way into the shop. Will the guys cash in their chips and score this devilish instrument of deception or be forced to fold? Then, a mysterious suicide ring believed to be from WWII finds its way into Rick's fingers. Will he move in for the kill or be stopped dead in his tracks? And later, Chum hosts his own poker night, but will his party be a full house or a royal flush?
19 Jun. 2014
In the Doghouse
Storm the beaches with the Pawn Stars when hand drawn maps from the Normandy invasion hit the shop. Can Corey hold the line or will he be forced to surrender? Then, Rick reigns in a coin featuring the likeness of Roman Emperor Caligula. Will Rick get the right change or will the coin end up ancient history? And later, Rick tries to build a house for his daughter's new dog. Will it be Home Sweet Home for the pooch or will Rick end up in the doghouse?
23 Oct. 2014
United We Stand
Go full throttle with the Pawn Stars when Rick and Corey race to check out an unrestored BSA bike from WWII. Will this military motorcycle rev their engines or will the deal stall? Then, Rick and Chumlee step up to the plate when they spot a pair of Roberto Clemente prototype sneakers. Can they walk off in the legendary outfielder's shoes, or will they be a bad fit? And later, Rick and the Old Man lose their seats when a bet with Corey and Chumlee goes south. Will Corey & Chum be sitting pretty or will it turn into a stand off?
30 Oct. 2014
Wake Up Call
Rock out with the Pawn Stars when a 1969 Gibson Les Paul jams into the shop. Will the asking price be music to Rick's ears, or is the deal too far out of tune? Then, Chum tries to score with a Los Angeles Lakers backpack signed by members of the 2004 team. Will the deal be a slam dunk, or will it be an air ball? And later, Corey calls Rick out on his most annoying habit. Will Rick change his ways or will he laugh it off?
3 Nov. 2014
Biggest Buys & Busts
Revisit the biggest and most expensive items the Pawn Stars have ever seen: a million dollar car crushing machine dubbed "Robosaurus," a cigar box owned by John F. Kennedy himself, a piece of sunken treasure, and a rare Jimi Hendrix guitar that leaves Rick in a "purple haze.
6 Nov. 2014
Reach for Raphael
Be in awe with the Pawn Stars when a print believed to be from Renaissance master Raphael comes into the shop. With it possibly being one of the rarest items to ever walk through the doors, will Rick be drawn to it or will he be unable to etch out a deal? Then, Corey gets rocked when a 1970s Ibanez guitar is brought in. Can he take the lead in the negotiation or will he get played? And later, Corey and Chum try to find out the contents of Rick's will. Will it be to die for or will they be wishing they passed?
13 Nov. 2014
Chum Fever
Dial in on the Pawn Stars as they check out two antique telephones. Will Corey answer and make the deal solo or will he have to call in some backup? Then, Rick spots a rare porcelain bowl made during the Ch'ien-lung dynasty. Will Rick handle the china with care or will the deal smash to pieces? And later, Chumlee refuses to leave work even though he doesn't feel well. Will he make it through the day or will Rick get sick of his complaining?
1 Dec. 2014
Greatest Haggles
Relive some of the toughest negotiations in the history of Pawn Stars including: a first edition "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" book, a 1932 Ford Roadster and a $90,000 Les Paul guitar owned by Mary Ford.
22 Dec. 2014
Generation Gap
Walk like an Egyptian with the Pawn Stars when a Roman shield movie prop from "Cleopatra" pops by the shop. Will Rick make an offer fit for a Pharaoh, or will this item end up ancient history? Then, a 1922 silver peace dollar rolls in. Will Rick go to war to win this rare coin, or will it be one lost cause for currency. And later, the guys talk about their generations. Will their arguments cause a big s-sensation, or will they just all f-fade away?
22 Dec. 2014
Motorcycle Mayhem
Rev your engines with the Pawn Stars when a 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster roars into the shop. Will Corey be able to hammer down on the deal or will it burnout? Then, things get political when Rick checks out a painting of Communist leader Ho Chi Minh. Will he make a revolutionary deal, or will it be a tough loss? And later, when Chum starts helping himself to things around the shop, the guys try to tell him that taking is not the same as sharing. Will Chum teach them a lesson, or learn the hard way?
8 Jan. 2015
Trading Up
Get animated with the Pawn Stars when an original sketch from "Rocky and Bullwinkle" is brought into the shop. Will Rick and Chum be drawn to it or will their plans get erased? Then, Rick is presented with what is believed to be a first edition of Richard Nixon's memoirs. Will he win this presidential piece or will he resign to defeat? And later, Chumlee spends the day trading up ordinary items with the guys in order to get what he really wants. Will his wheeling and dealing lead to a big score or will the guys end up shutting him out?
15 Jan. 2015
Rock on with the Pawn Stars when a signed AC/DC album electrifies the shop. Will Chum get it "done dirt cheap" or will he wind up on the "Highway to Hell"? Then, Rick gets fired up over a Beals Model Remington revolver. Can he hit his target or will the deal end in a draw? And later, when Rick wants to find new ways to advertise the pawn shop, he thinks small to get big results. Will Rick be able to pick a winner or will his new plan run out of juice?
15 Jan. 2015
Wilde Card
Read between the lines with the Pawn Stars when a first edition of Oscar Wilde's "The Happy Prince" is brought into the shop. Will Rick be able to resist this literary classic or will he yield to temptation? Then, Corey steps into the ring with a 1972 telegram that rejects Muhammad Ali from fighting in Alaska. Will he get ready to rumble for it or will he get knocked out before the negotiation begins? And later, Chumlee bets Rick he can increase his weekly sales by using more casual and cool language. Will he be able to talk the talk or will he be at a loss for words?
22 Jan. 2015
Presidential Pawn
Hail to the chief with the Pawn Stars when an archive of items signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is brought into the shop. Will this presidential collection get Rick's vote or will it get vetoed? Then, Rick steps up to the plate when he is presented with a rare photograph of Babe Ruth from his rookie season. Can he call the shots or will he be thrown a curveball? And later, after Chumlee lends money to Rick, he goes to great lengths to get back what he's owed. Can Chum get payback or will Rick end up cashing in?
25 Jan. 2015
The Smoking Gun
Join the revolution with the Pawn Stars when a Brown Bess musket fires its way into the shop. Will Rick hit the target with a deal or will there be a misfire? Then, Rick hits the books when Thomas Jefferson's personal copy of Jay's Treaty marches in. Will this piece of United States' history cause Rick to surrender or will he fight his way to a deal? Later on, Corey gets rocked when a smashed guitar from KISS front man Paul Stanley comes by. Will Corey rock n' roll all night or will he end up getting played? And later, Rick tries to snap Chum out of it when he's bored...
19 Feb. 2015
Bucking Brono
Play that funky music with the Pawn Stars when a signed Red Hot Chili Peppers album sizzles into the shop. Will Rick take this piece of Rock and Roll history to "Higher Ground", or will he "Give it Away"? Then, Corey saddles up when a Mobo Bronco toy gallops in. Will Corey horse around on the deal, or will he pony up? And later, when Chumlee gets in trouble for wearing a hat to work, he decides to bend the rules. Will Chum pull a hat trick, or will he get in over his head?
19 Feb. 2015
Rick Gets Axed
Go batty with the Pawn Stars when a piece of original artwork from the 1995 Batman-Spiderman crossover comic swings into the shop. Will Corey and Chum come out heroes and capture this comic book memorabilia, or will their Spidey-senses fail them? Then, Rick checks out a deadly Revolutionary War halberd. Will he walk away with this deadly weapon, or will it be a losing battle? And later, when Chum's complaints inspire a casual Friday at the shop, will the Old Man dare to dress down?
5 Mar. 2015
Live Long and Prosper
Get fired up with the Pawn Stars when an Eli Whitney Civil War revolver drops into the shop. Will Rick go forth and win this firearm, or will he blow his shot? Then, Corey boldly goes where no man has gone before when checking out a signed picture of the original Star Trek cast. Will he engage and beam this item into the shop permanently, or will things get highly illogical? And later, when Corey un-friends Chumlee on social media, Chumlee decides to un-friend Corey in real life. Is this the end of them as pals or will it lead to the beginning of another beautiful ...
26 Mar. 2015
Mystery Caller
Roll with the punches when the Pawn Stars check out a Superman vs. Muhammad Ali comic book. Will it be a knockout deal for Corey, or will he throw in the towel? Then, Rick finds himself in the grey when inspecting an Edward Hopper charcoal piece. Will the deal be black and white, or will he draw a blank? And later, Rick suspects that all the office phones are broken. Will the guys figure out why the phones are ringing off the hook, or will they just hang it up?
9 Apr. 2015
Crossing Chum
Get rewarded with the Pawn Stars when a 1965 Panama Canal service medal is presented to the shop. Will Rick keep his eyes on the prize or will he fail to complete his mission? Then, Corey sets his sights on a renaissance era crossbow. Will Corey hit a bulls eye or miss his target entirely? And later, Chumlee finds himself in hot water after he fails to call in an expert. Will his wacky sale turn a profit or will the joke be on him?
9 Apr. 2015
Mail Mayhem
Follow the yellow brick road with the Pawn Stars when a signed first edition of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" skips into the shop. Will Rick make a deal with his brain or will he not have the courage? Then, Corey races to check out a one-of-a-kind Turbo Drive II arcade game. Will he able to race to victory or will he spin off the track? And later, Rick is on the hunt for a package that was supposedly delivered to him. With the Old Man claiming ownership too, will this piece of mail make it into the right Richard's hands or will Rick have an identity crisis?
23 Apr. 2015
Monumental Pawn
Hit the road with the Pawn Stars when Rick goes to check out a 1966 Chevy II. Will Rick be able to get the deal started on this classic car or will he be forced to make a U-turn? Then, Rick has to make a monumental decision when a program from the unveiling of the Statue of Liberty is brought in. Will the item start a revolution or will there be liberty and justice for all? And later, Corey tries to convince Rick to buy him a company car. Will he be able to steer Rick into the car of his dreams or will Rick hit the brakes on Corey's plans?
23 Apr. 2015
Priciest Pawns
Revisit some of the priciest items the Pawn Stars have ever seen: a mint condition 1967 Ford Shelby G.T. 350, a Hotchkiss revolving Cannon from the 1800's, an extremely rare WWII German Enigma coding Machine, an $85,000 Gibson guitar once owned by Stephen Stills and a 1942 "Texan" Fighter Plane that has Rick and Corey flying high to make a deal.
7 May 2015
Avengers Assemble
Save the day with the Pawn Stars when two original #1 comic books from the Avengers and Giant Size X-Men series fly into the shop. Will Rick "marvel" over these rare finds or will he play the villain? Then, Corey is faced with a mystery when he is presented with a cane belonging William Pinkerton from the infamous Pinkerton detective agency.
7 May 2015
Locked and Loaded
Enter a duel with the Pawn Stars as a 1763 flintlock pistol fires into the shop. Will Corey bring out the big guns or will the deal end in a draw? Then, Rick scopes out a 1890s telescope cane. Will he set his sights on buying this antique or will he limp away empty handed? And later, Rick and Chumlee venture to a galaxy far, far away to see screen-used "Star Wars" props.
14 May 2015
Rick's Roulette
Head to Tinsel Town with the Pawn Stars as Rick auctions off some of the shop's coolest finds. Will Rick have a blockbuster weekend or will he his trip be a big flop? Back in Vegas, Corey and Chum go off-road to check out an Ultra 4 Racecar. Will they cross the finish line with a deal or end up with wiping out?
21 May 2015
Pawn Creature
Run for the hills with the Pawn Stars as they come face-to-face with a life-size Creature from the Black Lagoon. Will Corey reel in the deal or will he be out of his depth? Then, Rick gets the inside scoop with a handwritten love letter from Judy Garland to Frank Sinatra. Will Rick get caught up with this whirlwind romance or will it be an unrequited love?
25 May 2015
Behind the Wheel
Twist and shout with the Pawn Stars when a 1963 Beatles signed guitar strums into the shop. Will Rick "let it be" or yell for "help"? Take a ride with Corey as he gets revved up when he checks out a 1981 Suzuki motorcycle. Will he kick start a sale or will the negotiation skid out of control? Then, Rick tries to teach the guys some office etiquette.
28 May 2015
Penny for Your Pawn
Test your strength with the Pawn Stars when a 1930s Gottlieb grip tester pulls up to the shop. Will Rick muscle in on the deal for this vintage game or will it not work out? Then, Rick gets hung up on a limited edition piece of abstract art by Hollywood actor, Anthony Quinn.
3 Aug. 2015
Personal Collection
Get personal with the Pawn Stars and discover the items they've most wanted for themselves: a motorcycle once owned by Rick's idol, Steve McQueen, a diamond encrusted 2004 Super Bowl Ring from the New England Patriots, a rare 1484 incunable book, and a 1986 Buick that leaves Chum 'regally' impressed.
22 Oct. 2015
Party on, Pawn
Walk the line with the Pawn Stars when a model train once owned by Johnny Cash chugs into the shop. Will Rick make a bid for the Man in Black or will he be singing the prison blues? Then, Chum gets scrambled when a 1920's chicken incubator clucks on in. Will Chum hatch a deal or will it get poached? Next, Rick becomes enlightened while checking out a 17th century Tibetan Buddha. Will he be reborn as a buyer or take a vow of silence? And later, Rick and Corey take a trip down memory lane in a 1972 Cadillac Eldorado. Will the guys take home the luxury Caddy or will it ...
29 Oct. 2015
Fender Bender
A young woman brings in a Japanese matchlock rifle that weighs almost as much as she does. Then two classics walk in the shop; a superman action figure and a Tadeo Fender Telecaster that sells in the same episode.
29 Oct. 2015
Godfather of Pawn
An American coin with a bare breast? James Brown's jumpsuit? Are these real and if so what are they worth?
5 Nov. 2015
Eye of the Tiger
Go undercover with the Pawn Stars when a banner from the WWII secret airborne division, The Flying Tigers, infiltrates the shop. Will Rick make a covert deal or will the mission be compromised? Then, things get messy when a 1980s Ooze-It toy seeps in. Will Chum squeeze out a good price or will it slip through his fingers? And later, Rick is muted by an unsigned illustration from the silent film era. Will he entertain a sale or will he be at a loss for words?
5 Nov. 2015
Napoleon Bonapawn
Paint it black with the Pawn Stars when a rare Rolling Stones record spins into the shop. Will Rick be satisfied or learn he can't always get what he wants? Then, Corey tackles a football used in the first Hall of Fame game. Will he kickoff a deal or end up blind-sided? Next, Rick's on guard when three swords from the Napoleonic era charge into the shop. Will his negotiating make the cut or will he forge on? And later, Chum gets animated by some Donald Duck model sheets. Will he quack up an offer or be left ruffling his feathers?
12 Nov. 2015
Rocket Man
Blast off with the Pawn Stars when Corey and Chum check out a water-propelled jetpack. Will the deal get off the ground or will they send it packing? Then, a promissory note from the Mexican-American War tries to secure territory at the shop. Will Rick do the deed or will he lose interest? And later, things get spiritual when a statue of the Hindu god Shiva is brought into the shop. Will Rick find his inner peace and make an offer or will he loose his faith?
19 Nov. 2015
Prohibition Pawn
March to the beat with the Pawn Stars when a Civil War drum rolls into the shop. Will Rick and Chum like the sound of the offer or will they think it's out of step? Then, the bases are loaded when an 1834 book with the original rules of baseball is up to bat. Will Rick make a grand slam deal or will he send it walking? Next, things get gnarly when a 1970s skateboard kick-flips in. Will Corey do a 180 and make an offer or will the deal grind to a halt? Then, Chum's a blind pig when a corkscrew from the Prohibition era turns the shop into a speakeasy. Will it be a ...
3 Dec. 2015
Pawn in the USA
Get on the airwaves with the Pawn Stars when a spy pen radio wiretaps the shop. Will Rick and Chum be all ears to a deal or will they tune it out? Next, Rick's got a new boss when a Bruce Springsteen tour jacket rocks into the shop. Will he have high hopes for the deal or will he think it's born to run? Then, things get choppy when a pair of paintings by motorcycle artist David Mann cruise in. Will Rick hog the sale or will he burnout? And later, Rick is off to the races when he checks out a 19th century horse racing sulky. Will he jockey for first place or will he be...
10 Dec. 2015
Capture the Pawn
Prepare for battle with the Pawn Stars when a rare 1589 book with the instructions for war and fortification guards the shop. Will Rick reinforce a good price or will he protect his wallet? Next, the game is on when Rick checks out an 1840s chess table. Will he capture the sale or will it be a draw? Then, a sale comes a calling when a pair of antique door knockers enter the shop. Will Corey welcome the deal or will he show them the exit? And later, an 1800s experimental rifle holds up the shop. Will Rick and Chum test out an offer or will they fail to fire?
6 Jan. 2016
The Pawn Awakens
Wield a lightsaber with the Pawn Stars when a one-of-a-kind "Star Wars" packaged Boba Fett prototype strides into the shop. Will the Force be with Rick or will he not pay the bounty? Next, an early 1900s Shelby bicycle wheels in.
6 Jan. 2016
Titanic Pawn
Be the lookout with the Pawn Stars when a 1906 Silver Half Dollar that belonged to a passenger on the Titanic sails into the shop. Will Rick make a first class offer or will he be sending out an SOS? Then, Rick's leading a double life when a first edition of "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" transforms in the shop. Will he unravel the mystery and make a deal or will it be a split decision? Then, Rick gives direction when a 1936 Zeiss 16mm camera rolls in. Will he focus in on a sale or will he cut it loose? And later, a Howard Hughes plane altimeter takes ...
20 Jan. 2016
Pawn Brothers
Ring in the change with Pawn Stars when a 1894 S Barber Dime jangles into the shop. Will Rick call heads on a deal or turn tail and run? Next, a John Belushi autograph lampoons its way in. Will Corey laugh all the way to the bank or will he be left singing the blues? Then, a 1950s Jim Henson puppet pops in. Will Rick have a hand in an offer or will he put a sock in it? And later, a 1965 Schwinn bicycle strolls into the shop. Will Rick ride off with a bargain or will the gears fall off?
27 Jan. 2016
Longshot Pawn
Take a shot with the Pawn Stars when an ultra-rare Nepalese Bira gun from the late 1800s cranks its way into the shop. Will Rick aim for a deal or dodge the bullet? Next, a 1970s Bob Peak TWA mural makes a big impression.
10 Feb. 2016
Lock, Stock, and Pawn
Batter up with the Pawn Stars when an all-star Dodger's baseball memorabilia bench faces Rick in the bottom of the ninth. Will it be a grand slam sale or will he strike out? Then, a 19th century Hobbs & Co. lock box bolts in. Will Corey hold the key to unlock a deal or will it get jammed? Next, there's a prankster in the shop when an original Woody Woodpecker oil painting is brought in. Will Rick tap into a sale or will he laugh it off? And later, Rick gets schooled when a set of educational books called the Delphian Course cram into the shop. Will Rick become a ...
17 Feb. 2016
No Pawn for You!
Please rise for the Pawn Stars when a chair belonging to Abraham Lincoln takes a seat in the shop. Will Rick act like Honest Abe and make an offer or will he abolish the deal? Then, barrels fly when Corey and Chum check out a vintage Nintendo Donkey Kong arcade game. Will they think its bananas and make a sale or will it be a Ninten-don't? Next, a signed Seinfeld script is brought into the shop and "yada, yada yada." Will Rick be the master of his domain and snag the deal or will he hear, "no sale for you"? And later, things heat up when a brigade of antique ...
24 Feb. 2016
First Lady of Pawn
Get body slammed with the Pawn Stars when a WWE Hall of Fame ring fights for the title. Will Rick pin down a deal or will he tap out? Next, Corey gets scrappy when he checks out a 1927 Essex Sedan rat rod. Will he customize a sale or will it fall apart? Then, Martha Washington brings home the bacon when an 1891 $1 silver certificate circulates into the shop. Will Rick and Corey bankroll an offer or will they save it for a rainy day? And later, Ricks in a whirlwind when a rare doo-wop record of "Stormy Weather" tunes in. Will he stay on track and make a deal or will he...
25 May 2016
Stairway to Pawn
Get your ghoul on with the Pawn Stars when a talking Herman Munster doll creeps into the shop. Will Chum think it's franken-tastic and make a deal or will he get spooked out? Next, things get amped up when a bass guitar signed by John Entwistle from the "Who" and John Paul Jones from "Led Zeppelin" is brought in. Will Rick pick up a sale or will he fret and miss out? And later, Rick's in mint condition when he checks out a rare 1867 Proof Shield Nickel. Will he strike up an offer or will he discontinue the deal?
8 Jun. 2016
Pawntucky Derby
Ante up with the Pawn Stars when they head out to see a 1980s Sigma Derby horse-racing game. Will Rick jockey for a deal or will he be left running in circles? Next, a 1940's Moby Dick Classic Comic sails into the shop. Will Chum cast an offer or will he go down with the ship? Then, a dollar signed by Walt Disney and Ronald Reagan gets its closeup. Will Corey cash in or go broke? And later, a 1910 envelope sealer presses through the doors. Will Rick seal the deal or get stamped out?
15 Jun. 2016
Get a jab in with Pawn Stars when a Civil War general's sword slices into the shop. Will Rick get to the point and claim victory or will he fail to get an edge? Then, an 1800's veterinary medicine box trots in. Will it cure Rick's ailments or make him sick as a dog? Next, a pair of 1960s space toy robots rocket in. Will Chum's excitement be over the moon or will his offer be galaxies away? And later, a 1936 Olympic pin vaults into Rick. Will he go for the gold or end up in last place?
22 Jun. 2016
Pawn of Liberty
Catch a wave with the Pawn Stars when an original Beach Boys surfboard rides into the shop. Will Rick hang ten with a totally awesome deal, or will he have a gnarly wipe out? Next, Rick gets adventurous when a magazine feature penned by Mark Twain turns up. Will it be an instant classic or will it be sold down the river? Then, things get sloppy when an early 1900s spirit hydrometer pours in. Will Corey have the liquid courage to make an offer or will he be off the sauce? And later, things get psychedelic when an original Peter Max Statue of Liberty painting is brought...

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