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Not Really that impressed by this episode
BarnitoSupreme6 September 2010
Warning: Spoilers
So the episode starts with Chuck in a middle of a room, and he is being kept hostage by a Russian guy named Yuri. Yuri threatens Chuck, and Chuck gets a flash like he should beat up Yuri. Chuck grabs Yuri's gun unexpectedly and wants to shoot him. Then we find out, its all practice, and Yuri worked for the CIA. Chuck didn't pass the practice so General Beckman fires him.

Then we see Chucks flashback, 6 months earlier. Sarah had offered him to run away with him.

Then 6 months later again, we see an unshaven Chuck. He is in a very bad condition, and does the same thing over and over again. One day he runs out of Cheese Puffs, and goes to the Buy More where he gets teased by Emit. Chuck is really close to beating him up (As He now knows KUNG FU) but resists. Then Chuck meets The Jeffsters, and they tell him how they see Sarah everyday. Chuck is Surprised because he thought Sarah was gone. He goes to the Yogurt shop, but there he finds Casey. Casey asks him what he is doing there, and Chuck says that he "forgot" his coat in the castle. When he goes down there, he finds out that Casey has kept contact with Sarah. Casey does not tell him anything, but overhears Casey talking to Sarah about where their next mission is going to be. Chuck goes to the place, and begs Casey and Sarah to accept him as a spy. However at first they refuse. They ask him to go.

I cannot write the whole episode, but all in all this was not a great episode. There we some holes in it and some things were unclear.
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yup a bit "jumbled", not bad though
Warning: Spoilers
As a season opener, OK, did have you wondering what was, where was, how was and why. If you watched you did get all questions more or less answered, by going backward and forward to the "present" and Chuck really feeling completely lost, hmmm that too is why the epi was like this, to have us feel a bit like him, lost.

He did not "pass" the test to be a "proper" spy, he did not "run away" with Sarah, as he really did think that he could be better for her by becoming "real spy", hmmm in a way think he is/was right but that is another story. So home, couch "potato", cheese balls (yuck),hmm what did he drink, and the general "bum" look.

Buy more, had to go, out of cheese balls, almost beats up Emmett (dont like this character), and finds out Sarah did not leave town.

Casey too, still there, "left" something excuse to get in, over hears conversation regarding a mission, begs to go, told no go, but thinks diff, by going home and getting showered and shaved, wow clean. Gets there, Sarah not happy but uses him as part of mission, then both Casey an her "kick him out" and he "flashes on" something Casey says. Knocks out the real bad guy unknowingly, as he is to be the entertainment, ends up on stage, again Sarah not happy, or Casey, but can he "pull it off", yup flashes an then plays like a pro while mouthing assassin, and several months of prep work down the drain thanks to Chuck.

Good riddance Emmett, hmmm ya kinda glad he got it right in the head, OK OK should not be so cavalier, but did like the way they killed off his character. Chuck and Morgan, who was living in the buy more, are leaving it as Sarah comes in, Morgan goes ahead and he ends up knocked out by the one he knocked out in the middle of "serious" talk with Sarah, course she does try and warn him.

Comes around in a cell somewhere, Sarah in another one, as he is threatened by Cruz, guy knock out before, and beaten up a bit, as he isn't able to flash, Cruz leaves for a few and Chuck well, he tries but cant till he hear Sarah telling him she isn't able to pick the locks and its upto him and he can do it, more detailed in show, but its KEY (this is what/who Chuck needs, is also what keeps him well Chuck, special, among other things sorta explained by other epi reviews I have done and will continue in later epis) to what makes him flash, does. Again knocked Cruz out, gets Sarah out roof, gun runs dry of bullets, does what couldn't to pass, zip line off roof, though takes Casey helicoptering in to get them out of Mexico.

Team Bartowski is back, and do we really believe Casey not happy bout that, lol. Yet now Chuck needs the "eye watch" or does he, Beckman seems to think so but I wonder...and well it now Chuck an Morgan apt, as the one across open for Devon and Ellie, though Ellie thinks another friend should move in, not Morgan.

Sarah and Chucks last "talk" on this epi, did not like, well at least it will get better, eventually, and do love the Casey training Chuck, something that he keeps up, which is good.

Still missing Chuck...
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