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The dialogue is hard-bitten and Mamet-sharp.
The Iceman is a vivid evocation of a remorseless sociopath sustaining a double life as a contract killer and devoted family man. Gritty, gripping and unrelentingly intense, Ariel Vromen's film boasts richly detailed character work from an ideal cast.
As Richard Kuklinski, the Garden State guy who sleepwalks into an infamously deadly life he was born for, Shannon hits a whole other level.
The point of The Iceman is “Even monsters are human,” but it takes a great actor to make a dubious theme convincing.
Shannon's restrained and mesmerizing portrayal, bolstered by an excellent offbeat supporting cast, makes for an edgy and compelling Mob yarn.
It's an unsettling piece that reminds us how even monsters aspire to living the American dream.
So it's a bit squishy at the center. But the film is sleek, purposeful and extremely well acted.
Because the sociopath at the center of this family portrait never asks for forgiveness, The Iceman is truly chilling.
Ultimately, this is a grim (both visually and thematically) character study of an unsympathetic character, leaving Shannon, who manages to deliver another impressive performance, twisting in the ice-cold wind.
The overall effect tends to be as chilly and monotonous as Shannon's demeanor as Kuklinski - a real disappointment.
Discordance, meet The Iceman, a film so wrong-footed it should take Eugene Levy out for a coffee.

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