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The dialogue is hard-bitten and Mamet-sharp.
The Hollywood Reporter
The Iceman is a vivid evocation of a remorseless sociopath sustaining a double life as a contract killer and devoted family man. Gritty, gripping and unrelentingly intense, Ariel Vromen’s film boasts richly detailed character work from an ideal cast.
The point of The Iceman is “Even monsters are human,” but it takes a great actor to make a dubious theme convincing.
Ultimately, this is a grim (both visually and thematically) character study of an unsympathetic character, leaving Shannon, who manages to deliver another impressive performance, twisting in the ice-cold wind.
As a demonstration of the banality of evil, The Iceman is certainly effective and Shannon's performance gives the film its power.
Village Voice
Ultimately The Iceman is a blend of Mafia-film cliché and the jarring reality of lives undone by crime.
It’s never a painful watch, more of a faintly dull, seen-it-all-before one. If nothing else, it’s evidence that these days, being based on a true story isn’t enough to elevate a film in a well-worn genre ahead of the pack.
Discordance, meet The Iceman, a film so wrong-footed it should take Eugene Levy out for a coffee.
There’s a ruthlessly effective movie to be made from this material, and you couldn’t hope for a better performer than Shannon, who can turn on a dime between quiet malevolence and volcanic rage, to inhabit the sociopathic central figure. Unfortunately, this overproduced biopic constantly counteracts the actor’s committed efforts with its pale-imitation slickness.
Slant Magazine
Michael Shannon has no interior to play with, since the film seems intent on ridding Richie of any emotion other than love for his family, and also no catharsis to build toward.

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