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Season 2

The Club Fair
Gary Fischer and friends return for a second year at USC, but there's trouble on the horizon. Gary's new position as Residential Advisor comes under scrutiny, while Roger reveals that he has never had sex. Dawn must fill her Irish Heritage club, lest she disappoint her father Bono, and the Nazis find themselves homeless after the Dean launches an assault on their dormitory.
10 Sep. 2007
Bedazzled by the glorious life of sorority girls, Mein Herr decides that the Nazis must join them at any cost. Nazi #2 however, feels that the sorority lifestyle would greatly disappoint the Fuhrer, and refuses to participate. Gary meanwhile attempts to befriend his residents in order to impress his Residential Coordinator, and Roger goes to Mexico to get laid, only to learn the fate of an old friend.
7 Oct. 2007
Tad Moon Rising
Gary learns that Tad has surgically put his brain into a woman's body in order to attract lesbians. He doesn't want to tell Roger, because Roger will probably steal his idea. Meanwhile Nazi #2, distraught from his fall out with Mein Herr, finds new companionship within the campus Young Republicans Club. Dawn decides to take them down from the inside, with the help of a power-hungry Nazi #2.
21 Oct. 2007
Baby Fat
It's election Season at USC. Dawn, who has spent her whole life waiting for this moment, isn't going to let anyone get in her way (not even Gary, who is haphazardly forced into running by his residents). Karl (Nazi #2) meanwhile has election plans of his own, but can not win without reconciling with an inexplicably obese Mein Herr. Roger realizes why you shouldn't have sex with your transsexual best friends.

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