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  • A young man's corps found on train tracks, crushed and scattered, at first sight from the nineteenth century, yet recently killed, fits missing Amish adolescent Levi Yoder. He was in DC for his Rumspringa, a single period outside the closed archaic hyper-devout community to taste temptation with mate Joseph Beachy and leave or commit to return for life, and marry his Amish beloved Sarah. Fellow pianist Sweets figures out the stones hidden under his bed are a practice 'keyboard', fancy detective work he was exceptionally gifted and auditioning at the National Conservatory and living with two 'English' musicians but died form a deep fall.

  • When human remains are found alongside the railroad, Brennan and Booth are called to the case. The bones belong to Levi Yoder, a member of the Amish community who disappeared roughly two months prior to his Rumspringa, or exploration of the outside world. Brennan and Booth discover that Levi was a piano prodigy, and their investigation leads them to believe that his extraordinary talent may have lead him to an untimely death. Meanwhile, Cam copes with the stress that comes from being a new parent, and Booth helps keep Cam's stepdaughter Michelle in line.

  • Bones and Booth investigate the murder of an Amish piano prodigy.



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  • Open with Bones (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (David Boreanaz) investigating the skeleton of a teenage boy found on railroad tracks. The kid was killed prior being hit and dragged by the train.

    Camille (Tamara Taylor) and Michelle (Tiffany Hines) discuss Michelle's relationship with Perry(Michael B. Jordan) and their wanting to have a sleepover after a dance. Perry picks Michelle up and Camille watches them make out.

    In the lab Angela (Michaela Conlin) finds the kid's clothing had been hand-stitched. Camille asks the gang about teenage sex. Clark (Eugene Byrd) is sent to track down the rest of the bones.

    Bones is stunned to learned the victim had no contact with electricity or chemicals. According to the data the kid grew up several centuries ago.

    Bones discovers the deceased teen was actually an Amish kid named Levi (Reider Niklewicz-Larsen). He had been away from home on Rumspringa ("running around"), the time when Amish adolescents are allowed to leave the church and sow their oats.

    Levi's parents say Levi had been staying with another Amish kid named Joseph (Drew James). They were supposed to get a weekly call from Levi but hadn't heard from him for a few months. They thought he sounded happy the last time he called

    Angela learns the body came from the north, but they are still missing a ton of bones. Jack (T.J. Thyne) discovers the body parts had been undisturbed for two months. Evidence shows the body had been hooked beneath a coal car.

    In Levi's room Booth finds a box filled with stones which Levi's mother had never seen. On their way out an Amish girl named Sarah tries to talk with Booth but is called away by her brother. Booth slips her one of his cards.

    Bones and Booth go to Joseph's apartment and find a raging party complete with booze and weed. During questioning, Joseph tells them Levi wasn't as much of a partier as he was. Despite his lack of partying, Levi had his owns secrets and would often disappear for hours. Joseph wasn't confident Levi planned to return to the church.

    Sweets (John Francis Daley) figures out the rocks were practice keys for a piano. The Amish aren't supposed to play musical instruments, which explains the keys being hidden under his bed.

    Clark's findings reveal the body was lying face-up when it was hooked by the train, but they still do not have a cause of death. 60 percent of the bones are still missing and Bones wants Clark to head back out and keep looking.

    Camille asks Michelle if she's having sex. This goes poorly and Michelle points out in a huff Camille isn't her mother.

    Visiting the local piano teacher Bones finds video evidence Levi was a talented pianist. Almost instantly the teacher discovered Levi was a prodigy and never charged him for lessons. She thought he should use his Rumspringa to decide whether his love of music was strong enough to leave the church. His last correspondence to her was a video of him practicing to try out for the national conservatory.

    Using a train in the background of the video, Angela is able to locate the building in which Levi was practicing.

    Bones and Booth meet the kids who lived with Levi at the conservatory. They figured he had gone back to the church. A few days before Levi's audition, they spotted an Amish man at the conservatory.

    When confronted with the story, Levi's father is adamant he did not go to see Levi. Levi's mother confirms her husband hasn't left the farm in years. The parents are stunned to learn about the piano.

    Booth is sure Levi's father had nothing to do with his son's death. They return to find the Amish girl Sarah waiting for them. She had been in love with Levi and knew about the music. She shared her fears about Levi and the conservatory with her hot-headed brother Amos (Brian Letscher). Amos left the farm several months back and she thinks he might have gone to see Levi.

    The gang discovers Levi fell from the balcony of the apartment where he had been staying and playing music and hit his head on a dumpster in the alley which severed his spine.

    During questioning by Booth, Amos said he told Levi the time had come for him to return to his sister. He admits shaking Levi, but nothing further. Levi played piano for Amos which convinced Amos his gift came from God. Amos hugged him and left.

    Michelle apologizes to Camille. They are honest about sex and Michelle seems to feel better about her situation.

    The bones reveal Levi's fingers were crushed several days before the audition by the lid of a piano. Levi had been in competition for the last conservatory spot with Karin (Kaitlin Doubleday) one of the kids he was staying with. They guess she sabotaged Levi's chances in order to force him to return to the church.

    Booth has a heart-to-heart with Perry about treating Michelle with respect. Perry seems terrified.

    Karin tells Booth and Bones she had connections with the conservatory and wasn't really in competition with Levi. She knew nothing about Levi's hand getting smashed and tells them Levi disappeared a few days before the audition. Levi had been keeping money in one of her desks.

    Evidence shows Levi broke his own hand in one of the conservatory's pianos. It turns out a petty thief living in the building had tried to pawn a fake gold medal Karin had given Levi. Levi had been fighting the thief for the trinket when he fell over the railing.

    Levi's parents are told he planned to return to the church. Bones shows them a video of Levi playing the piano.

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