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Avoid at all costs!!!
homyg200318 February 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I hate to moan about video games but this game really does suck ass, the whole story centres around this boring cowboy wannabee 'Hamilton Rourke' who has to do something, because of... see I cant remember the story because it's so awful, and hard to find any good points about this game, there is one okay thing (come to think of it, its mediocre, every now and then in the game you get to ride vertically on a motorbike in these tunnels) now for the bad points: the aiming is terrible , don't get me started on the climbing aspect of the game you have to press R1 and the hold the left stick the way you want to jump and then press x it just awful controls, the main charracter is given the ability to see his enemies through the walls which you wont need seeing as how i stood in front of the enemy for half a minute and they didn't d anything. To sum up if you play this game you will be wishing for your time back.
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