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So much wrong
jamescrosse19 August 2014
There is so much wrong with this program that I don't know where to begin. The narrator is desperately bad. He has an insanely nasally voice, it grates firstly at your patience, then at your sanity.

As if these absurd television mediums weren't bad enough, this program adds the element of having to rescue the souls. What a ridiculous concept. Why would 2 very middle aged women be of any help to dead people from across the world? The fact this program even exists is irritating in itself.

They assert themselves with such confidence in their farcical abilities. As quoted by the great Carl Sagan: "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence". The claims presented here are very extraordinary indeed, however the evidence is non existent. These 2 women are as far from Sagan as you can get.

To top it off they sometimes end the episode with a 'joke'. The episode I just watched had one of these 'jokes', which was actually a riddle. But they acted as though it was a joke. What on earth were the writers thinking!

Truly, astonishingly, breathtakingly bad. If I ever had doubts that the death of television is nigh, they have been well and truly concreted after seeing the torturous cesspool that is 'rescue mediums'.
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Jackie and Allison: Masters of the Unseen
movieluvers14 January 2017
After spending an entire evening binge watching this series straight through (which resulted in a horrible urinary tract infection)only a quote by Pedro Almodovar could correctly summarize my feelings for such a great representation of cinematic excellence: "Cinema can fill in the empty spaces of your life and loneliness." Overall this show is the culmination of everything I wished a true-life paranormal documentary would be. For one thing, you'll actually get to see the apparitions and such like. The stories are engaging and original. Spine tingling suspense! Jackie and Allison (the Rescue Mediums) have Australian accents and obviously have a long resume of rescuing spirits using a variety of concrete and observable tactics, such as the use of crystal caves and mind jails. The bumpers and cut scenes use terrifying and realistic blue colorization to represent the spirits, while always maintaining a character-base of no more than 2 spirits. I appreciate that Allison and Jackie ignore and omit other characters while trapping spirits in the crystal caves, as viewers could quickly become overwhelmed with a "too complex" story-line.

The various subtle puns peppered throughout the dialogue merely add flavor and sustenance to what is already a feature packed program. They even make disturbing premonitions beforehand about their mission for each episode. These premonitions are actually scary accurate, and usually accompanied by some form of true to life, psychic drawings or diagrams. All of which artfully complements the ghastly on screen action.

In summary, this show demonstrates that the career of medium is in fact credible and lucrative. I only hope that the work placed on this show bleeds through and provides a good "role model" for similar shows lacking in quality and fan-base. In the meantime, I'll be watching and re-watching, analyzing and, hopefully, learning to apply its lessons to my own life.
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To watch this is a waste of your life!
rylee-6095516 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This show was recently added to Netflix and as a fan of supernatural shows and horror films, I thought I'd watch a few episodes. The basic synopsis for the programme is that it follows two "TOP" psychic mediums who visit people's homes and offices in order to communicate with spirits and get them to leave.....However in reality your watching two very unattractive middle aged hags prance about a house pretending to see dead people.

The whole series is a joke!! The producers and hidden crew have done a little bit of research on a property and got some very basic facts about people who have previously died or have had a link to the house or place being haunted, they have informed the two hags about these facts days prior to them going into the property and then rather amazingly both hags have psychic premonitions and come up with rather pathetic drawings about what they have seen living with the poor sucker that's asked the show for help.

Out of all the episodes I've seen so far the first is by far the worst, you watch as the hags cleanse a dark entity from a house and free a little girl from its grasp, you see the pair of so called "top" mediums sit on the floor and trap this entity in a "Crystal cave" and give it an option to stay in the cave forever or walk towards the light. After years or haunting the house and being essentially a poltergeist, the Spirit is obviously so worried about the prospect of being trapped in this imaginary cave, it decides that it's just too much and leaves, allowing them to shut the door (which is a common phrase throughout the series). Seriously the church no longer needs to train exorcist's, now they can just send these two clowns, their crystal caves could trap even beelzebub himself.

I have found that each episode is incredibly similar to the one before which makes for very boring television, The narrator for this show makes it even more absurd and frankly has one of the most irritating voices I've ever heard! This whole series is a total discredit to real mediums who do possess gifts, these two idiots are clearly making it up. Do not waste your life watching this show!
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Dungeons and dragons flashbacks
itskissmett-8803514 January 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Of all the wacky ridiculous shows this is by far the wackiest! This show is about two " renowned mediums" that go to people's houses to face down ghosts, demons and whatever else their imagination conjures up... This show is the bottom of the barrel bad. I think these two older women that played way to much dungeons and dragons in their earlier years aren't mediums they are more like bad actors trying to "play" mediums. On the first episode they actually sat down with a couple candles on the floor and in their minds they captured the bad spirit in a " crystal cave" while they set the spirit of the little girl free, telling her run, then told the demon or evil spirit he had two choices he could remain in the crystal cave or go into the light so he went into the light...! CMON!! They aren't even the slightest bit believable. The narrator talks through the entire story as if you are so stupid you can't keep up with the two nut jobs which is even more insulting! Better off following these two around their town to all their pubs it would be at least a true reality. Save yourself your I.Q. Will drop rapidly every second you watch the bogus nonsense show .
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When demons rule the mind
Vinny371 November 2011
Having read former Spiritualist Medium Ralph Gasson's book, The Challenging Counterfeit, which includes data on 'rescue work', one sees that, much as the general public don't like the idea of Christianity being correct, they are less challenged by the idea of there being souls who might simply need a little help after death to leave earth's domain.

In Spiritualism one or more mediums can come into a 'haunted' house, hold a Home Circle séance, and get their guide spirit to talk to & advise the belligerent and/or confused ghost, attracted by their love rays, to take the opportunity to depart to evolve on the spiritual planes. But, Gasson said, a successful rescue is no more than demons walking away laughing at human gullibility and spiritual black wool pulled over eyes.

The sincerity of such psychics is good though misguided, deceived & deceiving, since the spirits are not human but fallen spirits, demons, seeking to mislead people from true light. This reduces the series to one of deception, a spiritual contamination of the mind with nothing to recommend it unless it causes some to at least see that there are spiritual realities to ponder: perhaps with Ivan Karamazov they will ponder that if there is a devil there is God too.
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