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7 Jan. 2011
Cobourg: A Lovely Triangle
A mother and her two daughters hear things that literally go "bump" in the night! Noises and creaks abound in this home. The older daughter refuses to stay over anymore because of the disturbances. The Rescue Mediums discover a male spirit whose marriage was in trouble during his lifetime and he became infatuated with another woman. His wife suffered a suspicious death and he was convicted of her murder. Jackie and Alison delve deeply to show the tormented souls into the light.
8 Jan. 2011
Churchland Drive: The Haunting and the Hoe-Down
This could well be the most powerful haunting the Rescue Mediums have every encountered! The strong, dark spirit drives Alison from the home and she feels she may not be able to continue. Jackie, too, becomes overshadowed. The Rescue Mediums fight like they have never done before.
15 Jan. 2011
Cabbagetown: Lettuce Pray
This big-city home has had ghosts around it for years. The Rescue Mediums watch as the spirit moves through a wall to another apartment and feel they must follow. But their corporeal state means they have to walk through the door instead! A family reunion and a happy ending may be in sight.
9 Apr. 2011
Kingsview Blvd: The Slippery Slope
A lovely couple who have been married for many years seek the help of the Rescue Mediums to solve the problem of the husband's nightly attacks on his feet. Bedclothes have been moved by unseen hands and this episode mixes the corporeal with the supernatural in its surprising conclusion!
16 Apr. 2011
St. Andrew's Road: Country Roads, Take Me Home
Nestled in the rolling hills of Caledon, this home is troubled by doors opening and closing by themselves and shadows that appear in the hallways. The Rescue Mediums divine that the previous owners, a wonderful couple who were friends of the current homeowner before their passing, might be dropping by to check things out.
16 Apr. 2011
Kitchener: Child's Play
A mother fears for the safety of her children as supernatural and other-worldly happens swirl around them. Jackie and Alison help the haunting presence into the light and uncover an amazing history of the land and the home.
23 Apr. 2011
Baylor Drive: Possession!
In a tranquil suburban home a young daughter has been possessed by a restless spirit. The family has intervened to find out the cause and a way to make the entity leave. The Rescue Mediums contact the spirit and eventually show it into the light and peace is restored to the daughter and the entire family.
4 Jun. 2011
Newmarket: Weakening the Ouja
The Rescue Mediums find that a daughter's use of the Ouija board had brought some unexpected guests home. Tobogganing to their destination, Jackie and Alison uncover the spirits and an amazing mining history of the area.
4 Jun. 2011
King St. East: Nightcare and Daycare
A century home that now serves as part Daycare has been visited by many spirits. The homeowners have had paranormal investigation teams in before. When the Rescue Mediums get there, they uncover some of the some ghosts and more to boot! Now, hopefully, the nights are as serene as the days!
11 Jun. 2011
Filly & Firkin: Last Call!!!
In this lovely neighbourhood pub, some patrons have stayed well beyond last call. In fact, DECADES beyond last call! Jackie and Alison discover a sad secret and help a troubled spirit to cross over. They let the other ghosties stay around -- after all, they don't have to pay for their beer!
11 Jun. 2011
Erindale: A Watery Grave
The Rescue Mediums come across a psychic young woman who is terrified because of the things she sees in her home. She and her mother live with many, many spirits. Jackie and Alison chase the apparitions around the house and uncover a story of violence, murder and mayhem!
18 Jun. 2011
Russett Ave: Ghostly Passage
Jackie is powerfully over-shadowed by a long-dead Sea Captain who used to ply the waters of the West Indies. The homeowners have been troubled for years and feel as if they are not welcome in their own home. Noises and a feeling of an evil presence pervades the house. The Rescue Mediums have their work cut out for them here!
18 Jun. 2011
Ironwood Road: Father Knows Best
A gentle, caring family is constantly being disturbed by footsteps and poltergeist activity during the day AND the night. They feel the spirits in their home are violent. The Rescue Mediums feel that violence as well, but also sense a frightened spirit. Alison is taken over by the spirit and the smell of pipe tobacco leads to a shocking and surprising ending!
25 Jun. 2011
Nelson: Spirited Spirits
A couple have things moving around in their home, but they have rearranged nothing. The previously skeptical husband has changed hi tune and the Rescue Mediums uncover a ghostly presence who likes spirits. The drinking kind! They calm his anger and help him into the light.
25 Jun. 2011
Bath: Rub-a-Dub-Dub!
The Rescue Mediums have been called to a gentle home that has some very dark spirits within. The homeowners have been woken up with shaking beds and footsteps. Alison nearly succumbs to the dark spirit's strength. And there are some unexpected surprises for the homeowners!
2 Jul. 2011
Penetanguishene: The Museum's Muse
Historic Penetanguishene is the home of a wonderful museum that records the area's vibrant past. And vibrant it is! The museum is loaded with artifacts and the people that have passed that come along with such items. Jackie and Alison have their work cut out for them as they move through the museum's history.

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